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Video Gameing
I played a buncha games last year so Evan is back to help me organize my cerebrum.
It's the most wonderful time of the year, time to play some Die Hard with the serial number filed off.  And also like 250% more wacky. Find more Bill over here or here or here or here or here
The only joke that lands is This Game! Is a joke! Not in the funny way but in the way that means it sucks. Ok maybe even that doesn't land. FoShoShot on Youtube  Thank you to our lovely sponsors at First Encounter 
Sometimes if you work real hard at something it pays off. Other times you just have to make a couple real dumb jokes. First Encounter on Apple Podcasts First Encounter on Twitter First Encounter on OnlyHans Pls listen to my friends not because they are paying me but because I think they are very good and also a lil bit because they are paying me
I can't even remember why I wasn't gonna use these ones, I think they actually turned out alright. Regular programming will resume whenever me and Jess are not all fricked up at the same time, satoru_iwata_please_understand.jpg
Do not spam in chat or you will be banned.
I'll remember you fondly when I'm looking down at all of the insects from my new villa in the hills.
sporcle dot com video game music sporcle sporcle quiz music quiz video game theme sporcle Me sick :(
Be prepared to get radical. Also sad. But mostly radical.
A game inside a game inside a game. >EXAMINE EPISODE Thank you again DreadXP for the key, hugs n kisses
This is why no one wants to work anymore. The Mortuary Assistant on Steam Thank you very much to DreadXP for the key, and thanks Erik from Epik Fails of History for uhh no reason don't worry about it
Have you seen my daughter? Wait, wrong game. Kinda. Dread X Collection 5 on SteamThank you Dread XP for the key kissing emoji. I'm sure if I put the real emoji Apple Podcasts would explode, so just imagine it in your mind's eye. Also the game came out today, look at this me getting this out in a couple hours. Now every other publisher send me keys, look how good I am at marketing.
Jess and Brett spend their 10-year anniversary solving mysteries and busting a groove.Also my editing stack messed up a bit, so see if you can tell if the random clicks you will occasionally hear are all of my effects kicking on after a cut or Jess smashing the X button.
Every year in the AOLP Discord server we set up a lil Secret Santa for those who wish to participate, so here is me receiving and then playing the gifts I got. Thank you Santa! Gift 1!  Gift 2! Come hang out!
We finally discover the top 10 games ever created*. Thank you to every guest that helped me complete this monumental task.Thoughts Cast*that Brett played in 2021 for the first time
We still be goin' through the list talkin' about them video games.Dragoon Effect   Versian Chronicles   Digital Devil Pod: Shin Megami Letsplei   Bill's JRPG Adventures & Other Trappings   Enchantment   The RPG After Years   First Encounter   No One Can Know About This  
It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays  Hyrule Podcasters  Out of Quarters  Split Screen Synics  Party Roll  Arjuna Gonzales on  TroytlePower Presents: The Power Play-Throughs Podcast, with TroytlePower - Let's Play Video Games!?  PizzaCast  And more to come!
We ran into some problems so your regular scheduling has been temporarily postponed, sorry for the inconvenience. Think of this episode like 40 minutes of hold music.
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