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Do you pay attention to the thoughts in your mind? Did you know that a scarcity mindset, or belief that there will never be enough time, money, and clients does nothing but hold us back from achieving the growth we desire?  On the season finale of the podcast, hosts Erin Dean Williams and Nathalie Amlani chat about the benefits of an abundance mindset. “A lot of times getting that outside perspective can really help ground you and help you find that clarity. Sometimes people in your network have experienced what you're going through and it helps you remember that you're not alone.” - Erin Dean WilliamsIn this episode:What defines a scarcity mindsetExamples of scarcity mindset that Nathalie and Erin have experienced How to cultivate an abundance mindsetTips that you can implement starting today“I've been working on my mindset for a long time. And as we move forward in our journey of being entrepreneurs, we start to take on more challenges, and more opportunities. Different problems do arise that can throw us off our pads, so it's important to think about how we influence others and how we can step into the role of a leader who has an abundance mindset.” - Nathalie Amlani Tune in to the full episode to hear actionable tips you can use to transform moments of doubt and scarcity into empowering choices that will change your mindset.  Get in touch with Nathalie  at:FacebookPinterestInstagramTwitterLinkedInhttps://pictonat.comGet in touch with Erin at:FacebookInstagramLinkedInhttps://erindeanwilliams.comFollow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: Join our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: Get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
TikTok’s growth has been EXPLOSIVE and was the #1 downloaded app in 2020. TikTok’s mission is to be the leading destination for short form mobile video, to inspire creativity and bring joy.  This week, we’re chatting with Samantha Vlasceanu, who is known as the TikTok Coach, all about the magic of TikTok for business and how it can help convert followers into actual paying customers.  Samantha helps entrepreneurs and businesses utilize the app as a sales funnel. Whether you feel overwhelmed in getting started, or need help with converting, Samantha is the go-to expert when it comes to using TikTok efficiently and effectively.  “I see it as a platform for you to show up as a go-to expert and teach your audience just a little bit in order to get those audiences to become followers, and followers into paying customers.” -  Samantha Vlasceanu, TikTok CoachIn this episode, we dive into: Why businesses should be on TikTokHow it can help your business growHow to turn TikTok followers into paying customersHow to use hashtags to tap into your nicheTips to repurpose your existing content for TikTokBuilding TikTok into your marketing strategy“Teach evergreen content that is true today, true next week, true a year from now, and maybe even true from five years from today. That is how we gain our followers and that's when we can convert them into actual paying customers.” - Samantha Vlasceanu, TikTok CoachTune into the full episode for more insights and tips on how to leverage TikTok for your business and start creating on the app today!Get in touch with Samantha  Follow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: Join our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: Get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
In the latest Pinterest Statistics released by Hootsuite in 2021, it states that weekly conversions on Pinterest grew by 300% last year. With billions of Pins on Pinterest, you'll always find ideas to spark inspiration. This week, Nathalie chats with Elaine Timms about how to use Pinterest to increase your visibility and grow your business. Elaine is a Pinterest Expert and Strategist who helps other creative entrepreneurs harness the power of Pinterest to transform their business. Through simplifying, educating, and empowering business owners, she helps them get more ideal people into their communities, sell more products, grow their email list and more.“I always recommend when you're setting up an account or you're going back through your account and auditing it, take the time to create your keyword bank.” - Elaine Timms, Founder of Elaine Timms CreativeIn this episode:How to leverage Pinterest for content repurposing The 5 pillars to Pinterest successHow to use keywordsThe key parts of developing a pinterest strategyTips to monetizing your Pinterest contentEasy steps to get your brand and business started“The great thing about Pinterest is that people are actually open to smaller brands. They're not looking to connect with the bigger brands.” - Elaine Timms, Founder of Elaine Timms CreativeListen in to this week’s episode to learn more about how to maximize Pinterest for your business growth and customer journey.Get in touch with Elaine Timms at:PinterestFacebookInstagram Website:  Links mentioned in the episode:Contact Elaine for 50% off of your Pinterest account setup or to have your account audited.Follow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: Join our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: Get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. It’s one of Nathalie’s favourite sayings. So much so that she became a lemonade maker - a co-author of the book Life, Love, Lemonade that is released into the universe TODAY.