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Higher rates are generally good for depository balance sheets, income statements and franchise values. But what is the path forward for loan originators in the current environment? In this month’s podcast, Kevin Shaner, Managing Director of ALM First's Loan Transaction Network joins us to discuss best practices in the lending arena along with insider tips to help your institution evaluate loan participations, loan sales, secondary markets, pricing models and profitability.
Financial institutions should consider M&A as a strategic growth option. The key to an effective transaction is ensuring ensure board members and the C-Suite are on the same page. In this month’s podcast, David Ritter, Managing Director at ALM First, talks about the environment for M&A activity and how boards and executives can come together to achieve growth objectives. 
It's a classic banker's dilemma: borrowers want long loans, with today's low interest rates, and banks want to be as short as they can. In a volatile rate environment, we tackle the challenge of risk management and managing your balance sheet, as we discuss hedging strategies with Robert Perry, principal at ALM First.  
Travis Goodman is a Principal at ALM First Financial Advisors, joining the firm in 2003. Travis oversees the Advisory Services department, which is responsible for implementing actionable and effective ALM and investment strategies for client financial institutions. In addition to overseeing Advisory Services, he assists large, complex financial institutions in achieving optimal performance within policy and risk tolerances.Kevin Shaner joined ALM First in 2018 and currently holds the position of Managing Director, Loan Transaction Network and is also responsible for the national banking channel. Kevin has over 20 years of commercial and corporate banking experience and has originated, underwritten, and managed billions of dollars in the primary and secondary loan markets, across a wide variety of loan types including: government contracting, C&I, CRE, SBA, construction, project finance, auto, and residential mortgages.
David Ritter is a Managing Director at ALM First, who works with clients by focusing on both their quantitative and qualitative strategic growth initiatives; whether via facilitating an entire merger and acquisition process, conducting strategic planning, building customized sophisticated yet practical financial scenario analyses models for clients, or creating de novo business plans. David provides a multitude of advisory services to clients, including merger and acquisition guidance, business valuation and strategic planning. He has worked with credit unions, banks, mortgage companies and CUSOs to help build strategies and move quickly towards their financial goals. David also helps clients understand the true value of their business through a wide range of financial valuation services.
Robert Perry is a Principal at ALM First, joining the firm in 2010. Mr. Perry leads ALM First’s ALM and Investment Strategy Groups and is responsible for the development of asset liability and investment portfolio themes for the firm. Mr. Perry has more than 30 years of experience in the banking and bank-consulting businesses. Before joining ALM First, Mr. Perry previously served as Chief Investment Officer for First Coastal Bank in Manhattan Beach and was a Principal and Product Portfolio Manager at Smith Breeden Associates, Inc.
In the premiere episode of In Your Best Interest, we sit down with ALM First CEO, Emily Hollis. Emily joins us to discuss the history and leadership of ALM First. The company celebrates its 25th year in business and we dive into how ALM First got started and the future of the business as it looks ahead. 
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