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Author: James Grady

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Welcome to Out & About After Dark! This program is all about relationships, sex, and other … adult diversions, and, this season at least, how we’ve adapted those in the time of COVID! This podcast is a project of Out & About Nashville, supported by a grant for COVID-19 coverage from the Facebook Journalism Project.
13 Episodes
In this episode of Out & About After Dark, John returns to tell his tales. We talk about some of his most memorable meetups and hookups and what it's like as an introvert to try to meet men in the wild. Whether it's a cold meeting in a bar, through a buddy window in a jackoff booth, or via websites and social media, we revisit some of his best and worst as we try to figure out what makes it possible to have a good time in the world of gay hookups.
In this episode of Out & About After Dark, we chat with Gustavo Ferrara. Gustavo grew up in Tennessee, before heading off to the United States Navy. After he did his five years, Gustavo transitioned out of the military into the LGBTQ bar scene, and sex work, filling roles (and holes) from gogo dancing to houseboy to cam and porn model. We talk to Gustavo about the ways that his private life and his work have intersected and the way that this has prompted him to work for greater balance and to promote his own mental health while remaining engaged in the work he loves.
In this episode, we talked to Christian Matthews and Jackson Ford. Both are sex workers and adult entertainers.  Christian has been around the gay porn scene for quite a  while. While Jackson is a relative newcomer, primarily performing on fan sites. We will  talk to this interesting couple about how they develop their relationship in the midst of all the industry stresses and demands and how they've dealt with the common issues and problems since becoming a couple much of it during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation is refreshingly clear eyed and candid look inside the romantic lives of a couple in the industry.
In this episode, we talked to Ezra, a handsome, soft spoken young man—not quite a pocket gay but close—about how he grew up a double outsider in small town, Tennessee. He was the closeted gay son of Mexican immigrants, and he secretly became (almost by accident) a sex worker, specifically an escort. And despite the obstacles, his experience of entering and engaging the profession has been remarkably normal, and often fairly wholesome. He has few scary stories and little interest in long term planning his exit from that career. Busting stereotypes, he has a day job, his siblings are supportive, and they even know what he does. Plus, he's got a stable relationship with a boyfriend who has no issues with what he does to make a little cash—After Dark. 
In this episode of After Dark, we talked to Frank Butcher, a self professed average guy who's bringing his filmmaking background - over 20 years in micro budget horror film projects - to the fine art of homemade porn. In his case, that's bear porn. We talked about his life, overcoming shame, experiencing his gay youth in his 30s, and then putting it all on display. Now that he's settled down a bit. We dig into everything from horror to daddy/son tropes in erotic film. 
In this episode we talk to Cameron D. James, a writer and publisher of gay erotica, about how he got into crafting and selling delicious verbal smut. He also writes under other pseudonyms, including Dylan James who writes much more quote unquote wholesome romances. Even in this day and age - where a photo or video of almost anything is available at the wrong end of a google, people still want to read a good old fashioned erotic tale it seems. We will talk about the best markets, what those audiences are looking for, how to craft a sex scene and keep your characters fresh, and much more in this episode of Out & About After Dark.
In this episode, we talked with Eddie Danger - his real name - about everything from how he learned to accept his pansexual identity, got into sex work, stripping, cam modeling, and how that has intersected with and been informed by his academic work. You see, in addition to being one of Cam4's most beloved performers, Eddie has also gotten his masters degree in literary criticism, and is an avid student of feminist literary criticism. How do all these aspects of his life relate? Listen to this incredibly self aware - and socially engaged - adult entertainer, as we dig deeper and find out!
 In this episode, host James Grady chatted with Magnus Hastings, the celebrated photographer of the LGBTQ experience. His extraordinary new book, Rainbow Revolution, was released in November. It's a collection of photos that captures the life and expression of LGBTQ people from across the gender and sexuality spectrum. The challenge: get in this white cube and, without leaving it, show us how you live, or want to live, outside the box!
In this episode, we talked to John. A proud bear with a dadbod since college, John has developed quite a Twitter following sharing salacious pics and vids of himself. He's even got a JustForFans. What brings a seemingly normal guy who doesn't have a classical gay porn body - but does admittedly have a big dick -  to present himself so openly?
In this episode we talk to Jenna, a one-time and hopefully future resident of Nashville, and a friend of mine. We discuss her transition, and what it’s like to date as a straight trans woman. Things get even more complicated when we consider how a straight, trans woman fares on Grindr when she hits the streets of Nashville!
In this episode we talk to Thomas Horton, whom Brian Sullivan introduced to me as a “notorious bisexual” and a long advocate of the sex positivity movement. We discuss with Thomas what sex positivity does and does not mean, and a little about what it’s like to navigate bisexuality between the competing demands of the heterosexual and gay communities.
In this episode we talk to Leo Ferraro, a resident of Bowling Green Kentucky, and a proud sex worker. From stripping to cam modeling to escorting, he’s just about done it all. And he’s thrived in the industry, despite facing a number of challenges, like racism and gender bias - Leo is an Asian-American trans man. We’ll talk about all of that and more with Leo tonight - and get some advice on etiquette when seeking the services of a professional.
In this episode we talk to “David”, a longtime Nashville resident, about his open relationship, how it developed and what rules have made it work, and how COVID has necessitated a quarantine friend with benefits. Well get some sage insights into open relationships from someone who’s made it work, from the bathroom to the altar… Yeah … you heard that right!