“I share my story to show readers the beauty and joy of life and the lemonade that surrounds us and is within us—it’s all about the journey, not the destination.” - Nathalie Amlani, Author and Founder of Pictonat CreativeIn this episode:The benefits of working with a publisherWhat the writing process looks likeThe important details that make the book specialA special reading by Nathalie from the bookThe lessons writing the book helped Nathalie realize “In sharing my story in this book, Life, Love, Lemonade, my hope is that I provide hope and inspiration and break down the barrier and fears about pursuing one’s dream job, and dismantle the stigmas around mental health.” - Nathalie Amlani, Author and Founder of Pictonat CreativeGet in touch with Nathalie  at:Purchase The Life, Love, Lemonade bookInstagramLinkedInFollow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: Join our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: Get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
When was the last time someone asked you about your dreams? Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about how you want to spend your time, who you want to serve, how much money you want to make, or how you want to feel day to day?Lianne Kim is our podcast guest today, and she is a Business Coach and the founder of Mamas & Co. - a community for mama entrepreneurs. She is the host of the wildly popular podcast The Business of Thinking Big and the author of the brand new book Building a Joyful Business.Lianne is on a mission to help women make a great living on their own terms, doing what they love. “I think it’s really important that we start giving ourselves permission to dream big, even if we’re not sure how we’re going to get there.” - Lianne Kim, Business Coach and the founder of Mamas & CoWe chat about:The journey that brought her into entrepreneurship The process behind her company’s rebrandOvercoming the fear of leaning into your passions and pivoting The importance of knowing your ideal clientTips to overcoming the fear of selling“I really encourage women especially, to have higher standards in who they work with, and then to have those boundaries.” - Lianne Kim, Business Coach and the founder of Mamas & CoTune into the full episode for more insights and tips on building a business that is aligned, fun, and brings you joy. For Our Listeners:Get 15% off Lianne's book Building a Joyful Business by going to and entering the promo code SUNRISEGet in touch with Lianne at:The Business of Thinking Big PodcastPurchase her book: Building a Joyful BusinessInstagram @liannekimcoachFacebook Follow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: Get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat:
Most of us have a morning beauty routine, maybe we wash our face, use a toner and some kind of cream. But do you ever stop and think if what you put on your face is nourishing your body, or if the ingredients grew sustainably and naturally?Welcome to this week’s episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast, where we chat with Cassie Jeans, Founder of Olo Skincare. Cassie is a holistic skin care formulator, gardener, and poet. She is passionate about holistic natural living and the many layers of nourishment that the earth provides us with.“We love natural products that have a lovely aroma to them, a fragrance, but are not overly fragranced, and that remind you that you are actually using something that came from the earth.” - Cassie Jeans, Founder of Olo Skincare In this week’s episode: How Olo was createdThe significance behind the brand’s nameThe benefits of Olo and its unique, natural ingredientsTips to reconnect with nature and live a more holistic lifeHer unique approach to creating her productsThe importance of staying true to your values in business“Your values are your compass. I think it's what helps you make sure that you don't find yourself in a place that you just don't want to be.” - Cassie Jeans, Founder of Olo SkincareTune into the full episode for more insights and tips on building a natural skincare business, and what Cassie has learned along the way!Get in touch with Cassie at:Instagram @oloskincareFollow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: Join our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
Are you waking up in the morning ready to take on the day nourished and full of energy? Or are you stuck in a hamster wheel of late nights, coffee, late afternoon crash and more coffee? Well today, Erin chats with certified nutritional practitioner and founder of That Green Glow, Nadine Allaham. Nadine is a holistic nutritionist passionate about empowering YOU to get to the root cause of your health concerns. With nutrient dense recipes and simple self-care strategies, she helps women regain control of their health.  She wants to empower this generation of mothers with the knowledge that prioritising themselves will have a positive effect on them AND their entire family!  She helps women carve out time to fill their own cup, establish an aligned routine, and build a life full of joy that they don’t need to escape from.  She teaches women how to improve their digestion, rev up their metabolism and balance their hormones through balanced meals, and real whole foods. She simplifies cooking and empowers mothers with ways to mitigate the effect of stress through lifestyle practices. She also helps clean up personal care products and remove toxic chemicals from their homes so that their families can live their BEST lives.“Always pay attention to the symptoms that you have. Your body is always communicating with you.” - Nadine AllahamIn this episode:How she found her power in adversityTranslating her business vision to creation Her brand Ethos How to reduce stress and increase patience Tips for effective meal planning Actionable tips to prioritize your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing “You don’t have to subscribe to a label. Just eat what makes you feel good. Listen to your body, it knows.” - Nadine AllahamTune into the full episode for more insights and tips. Get in touch with Nadine at:Website: www.thatgreenglow.comInstagram: @thatgreenglowFollow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
