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The stock market today closed mixed following a choppy session. "Energy, healthcare, and utility sectors saw strength today. The VIX or the Fear Index came down some, which can give some confidence to the bullish traders. Investors are anticipating upcoming economic reports," says Kevin Green. "We may be looking at a bear bounce in the market. It's irresponsible to call a bottom with all of the data that will be released," Scott Durfey adds.
Nike (NKE) earnings report indicated $0.90 in EPS and $12.2B, beating the estimates. Even with the strong numbers, the NKE stock price is trading lower in the after-hours session. "This is a balanced report as the expectations are already low for Nike (NKE). There is a 3% decline in earnings. The NKE shares are down almost 33% year-to-date. They company has more inventory control," says George Tsilis.
The wireless industry has been growing by leaps and bounds for decades but with the ongoing 5G rollout, there are numerous telecom opportunities for your portfolio. Jeff Kagan, Telecom and Wireless Analyst, and Columnist at RCI and Kevin Green, Senior Derivatives Manager, Charles Schwab discuss the potential with Nicole Petallides.
Once the dust settles in central finance/lending of digital assets we think that Bitcoin (/BTC) will resume its move higher, says Louis LaValle. He discusses the outlook for bitcoin after the major sell-off it’s been seeing. He talks about companies dealing with the sell-off including Coinbase (COIN), MicroStrategy (MSTR), Marathon Digital (MARA), and Riot Blockchain (RIOT). He then goes over expectations for bitcoin’s price in 2022, comparing bitcoin and ethereal futures (/ETH). Tune in to find out more.
Stocks are still very oversold, says Andrew Aarons. He assesses the markets amid recent strength. He also covers why markets may have already bottomed. He then goes over his stock picks which include Meta Platforms (META) and Apple (AAPL). He talks about why these are good stocks to invest in, as well as how the overall tech sector is performing. Tune in to find out more.
Time is running out for cash burning companies kept afloat by easy access to capital, says David Trainer. He discusses companies facing cash burn problems. He also talks about “zombie” stocks in danger of going bankrupt highlighting Snap (SNAP) and Sweetgreen (SG). He then covers why Peloton (PTON) could trade to $0. He then goes over how companies that have products that are easily re-creatable are in danger. Tune in to find out more.
Investors don’t have to live through crippling losses with proper risk mitigation strategies, says Brad Roth. He discusses how markets mixed in a choppy trading session, as well as takeaways from recent market strength. He also talks about how to invest around periods of volatility. He then goes over how the technology sector is a good place to look, but to stay away from some of the unprofitable tech. Tune in to find out more.
The recent rally is nothing more than a bear bounce, says. Eddie Ghabour. He assesses the recent market rally. He talks about how if the Fed raises rates aggressive again in July it’s going to add fuel to the fire of a struggling economy. He then goes over bear market investment strategies. Tune in to find out more.
Meta has a great franchise and can monetize “social commerce,” says Michael Robinson. He and Doug Astrop discuss how META is down over 50% this year. They also talk about when META’s focus on the metaverse could pay off for the stock. They then go over why META could be a winner for long-term investors. Tune in to find out more.
Beware the bear rally… again, says Kevin Gordon. He talks about how the markets are muted following last week’s big rally. He discusses how the full extent of earnings weakness has not been priced in and reinforces that we are firmly in a bear market. He then goes over the reasons why we are in another bear market rally, as well as how the Fed will react to this week’s data. He finally talks about the outlook for the financial sector. Tune in to find out more.
If economic data slows, then inflationary pressures will hopefully ease, says John Petrides. He discusses near-term outlook for the markets, as well as investing strategies to consider amid inflationary pressures. He also talks about the consumer sentiment report for June 2022 which was released Friday, June 24th. He then goes over expectations for the upcoming earnings season, highlighting movement in the U.S. dollar (/DX). Additionally, he talks about his sector watch which is energy. Tune in to find out more.
New car dealers and used car dealers big and small are seeing record profits, says Brian Brown. He discusses the state of automotive sales. He talks about CarMax’s (KMX) earnings which were released today, June 24th. He talks about what these earnings mean for the state of auto dealerships. Tune in to find out more.
Piedmont Lithium (PLL) is a producer of lithium hydroxide. CEO, Keith Phillips, gives an overview of the company. He discusses how car manufacturers, like Tesla (TSLA) require lithium as part of every E.V. battery. He talks about how PLL is developing an integrated lithium business in the U.S. and how rising costs due to inflation is effecting the company. He then goes over the importance of mining lithium in the U.S. Tune in to find out more.
Wolfspeed (WOLF) offers silicon carbide technology and production. George Tsilis discusses WOLF as it is up 17.8% this week and Goldman Sachs upgraded the company to buy from neutral. He also talks about KE Holdings (BEKE) which is a China-based holding company engaged in housing transactions and related services. He then goes over how BEKE mainly conducts its business in the domestic market. He mentions how HSBC recently upgraded BEKE to buy from hold. Tune in to find out more.
One of the reasons that home prices accelerated so much in the last two years is that there was a lack of inventory, says Derek Izuel. He discusses the outlook for the housing market. He talks about new home sales for May 2022 which were up to 696K versus an estimated 588K. He then goes over reasons for concern in the housing market. Tune in to find out more.
Rising interest rates have caused equity valuations to decline moderately, says Austin Graff. He discusses TrueShares Low Volatility Equity Income ETF (DIVZ). He talks about how DIVZ is only down 1% this year and some of its top stock holdings include UNH, JNJ, XOM, ABBV, and DVN. He then forecasts for a potential recession and notes what to expect from the markets in the second half of the year. Tune in to find out more.
Historically, real assets and tips are some of the best hedges, says Andrew Rosen. He discusses the best hedges against inflation. He talks about how owning precious metals, real estate, and commodities can give a good hedge. He highlights gold (/GC) and the Select Sector SPDR Trust Energy ETF (XLE). Tune in to find out more.
Inflation is the most important variable in figuring out the economic road ahead, says Mike Bailey. He discusses how inflation is impacting investment outlook. He talks about how inflation, the Fed, and earnings will drive market in the near-term. He then goes over expectations for earnings. Finally, he talks about his stock picks which include Danaher (DHR), Estee Lauder (EL), and Nextera Energy (NEE). Tune in to find out more.
Improving business trends are anticipated to persist as FedEx (FDX) remains focused on revenue management, says an Oppenheimer analyst. Scott Schneeberger breaks down FDX’s earnings. He talks about how its 4Q operating income came in at $1.92B. He also compares FDX to UPS Inc. (UPS). He then goes over how FDX’s margins are improving and the company. Did guide that it expects all margins are evolved. Tune in to find out more.
Nike Inc. (NKE) is to report its earnings Monday, June 27th. David Swartz previews NKE’s earnings report, as Morningstar has a $133 fair value on NKE. He discusses how supply chain issues impacted NKE last quarter. He also talks about what to watch for in the NKE earnings, as well as the outlook for NKE. Tune in to find out more.
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Aug 4th

Jamie Kurisunkal Jacob

Mattel is finally bringing life into their brands and expanding it into modern times via Netflix and films. I look forward into researching more about its stock.

Apr 24th
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