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Life Lines with Mary DeTurris Poust

Author: Mary DeTurris Poust

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Learning to be a spiritual being in a material world.

14 Episodes
Hitting the last third of life can be a shock to the system, but, if we're open and willing to bend with the changes rather than push back against them, we'll find we are stronger than ever even if we can no longer do a headstand. (And yes, I do discuss yoga in this episode as well.) 
Doubt and faith would seem mutually exclusive on the surface, but nothing could be further from the truth. Doubt adds depth to our faith lives because it forces us to face the questions and uncertainties that naturally live within us. Join me for a conversation about doubt and how it's not only acceptable but essential for a life of deep and ever-expanding faith.
So often we think being brave means being fearless. Not so. Bravery and courage happen in the face of fear, not in the absence of it. What would you do if you did not let fear stop you? Tune and let's break it down. 
As we head into the second half of Lent, it's a good time to take a new look at our promises and practices and see how they might (or might not) be bringing us closer to God. If daily prayer is missing from your Lenten practices, that's the place to start. Join Mary DeTurris Poust for an honest conversation about the challenge of making time for God.
Sometimes our head knows what we need, but our heart just isn't in it. As we move into the first full week of Lent, we'll talk about the challenges of living up to our Lenten promises and sacrifices and the importance of prayer in bringing it all together. Join me for a conversation about packing light for the Lenten journey, being gentle with ourselves, and hanging out with God right where we are any day, any time.
In Episode 8 of Life Lines, Mary talks about her own struggle with depression and the tools that have helped her shift from a place of darkness to one of mostly light.  #mentalhealth
In this episode of Life Lines we'll explore the practice of daily silence — why it's so important and why it's so difficult. Join me on this journey to the place where we can finally hear the still small voice speaking to our heart.
Grief and Grace

Grief and Grace


On the eve of the 33rd anniversary of her mother's death, host Mary DeTurris Poust talks about the  sorrowful-but-beautiful ways grief resurfaces in our lives as we age.
Have you ever experimented with a gratitude practice? It can be life-changing. For real. In this episode, we explore how the simple practice of writing down three things in a gratitude journal each night can lead to inner and outer transformation and to living life from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack.
Age & Expectations

Age & Expectations


Learning to be a spiritual being in a material world. In this episode of Life Lines, host Mary DeTurris Poust talks about age, expectations and expanding beyond the boundaries we -- and others -- set for us. 
The third-third of life feels like a time of opportunity and freedom, if we're willing to do the hard work, and the hard work often happens in silence. Join me for a conversation on aging, expansion, and the discipline needed to get there.
Multitasking is seen as a way to get more done and be more productive, but when we do six things at once, we do none of them well. Fragmented behavior leads to a fragmented mind and a fragmented spirit. In today's episode, we talk about how to ditch multitasking in favor of mindfulness practices that not only make us more productive but more fulfilled. (12 minutes)
Change and Challenge

Change and Challenge


Even when we choose to change our lives for the better, that change is likely to bring with it challenges, fear, and maybe even grief. It's all normal. It's all part of transformation. Take it one step at a time, then let go and enjoy the ride, even if it's a little bumpy.
Introducing Life Lines

Introducing Life Lines


Host and creator Mary DeTurris Poust introduces the new Life Lines podcast and talks a bit about learning to find the Divine amid everyday life, learning to live with attention and INtention, taking time to pause and breathe.
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