This week, we are excited to speak to Maria Velve, founder of the Green Beauty Curator. For the month of April, our content theme for the podcast is "Earth month" with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable brands, and we are excited to learn more about Maria and how her business does just that!   Maria is a passionate certified makeup artist and green beauty expert who believes what you put on your skin should leave you looking and feeling like you, only better. Described as an “educator and an artist” by her clients, Maria loves teaching what she preaches and inspiring women to take their beauty into their own hands.  As a busy woman and mother of two, Maria understands how difficult it is to dedicate time for self-care and beauty rituals. Shopping for products that are clean and effective can also seem like a daunting task and get expensive quickly when you’re trying to figure what works and what doesn’t. Maria teaches her clients how to choose green, clean products that work, and don’t break the bank. She also loves teaching easy and doable makeup tips and tricks for all skill levels, to help boost your confidence! Maria has a Makeup Artistry diploma from Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, and has worked with makeup and skincare in retail, spa and on independent film sets in Vancouver and Toronto. When she’s not researching or shopping for clean beauty products, Maria loves cooking, yoga and spending time with her husband and two little boys.“The misconception is that green beauty products don’t work as well. Green beauty is here to stay, it is not a fad.”  ~ Maria VelveIn this episode:Maria’s brand story and how she started her businessInsights on the branding and marketing approach she took to reach her target audience  Easy steps for transitioning and  incorporating green beauty products in your routineChallenges in growing an eco-friendly and sustainable brand, and how to overcome itTips on how entrepreneurs can make a social impact through their business“For transitioning to green beauty brands, start with the products covering the most areas of your body.”  Maria Velve Listen  in to the full episode for more insights on and unique tips on growing an eco-friendly and sustainable business, and how businesses can get involved to make a social impact too. Also, stay tuned for the opening of Maria’s brick and mortar store ‘Healthy Moms Marketplace’, opening in April in partnership with Healthy Moms Toronto.Get in touch with Maria  at:Maria’s green beauty expertise:   https://www.greenbeautyexpert.caShop Maria’s selection of green beauty products: https://greenbeautycurator.caFacebook: Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
The month of April means Spring is in full effect, and it’s the perfect time for us to reflect on the beauty of the earth and how to be more eco-friendly in our everyday lives and businesses. This week’s guest, Lisa Baumgartner, helps her customers make mealtime more fun, cleaner and greener through her company’s high-quality, reusable products that replace those that are frequently disposed of. Lisa is the Founder & Creator of Funkins reusable cloth napkins for kids. She’s a Canadian mom of three, who has spent the last 23 years living in Bermuda, where the idea for Funkins originated when her son's Montessori preschool required children to bring in waste-free lunches. Prior to living in Bermuda, Lisa worked in Marketing and Community Relations for McDonald's, working on brand partnerships with Coca-Cola, Mattel, Disney and more. Lisa shares so much valuable insight in this episode, from tangible tips you can implement starting today, to ways you can share about your company’s eco-friendly initiatives online, and so much more. In this episode: Easily implemented tips for companies wanting to go greenerHow to conduct a self-audit of your business or company Why practicing the three R’s is crucial for your company’s commitment to going green How to find, and work with, like-minded fulfillment partners and suppliers How to build an eco-friendly brand in the e-commerce and online spaceValuable lessons learned in business, including how to choose aligned partners and services to support your business’ growthThis episode is packed with so much valuable insight and tips on running an eco-friendly business online. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, taking inventory of your eco-friendly processes is a must.Get in touch with Lisa at:Website: Instagram: Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: Get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat: 
