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Author: Jennifer Rice

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This show is for anyone who wants more out of life and keeps the momentum moving upwards, to be limitless. Jennifer Rice is a straight-shooting female-focused business mentor, life entrepreneur, and badass in business who is a daughter of a truck driver and made it the top of her field before 40 years old. Jenn dedicates herself to the development of female talent in corporate America. She has developed a three-step process for capturing that badass career and life. Her main principle is Reclaim48, taking back your time 48 minutes a day! Her guidebook: The Token Female focuses on developing these strategies for women - and now in her podcast, she talks with ridiculously talented women in business to show that the process works and how they utilize it. You will no longer have to be a Token Female because you now have a circle of women who support you through her Femme Potential Institute. It is time to join Jenn on the journey of elevating the female workforce one badass woman at a time, FYI, that is YOU. We will dive deep into real-life topics that impact women. Look for new life-changing episodes every Wednesday.
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Join the Token Female Talks to end 2021 with Sarah Strong. We will begin 2022 with a new perspective from our friend Sarah Strong. It is an out-of-this-world discussion and will open your eyes to new ideas and thoughts that can open you up to massive growth. Sarah is an Intuitive Life Coach but much more. This is a journey to growth that is multidimensional with her insights on curiosity, divine feminine/masculine, and using the past 24 months as an opportunity to shed old beliefs and ideals.  This is the year we bring to life new perspectives on growth that are not "traditional" and expand our minds. Cheers to Sarah Strong and 2022. Jenn Rice 
Welcome Token Females to Token Females Talks: 2021!She opens up the series with a woman Jennifer Rice admires, DR.  DORIS DAY. In this episode, Jennifer Rice talks with powerhouse Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day from NYC. You can expect inspiring stories of pivoting your career,  what is going inside of you will show on the outside, and being consistent with your beauty routine.  Dr. Doris Day's candid and open interview shows women and men that you can be a parent, spouse, and have a high powered career, all while empowering those around you. Added bonus, she details the process to get rid of that horrible new trend of "Mask Acne".  Hit subscribe and listen monthly to inspiring stories that will add value to your life in every facet personally and professionally. 
This week's episode focuses on reclaiming your story and taking your Reclaim48 for narrative creation. The world in which we live isn't working; it's a world of chaos and uncertainty. From a historical perspective, men created the story of Adam and Eve over 2,000 years ago, where the woman is a temptress, there we go off to a bad start! We've been pre-programmed to believe that prince charming is going to come and save the female in distress and live in the safety of their love. We have been imprinted with a very negative female narrative to start our lives off and it is powerfully entrenched in us. Still, I choose to share the stories of strength and survival and positivity. We cut ties to negative historical stereotypes. The women's interviews that I will be sharing are critical because we are creatures of narratives; the human psyche wants to hear a story and attach itself to it. The narratives are embedded in us and aren't a function of who we are. The time for change is now, as we are in a time of recalibration. Our brains have evolved, but to make sense of this change, we need new stories and history. Weekly we're going to listen to a game-changer, a female in business that has done what I am asking you to do: rewrite the narrative! I implore you to listen, share, and grow with us because it's time to reclaim being a female in industry and the world. Everything around us is feminine and screaming for help these days from mother earth and to females around the world. The stories are crucial to our psyches. We need to imbibe our minds with new stories of who we are as females. 
Jennifer walks us through the journey of her career and the transformation of thinking you are meant to do one thing (Scientist) but then pivot to the new you (Sales Executive/COO). She has had several moments of change in her life, excellent ones, and traumatic ones. Her scientific mind has taught her that using process and simplifying the goal leads to great things. And you can transform too! Listen to the process of using a simplified approach and heart to get the 7 figure life you want and fullfillment, as she did. She believes we are all butterflies ready to transform at any moment. 
Jennifer Rice breaks down the importance of having a process. The Vital Few Process is her 3 Step Reclaim48 Process to regaining and believing that every woman can control their life and time! The equation of Productivity = clarity + focus + vital few tasks - distractions. This simple equation leads you to plan out and focus on your most critical activities that, in turn, giving you the time to replenish your energy to find your ideal FLOW. 
We look at the female superpower of femininity. This sets us apart from our male counterparts because this a set of traits that are embedded into the female psyche. We ask the provocative questions of, How can we harness femininity in the stereotypical masculine corporate workforce, and how are female leaders are using their feminine traits to solve challenging situations globally? Jennifer Rice will ask you to activate your feminine traits and plan on how to harness them for becoming a strong badass businesswoman and leader. We all need both sides of our psyche male and female traits to conquer challenges and drive business results. Can you use the Reclaim 48 principle to plot out your masculine and feminine traits? To dive deep into using our superpower for good in business. 
Reclaiming Your Time

Reclaiming Your Time


Why The Token Female you ask? Jennifer walks you through the Reclaim 48 principle and what it did for her. Well, at home, I’m the token female. I'm the only one that is a female, yes. I have two male dogs, three stepsons, and my husband. Then secondarily, I am almost always the only female or a limited number of one at my corporate job. Straight out of the gates out of college, I was out of a company of 2,500 sales reps. There were only 15 females, and most of us were junior reps. Nothing at any sort of executive-level seat, so I take such great pride knowing that I was surrounded by an amazing limited number of females, and we’re developed by great men along the way. The only issue is I really wish I could've looked up and seen a few female executives that I could've learned and been under their wing. I felt very alone most of my career. I had 18 great years in corporate America.
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