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Join Jess and Steve in the past and Brett in the future as they play through different video games in this audio-only let's play podcast. | | |
26 Episodes
Böbl is a Metroidvania adventure game and during this short journey we will learn why Brett doesn't usually do Metroidvania adventure games for LPs. (Because word are hard while fingers have to go quick)You can find Böbl here: was an AOLP Crossover Event rivaling Avengers End Times or whatever that movie with the large purple man was called, so check out everyone's shows: got screwed over by his work so he wasn't able to get the episode out but go check out his stuff anyway used in this episode:Hiroyuki Iwatsuki - Area 01 The Gardens (Spanky's Quest)Hiroshige Tonomura - Moon Stage Theme (DuckTales)
Brett plays a game that is uncomfortably relatable while getting defeated by an oven over and over.Special thanks to the publisher Hidden Track for providing us with a key!
For our final SPOOKY SCARY SKELETOBER of 2020 Brett does the most terrifying thing imaginable, he talks to a woman.Is that joke too easy? I'll try something else. Something more difficult, like talking to a woman.See I got you there didn't I reader? Didn't see that one coming I bet. Repetition is one of the key pillars of comedy you know. The others are Hyperbole, Juxtaposition, Comic Timing, and Brett Talking to Women.Y'know, sometimes you get gold, sometimes you get whatever this blurb is. That's showbiz baby.
Thomas Wolfe should play this game because you absolutely can go home again. The real question is if you want to.Wait, you're telling me the title isn't literal? Frick books.
Nothing good happens at the bottom of the ocean. You remember that crab .gif? Sad stuff.
But does it pronounce it correctly? Brett walks through this short experience and is the first person to talk about the show Lost in the last decade.
Brett ain't no good at huntin' varmint, he always forgets to pull out the old bad bullet before shoving the new good bullet in.
We go hang out with the old guy who simultaneously doesn't talk and speaks in riddles, and somehow he is the most helpful person in town.
In which we have a heart to heart with Emily and then some stuff happens and then we have a heart to heart with Emily.Music used in this episode:Dokaka - Dance Dance Dance
In this episode we continue exploring the Muses Gallery and then bond with the boss. Come listen to Steve get progressively sleepier and sleepier. Someone let me know if I made that Danny Devito joke in the outro before, I'm like 75% sure I have.Music used in this episode:Smash Mouth - All Star (kind of)Gary Jules - Mad World (originally Tears for Fears)Jvdecca - The ChordHere's Jvdecca's bandcamp page: I forgot to plug the Twitter again. Hey, if you're reading this come follow us and make up for me not actually mentioning the freaking social media for the last like two months. @SkeletonPod
We go for a drive with some pals, hang out at the bar, and look at some fine art. That's it, I swear.Oh also we find a shotgun after whacking some lady in the back of the head with a golf club.
There have been multiple homicides and the freaking dude won't come out of his dang kitchen and speak to us. Some people.Here's the link to the car music (thanks Whitney!)'s kind of spoilers in there kind of, but you probably wouldn't have noticed them without me saying that there were kind of spoilers in there kind of because you gotta do some detective work. Still, if you want your brain to be 100% clean maybe check the link after the series is done. Also Steve keeps on reminding me to plug the Twitter in the outro and I keep forgetting, so hey, check us out on Twitter at @SkeletonPod. When number go up it pumps the dopamine directly into my neuroreceptors.
Hey the frickin' game crashed, so some of last episode is in some Schrodinger's box of potentially having had happened but also not until we witness it at the quantum level. Or check our inventory. Also IMMENSE AMOUNTS OF PLOT happen in this episode. If this were some sort of sporting event you would pay for the whole seat, but only need the edge. As it is instead a free podcast that you can listen to even while standing or moving around that metaphor falls extremely flat.
I know what you're thinking, 'you guys have been making too much story progress in the last couple weeks.' Well good news! We're all about sidequesting this week. Don't worry, it'll be worth it in the end. Probably.Music used this episode:Hard Girls - Thenar SpaceAJJ - Brave as a NounJunichi Masuda - Lavender TownAkira Yamaoka - BetrayalAlso 'Riyou Kinugasa, Takuya Kobayashi, Hiromi Mizutani - Life is Beautiful' is the opening and closing song, but it always done was.Also also, The Pillows song I played in like episode 3 or 4 and forgot to credit in the blurb was RUNNERS HIGH.
The gang looks at some fine art and then goes out for a bite to eat in more universes than just one.
In an effort to lead a more normal life we go out to dinner with the coworkers, talk to the neighbours, and get served coffee by a dead girl.
We did the unthinkable, we made plot progress. Jess and Steve talk to the townsfolk of Greendale and Brett expounds on America's cultural footprint on its neighbouring countries. Yes, I spelt 'neighbour' with a U, come at me.
Jess and Steve blow up a car and Brett teaches you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
Jess and Steve search for bones, peep through windows and meet some of the wildlife. Some animals are friendlier than others.
Jess dies, and Jess dies, and Jess dies, and Jess dies, and Jess and Steve get into the popcorn. The episode title is not a joke. Also stay tuned to the end for a teaser from Brett about stuff that isn't concrete yet at all.
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