On today’s show, we are excited to dive into the topic of getting personal with your customers to attract the right people and generate more sales.  We welcome special guest Karen Lamont, founder and chief designer of CITRUS - an e-commerce jeweller creating bespoke mementos that celebrate life’s bespoke moments. Karen has crafted more than 30,000 designs in silver, rose and yellow gold coins and other precious materials so that the moments you’ve crafted are always close at hand. Karen lives and breathes a fully personalized experience. Her strong design sense, quality craftsmanship, creative marketing, in-person and online sales techniques have set Citrus apart as a Canadian brand for almost 14 years.What sparks joy for Karen is meeting fellow entrepreneurs and sharing experiences that support one another and lift each other up.  Starting an ecommerce business can be tough, let alone sustaining it for growth year over year.  “Step into your own voice, it is the path of least resistance.”  Karen Lamont, CITRUSIn this powerful episode, Karen shares insights on:Key foundations or pillars of growth that led to the success of CITRUSHow the pandemic impacted her business and led to shifts resulting in phenomenal growthTips for new businesses in getting started with their customer value chain  (marketing, sales, fulfillment, and operations) and learn CITRUS’ approachInsights on operating an e-commerce store combined with the value of face to face connection for business growthAdvice for new artisans and businesses on the importance of authentic storytelling and how to startHow getting clear on your values and leaning into them becomes the basis of your communication“Be crystal clear on your values.  Your values become the structure of your communication strategy.”  Karen Lamont, CITRUSPersonalized touches and excelling in customer service for a memorable experience is what CITRUS values. Karen shares her love for humour with her audience and also with our listeners on the show.  Be sure to tune into the full episode for key insights that will help your business shift and grow.Stay tuned for Karen’s upcoming virtual workshop for artisans + makers to help them uncover their true, authentic voice and learn powerful written and in-person communication techniques to attract and engage more customers naturally.“Think about it from the perspective of your customer and the experience they want to have.”  Karen Lamont, CITRUSGet in touch with Karen  at:Website: Instagram: Links:Book title, Untamed by Glennon DoyleFollow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat:
On today’s show, we are excited to speak to a special guest, Angela Amlani, founder of Decor Answer Inc. about Strategies to Spring Clean your Home and Business for Abundance.Angela Amlani is the owner of Decor Answer Inc, a residential design company focused on providing clients with quick, efficient and creative interior transformations. Recently, Decor Answer has started offering virtual furniture and decor layouts and personalized decor services all online. Angela has over 16 years of experience delivering creative and time sensitive interior solutions within residential design, home staging and as an on-air designer. She was born and raised in Toronto and is married with a teenage son.In this energizing and cleansing episode, Angela shares:Three tips for spring cleaning your mind, body, and soulMind: Declutter your workspaceBody: Open windows and bring in oxygen into your workspace and where you sleepSoul: Clear your outdoor space, we are using our outdoor space more than ever beforeThree spring decor tips to rejuvenate and revive your spaceCreate an outdoor oasis with outdoor furnitureBringing life to your space “This is a time when we’re waking up from our winter hibernation, lets have fun with brighter colours.” ~ Angela AmlaniSpring is around the corner and we thought it would be timely to talk about strategies for spring cleaning not only your home, but your small business too! The energy and space we create both in our homes and business are connected and by taking steps to do an overall spring clean to bring renewal and rejuvenation in both life and business.Nathalie presents strategies for spring cleaning your business to help refresh your brand and business:Tidy up your computerUpdate your websiteOrganize your inboxRefresh your content and marketing strategiesIn Feng Shui, the belief is that when you cleanse old energy, it welcomes the new. Space clearing in both your physical, mental and virtual space has the benefits of resetting your energy and making room for boundless opportunities to enter your space, business, and life.Tune into the full episode for more insights, tips and examples that will guide you into a spring cleaning that will revive and refresh!Get in touch with Angela at:Facebook: http://decoranswer.comInstagram: @decoranswerFollow Erin and Nathalie at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: in touch, book a discovery call and let’s chat:
On today’s episode, we are so excited to speak to Social Media Strategist Dee Boswell-Buck about applying strategy to your content on LinkedIn and Instagram. The theme this month is about getting productive and getting ready to be in bloom again and social media is one of the most powerful tools to use to grow and engage with your network, generate leads, and deepen those connections. Dee Boswell-Buck is a Certified Social Media Strategist who exited her job of 26 years at the age of 47 to go all-in as an entrepreneur.  Her love affair with LinkedIn started when she returned to work after maternity leave. LinkedIn had notified her of job positions for social media management and digital marketing! She went back to school part-time to obtain her certification.  