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Skeleton House - Video Game Let's Plays

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Join Jess, Brett and friends as they play through different video games in this audio-only let's play podcast. + cats Chiko and Poe. | | |

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Usually I add a little juice to episode titles but this game name is already perfect.
I just want it on record that I am pro the French.
What will you do? What will you do?
What's that thing Gandalf said when he was late? 'I meant to be late so I'm not actually late you short little freak,' something like that. The Game of the Year special in which we answer the burning question, Are you feelin' lucky punk?
How well does a spot the difference game work when you the listener can not use your eyeballs? You'll just have to let me handle it. In other words, I'm sorry.
You sunk my Soviet apartment block.
We jump into the spiders' nest, give some folks the jab, and continue the search for Hainab. Wait, hold on, one of those wasn't us.
The game is called Unsorted Horror but the title kinda makes it look like it's called Then Unsorted Horror, while lure is stylistically lowercase. Title case is screwing me here.
If you send me a game I am legally obligated to play it. Good luck doing worse than this.
Thank you to my Secret Santa who may or may not be secret, but is definitely Santa.
You've heard of getting lost in the woods and getting lost in an old mining, uhh, establishment. But how about getting lost on a farm?
A classic in the 'walk around the woods and get your neck snapped' genre.
It is impossible to know whether or not I mixed up port and starboard literally every single time I said either of them. Impossible to know.
Exactly what it says on the tin.
Music performed by Daniel Varsano and Philippe Entremont, otherwise known as the fellas what came up first when I youtube searched 'gymnopodie [sic]'
This episode voted 'Most Likely to Get Pulled From Spotify for Playing a Bunch of Popular Music' so enjoy it while it's hot.
I could one-on-one a fish guy IRL no problem. Scaly lil freak.
Happy Halloween you Halloweenies! Thumbnail art once again by Deej, and this one is my favourite. Pure art.
I am the greatest detective of all time. Sure, the case was already solved like 30 years ago but
I think something like this is honestly my dream job. Well, minus the, uhh. Y'know. ty Deej 4 thumbnail art