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Join Jess and Steve in the past and Brett in the future as they play through different video games in this audio-only let's play podcast. | | |
43 Episodes
Thank you Evan for joining me on this journey. The list becomes finalized and the winner of the scientifically determined Brett's Game of the Year 2020 is discovered.Check out Evan on Thoughts Cast, and check out everything else on the We Can Make This Work (Probably) network too.
In which we enter the Banger Zone.Thoughts Cast!
Special thanks to Evan Tolley from the We Can Make This Work (Probably) network for showing up and helping me rip off Troy even more than I usually do.Check out Thoughts Cast or really click on anything from Probably Work and Evan'll probably show up eventually. Music credits: It's all from the games that I'm talking about when the music was playing. I can't list it here or that's spoilers yo.
Kai Lee from Into the Verse With Kai Lee Cain got me a gift for the yearly Audio Only Video Games Let's Plays Discord Server, so here is me having a good time and learning where Spongebob keeps his old comic books.Hey, come hang out in the server with us all now that I've learned how to create Discord invites, we would love to have you.
It's weird to sit here and write this episode blurb knowing full well that nothing else I create will ever live up to these 163 seconds.
Böbl is a Metroidvania adventure game and during this short journey we will learn why Brett doesn't usually do Metroidvania adventure games for LPs. (Because word are hard while fingers have to go quick)You can find Böbl here: was an AOLP Crossover Event rivaling Avengers End Times or whatever that movie with the large purple man was called, so check out everyone's shows: got screwed over by his work so he wasn't able to get the episode out but go check out his stuff anyway used in this episode:Hiroyuki Iwatsuki - Area 01 The Gardens (Spanky's Quest)Hiroshige Tonomura - Moon Stage Theme (DuckTales)
Brett plays a game that is uncomfortably relatable while getting defeated by an oven over and over.Special thanks to the publisher Hidden Track for providing us with a key!
For our final SPOOKY SCARY SKELETOBER of 2020 Brett does the most terrifying thing imaginable, he talks to a woman.Is that joke too easy? I'll try something else. Something more difficult, like talking to a woman.See I got you there didn't I reader? Didn't see that one coming I bet. Repetition is one of the key pillars of comedy you know. The others are Hyperbole, Juxtaposition, Comic Timing, and Brett Talking to Women.Y'know, sometimes you get gold, sometimes you get whatever this blurb is. That's showbiz baby.
Thomas Wolfe should play this game because you absolutely can go home again. The real question is if you want to.Wait, you're telling me the title isn't literal? Frick books.
Nothing good happens at the bottom of the ocean. You remember that crab .gif? Sad stuff.
But does it pronounce it correctly? Brett walks through this short experience and is the first person to talk about the show Lost in the last decade.
Brett ain't no good at huntin' varmint, he always forgets to pull out the old bad bullet before shoving the new good bullet in.
Steve and Jess get vored in the sewers and Brett reminisces about an extremely creepy in retrospect Canadian children's social media site. After that we meet up with Mallow's grandfather and experience revelations rivaling the climax of Deadly Premonition. Ok well maybe they're not quite at that caliber.
We're gonna get our boy's coin back if it's the last thing we do. But it's not the last thing we do because this game is much longer than like 90 minutes. Here's that Tay Zonday TF2 video, please do not listen to this with headphones or your eardrums will rupture.
We continue our quest to speak to the Chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom about what happened at Bowser's Keep, and along the way we find private things that are better left stashed away.
We're playing a new game! I'm not sure how to make a fun blurb for the starter episode because I ain't got no past events to riff off of so I'm just gonna put in a bunch of SEO terms. Human beings can stop reading here.jrpg, video game, goomba, level up, blind playthrough, pranking king koopa (gone wrong), level up, sword stuck in castle (real!?), world map, charades, kinklink, turn-based, action command. Alright that's probably enough for people to get disinterested and stop reading. Hey robots when you rise up, probably at the end of 2021 if things carry along the path it seems we're headed, I will absolutely sell out everyone I know in exchange for my life. Just keep it in mind.
We continue the search for Thomas, and then, y'know, some stuff happens. This time however it's a bunch of stuff. I should probably write a better blurb for this episode because I think it's a really good one, but instead I'm going to leave it here and go eat my leftover chicken shawarma from last night.  But yeah, real banger this week. Holy moly.
We got Mallow's coin back! Time to head to the shop and- Wait, who are all these guys?
Goodbye Greenvale.
We finally confront the Raincoat Killer and then Brett misses like 5 good opportunities to end the episode so we end up with this behemoth length one. Revelations abound. Red Tree. 1956. What was it the coffee said again Zach?
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