Dee helps women in business show up strong with searchable client-facing profiles, content that fosters engagement and strategies to find and connect with those who will engage, advocate or do business with their brand.Episode highlights:How Dee exited a job of 26 years to go all in on her own business at the age of 47,  it’s truly never too late!Understanding the basics of LinkedIn and Instagram, how to choose the platform and when to use them for your businessHow to apply strategy to your content on LinkedIn and Instagram The formula for successfully applying clear messaging to your posts that leads to desired resultsTips and tricks for making authentic connections to grow your network on LinkedInTune into the full episode to learn how to harness the power of social media to make it work for your business and generate more leads.Be sure to catch Dee’s Laser Focus Series on the third Thursday each month.  Learn that one thing that you can successfully implement yourself to your online content.Get in touch with Dee  at:Website: www.deeboswellbuck.comLinkedIn: the team at Sunrise Brand Studio on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
What if you could know how to turn your ambitious dreams to reality?  Imagine scaling your business in ways you never imagined possible.  “There is always a way.”  ~ Shelagh CumminsOn today’s show, we are so excited to speak today’s guest Shelagh Cummins, strategic business coach and founder of ‘The Road To Seven’, about helping women shift to empowered action to bring their businesses closer to their ambitious dreams.  Be prepared to be inspired into action today!Shelagh Cummins is the CEO and Founder of The Road to Seven - a global leader in helping empower women entrepreneurs to turn their ambitious dreams into reality and grow a profitable business that delivers freedom and fulfillment.  Through content, coaching, community and capital, Shelagh and her team have an unwavering belief in the impact and influence of women entrepreneurs on society, on the economy and on the advancement of humankind.Episode highlights:Hear Shelagh’s inspiring story about her career, how she went from being a teacher, a mom, a blogger, a course designer, an MC, a tutor, to a highly successful strategic business coach.Insights on the rebrand to ‘The Road to Seven’, the inspiration behind it and what to remember when considering a brand refresh.Recommendations for shifting into empowered action with tangible steps to start applying today to scale and grow your business:Start with a visionDefine your strategic prioritiesAsk for helpDon’t do it allKeys for successfully overcoming obstacles to be more productiveTune into the full episode for more insights and tips on how to shift to empowered action to bring their businesses closer to their ambitious dreams.Get in touch with Shelagh at:Website: shelaghcummins.comLinkedIn: Links mentioned in the episode:You’re invited to join Shelagh’s The Road To Seven Facebook Group here: the team at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group: more about the Sunrise Brand Collective team on our website and get in touch for a discovery call: 
Janet Castillo is a Dance Instructor, Performance Coach, speaker, Host and Producer of the WORK IT! TV Show. She has worked and trained in various styles with the industry’s best from Toronto, New York City, Hollywood, and London, England. Passionate about her craft and making a difference, Janet’s mission is to spread dance to as many people as possible through her Dance Workshops and Coaching Programs. She has worked with superstars Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milian, JOJO, and Hip Hop Legend Kurtis Blow to name a few.Episode HighlightsFollowing your heart and taking risks regardless of the fearFinding yourself and passion again after building a familyBeing awake, engaged and feeling aliveBeing in the moment and getting out of your head, reconnect and get back to your body and the present momentMindset work in danceShowing up and keeping going even when mistakes happenNot taking ourselves too seriouslyMagical mornings, starting your day feeling good and ready to serveLooking inward to find your own unique powerUsing your unique power to serveSimple things that you know you do better and amplifying thatAttracting the right peopleSurrounding yourself with likeminded people who will support and challenge youDoing the inner work of what you want your lifestyle to look likeBeing the light, hope and showing upTune into the full episode for more insights and tips on the power of mindset and being in the moment.Get in touch with Janet at:Website: the team at Sunrise Brand Studio on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
Today we are talking about maintaining your website, and more specifically, I am going to give you five steps that you can implement today. I’m sure we can all relate to landing on a website and it’s immediately obvious it’s been neglected. Perhaps the promotion is for Christmas and it’s now summer, or the featured blog post is dated from last year. It doesn’t leave the best impression and in fact can make your potential customer wonder if you are still in business. Although it may not seem like a big deal, the truth is people associate the quality of your product or service with how your website looks and the experience they have navigating through it.Episode highlightsMaintaining Your Website After LaunchStep 1 is to set aside time in your calendar either bi-weekly or once a month for website maintenance. Be sure to use the template provided as a free resource to plan your time accordingly.Step 2  is to review and update your website content. Aside from adding new content make sure to remove anything that is out of date or redundant.  Step 3 is to refresh your imagery, treat yourself to a branding photoshoot or invest in some beautiful stock photography that is contextual to your content.Step 4  is creating some marketing strategies that will increase traffic, your email list and conversions.Step number five improve your SEO (which will also be supported in the first 4 steps) by researching and using keywords throughout your content.I am certain that if you use this five-step process to maintain your website you will see an increase in  traffic and  conversions and growth your business and a better experience for your customers.Links mentioned in the episode: Favourite Stock Photography Websites:www.stocksy.com the team at Sunrise Brand Studio on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
In today’s show, I am so excited to talk about how to ignite your brand online using your personal brand photos.  It may feel uncomfortable to post so many personal branding photos of yourself but today, I’m going to dive into the many ways that your brand photos can make an impact and help you grow your business.Before we begin, I want to take a step back and recap on what  is a personal brand:  A personal brand is the perception portrayed of who you are, your values, your skills, and your vibe. It’s your story, your sense of beliefs and attitudes.  How you promote yourself will shape your personal brand and that is why the secret is to be authentically you.  It may sound cliche but by being yourself, you will attract your ideal clients who want to work with YOU and align with your mission, values, and vibe.  Think about it this way, there may be many businesses offering the same products or services as you but there is only one of YOU, you are unique and that is what makes your brand stand out.  In a personal brand photoshoot, we capture your essence and showcase your brand vibe and various perspectives of the business owner in action.You’ve made the investment in getting a batch of on-brand photos of yourself and your business and you may be thinking… now what?  How do I start using them to grow my brand?HighlightsTip #1:  Creative storytelling on social media.  Use your images to bring to life your content buckets used on social media to tell your story.Tips #2: Promote your business, such as an upcoming event, product, service, or course.  Use your personal brand photos for intriguing marketing materials.Tip #3:  Showcase your guest appearances and published content. You’ve worked hard on your business and getting noticed.  This amps up your credibility, illustrates your zone of genius and shares your success using your personal branding photos.Tip #4:  Make a first impression on your website with branding images that showcase your brand vibe, what you do and who you serve within 5 seconds of landing on your website.Tip #5:  Take your email marketing to the next level.  Personalize your communication and touch points with your audience.In this episode, I touched on five tips on how to use your brand photos to ignite your brand however there are a lot more ideas for you to take action on.  Download the free guide with the full list of How to Use Your Personal Brand Photos to Ignite Your Brand Find it at: in touch at mentioned in the episodeCanva:  www.canva.comStorytelling for Social Media Online Course: guide on How to Use Your Personal Brand Photo to Ignite Your Brand: the team at Sunrise Brand Collective on our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group
In today’s show, we are excited to speak to our guest Chernell Bartholomew about how to reclaim your energy and make habits stick.  This month our theme is all about self-love and beating the winter blues.  We are so excited to have Chernell here to energize us! Chernell is a mom of three beautiful girls, a Certified Health Coach, a Ritz-Carlton Award winning Registered Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer. She is your Vitality Coach! Her focus is making moms feel amazing in their body by helping them discover vibrant energy. Helping moms decrease pain & stress and nourish their unique mind & body so they can live a confident and limitless life. She believes health & wellness is not about quick fixes or deprivation but small habits and Progress over Perfection Every Damn Day! Her clients lose weight but most importantly they learn strategies for real long term success in health, business & life.It's time to crush these goals and habits once and for all!  Motivation is great but it fades, and new habits take time and planning to become solid lifestyle changes.  So how do we really commit to make these new and improved habits LAST?In this episode, Chernell tells her brand story and how she started her business and then shares her top tips for reclaiming your energy and making habits stick. Some highlights:Start small - Break your goal into manageable chunks. Small tasks to do each day, week.Make it easy and enjoyable - You have to also enjoy the process, not just the outcomeHave a visual tracker - So you can see that check mark or gold star each day & feel accomplishmentFocus on what you want, not what you don't wantThe very most important part of this process is the belief that you can become this better version of yourself. We have one life and one body, you deserve to feel amazing!Tune into the full episode for the complete list of tips from Chernell, her energy is truly infectious! Links mentioned in this episode:Get in touch with Chernell for a call to create a plan for you in Chernell’s upcoming Conquer Your Cravings Online Course Get in touch with Chernell at:Website: the team at Sunrise Brand Studio on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
Designing a website can be a daunting task, and that’s probably why I meet so many business owners who simply don’t have a website. But A GOOD website can be gold and really work for you when done right.A website is also expected, and if you don’t have a website, a lot of potential customers will end up doing business with your competitors.Decide if you will DIY or Hire a Website Designer based on your skill level, tech-savviness and budgetResearch and Choose a Content Management Platform Based on your Business and User goals. Analyze your competitors. Find 2 or 3 Competitors and write down what they are doing well from a content strategy and user experience perspective.Own your story, your values and your why. Take some time to get into the feelings behind your business.Take the time to put lots of thought and love into your website, it belongs to you and is the voice of your business online.Tune into the full episode for more insights and tips!Links mentioned in the episode:Website Foundations On Demand Course: a Discovery Call: the team at Sunrise Brand Studio on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
Do you feel the need to refresh your brand or do a rebrand? Does your brand still represent your brand vibe and who you serve? Rebranding can be both scary and exciting but more importantly, it is an opportunity to bring major growth to your business.There are different reasons you might want to rebrand. You may have outgrown your old branding and logo, or you may want to evolve to attract a new Ideal customer avatar. Whatever the reason, rebranding can give your business the boost it needs to create new growth.From a design perspective, it’s important that your website and brand mark stay current. So some reasons to rebrand would include:Updating an outdated website, so that your potential customers get excited about your product or service when they land on your website.Updating your logo if it’s outdated or not aligned with your current products or services.One of the benefits of rebranding is creating an overall more consistent look and feel for your brand. So maybe it’s just taking a look at your social media profiles, and updating your imagery and graphics to create a more unified look so that your brand becomes more recognizable. For example, I recently updated my Pictonat Photography website by refreshing the theme and how the colour palette is used and it felt amazing, more aligned to how I want to show upRebranding really breathes new life into your business. Something as simple as updating your logo and website can get you excited about your business again and when you’re excited your customers will feel your excitement and want to engage with your brand. They will also feel part of your journey and more connected with your brand.You can even start small by updating the images on your website and improving your content strategy . Even this can help your business feel fresh and new.If you are going to rebrand you should also go deep into your ideal client avatar. Who gets you excited about your business and serving? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?And also your why , why do you do what you do? What difference are you trying to make in the lives of others.Tune into the full episode to learn more about the strategies for successfully rebranding along with examples of entrepreneurs who have successfully refreshed and rebranded their business.Links mentioned in the episode:Sunrise Brand Collective courses on-demand: the team at Sunrise Brand Studio on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast, we are so excited to speak to today’s guest Tiana Fech.Tiana Fech is a Calgary mom of three kiddos who believes that motherhood truly takes a village. She values sharing stories, experiences, and ideas and being real about all things motherhood. She is an educator with 16 years experience in a variety of capacities including developing curriculum, teaching science, working in inclusive education, and now working as a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary in the Werklund School of Education. She is a best-seller author in the book "You've Got This, Boss Mama" and host of "The Part-Time Jungle Podcast" which creates conversation and community about swinging motherhood and working in a way that works best for us and our families. She mentors and supports moms with their motherhood/work juggles through her online course "Mastering Your Motherhood Jungle" that helps moms learn how to untangle the vines, swing through motherhood and work with flying colours! Episode Highlights:Tiana’s teaching career and how she started her businessAbout the ‘Part Time Jungle’ Brand and BusinessRecommendations to share for entrepreneurs as it relates to Tiana’s zone of genius - Creating Courses for your business, why you want to consider this as a stream of income, and how to get startedLessons learned from business and lifeFinal thoughts: motivational and inspiring advice and book recommendationGet in touch with Tiana at:Website: Course: Master Your Motherhood Jungle - register here the team at Sunrise Brand Collective on Instagram: our free private Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook group:
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