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Fifteen years ago, our lives were filled with stress and busyness. While I thought I was doing everything right to work FOR my family by homeschooling during the day and working at night, I didn’t see that my relationship with my husband and my kids was struggling.Have you ever felt that way? We can get so wrapped up in doing and being productive that we miss out on what matters most. That’s not to say that doing things is wrong, but we often sacrifice necessary good things to pursue other good things. And when this happens, we forget to care for our souls with the things that matter most.In this episode, we are exploring how to move into a life where we can work with purpose and passion, all while having a deep sense of peace and rest at the same time. To help us do that is our guest, Dr. Laurel Emory. Laurel is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and accomplished business and leadership coach. Her heart is centered on helping others cultivate confidence and joy in life and work.Laurel shares with us:The importance of valuing things outside of what is productiveSigns that God is inviting you to restAdditional resources to help you as you pursue restAnd more!We hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
In our previous episode, we discussed how to prepare ourselves to launch our children into adulthood. Continuing on this theme, this episode focuses on parenting young adults, which is particularly important to Rob and me since it's a topic that's close to our hearts.We delve into the heartache that comes with parenting a wayward child and aim to offer you the hope and encouragement you need. Joining us in this discussion is our guest and friend, Mary DeMuth, who is the author of the book, Love, Pray, Listen: Parenting Your Wayward Adult Kids with Joy. Mary is an international speaker, podcaster, and author of over 40 books. She understands firsthand what it's like to overcome a difficult past and helps others write a new story in their lives.Mary shares with us:Why our joy shouldn’t be dependent on our children’s decisionsThe role our convictions should and shouldn’t have in our relationship with our childrenHow having a wayward child can bring you closer to JesusAnd more!We hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
In this episode, we are going to discuss a stage of parenting that isn’t talked about as much. It’s what is known as the “messy middle” of parenting, where your kids are preparing to leave the nest for good. The questions and situations you have to deal with as your children start to assert their independence can be quite challenging.We are excited to have Brenda Yoder with us to discuss how we can prepare our hearts and our homes for our kids to leave the nest. Brenda is the author of Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind, a mom, speaker, podcaster, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and life coach who gives biblical wisdom to parents who want to launch their children well.Brenda shares with us:The reality of “mom grief”How to be kid-led in your parentingPreparing your own heart for shifting your roleWe hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
We know many couples who have split up or who are seriously questioning their future together, and the one thing that is crystal clear with all of them is that their relationship did not break down overnight. You may be wondering where your marriage will stand in 2023 or if you can overcome the hurts and conflicts that have happened in your marriage. If you have been looking for a change but don’t know where to start then you’ll want to pay special attention to this episode!Our guests, Mark and Jill Savage know the stress and pain that comes with a broken marriage. They know the habits, assumptions, and choices that can pull couples apart. Jill is the author of 14 books, two of which are co-authored with Mark. They frequently speak about marriage and offer coaching to other couples.Mark & Jill share with us:Their personal story of repairing their marriageThe slow fades that can erode a marriageThe difference between forgiveness and making amendsAnd ways to reignite your marriage!We hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
For the majority of our marriage, we had a traditional schedule where Rob would head off to an office job in the morning while I would stay at home with the children. But a few years ago, we flipped our lives upside down to pursue self-employment together as partners. This transition made us realize that we had a lot to learn, not just as marriage partners but as life and business partners.That is why we are so excited to introduce Robert and Kay Lee Fukui. They have a consulting business where they guide other married entrepreneurs to create a thriving marriage and a prosperous business.Robert and Kay Lee share with us:The importance of knowing how to resolve conflictWhy more sales aren’t the solution to business stressHow setting aside time for rest is the most productive thing you can doThe focus of their book Tandem: The Married Entrepreneurs' Guide for Greater Work-Life BalanceAnd more!We hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
Every married couple will face challenges throughout their marriage. It could be dealing with a serious health crisis, mental illness, parenting prodigal children, infertility, financial setbacks, or overwhelming work and responsibilities. From the day a couple says “I do,” they set out on a journey that holds inevitable struggles and threats to a happy and lasting marriage relationship.Today’s guest, Gary Thomas, offers a powerful teaching on how to make your marriage a fortress that can stand up to the battles you will face with your spouse. In this episode, we are going to hone in on just one of those battles: the pain and brokenness from our past that we each bring into a marriage. He also helps us to understand:- The effect the world has on our marriages- How your past has shaped who you are and how you react- The importance of getting curious about your behaviors- The power of God to redeem your past hurts and strengthen your marriage- And more!We are praying that you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
If you're married, you likely stood up at the altar on your wedding day and made vows to stick together for better and for worse, in sickness and in health. And maybe, like many couples, your vows have been tested because of an injury, illness, or chronic condition affecting your daily life. The challenge of chronic pain puts a unique kind of stress on a marriage—it can bring you together and grow your relationship in new ways, or it can wear down the joy and closeness that you share.Our returning guests for this episode are Chris and Jamie Bailey. They have walked their own road filled with medical issues, back pain, and other chronic conditions. In this episode, they offer their unique insight into building a strong marriage despite difficult circumstances.Chris and Jamie share with us:- The importance of choosing to depend on God and each other- How chronic pain and health issues can negatively impact your marriage- Ways to stay connected and keep stressors from stealing your joy- Practical ways to help and encourage your spouse dealing with pain- And ways to prepare your marriage now to withstand whatever the future may holdWe hope this episode brings you encouragement today!Show Notes:
Do you ever feel disappointed or discouraged in your marriage? As wives, I (Joanna) know we want to know how to bring life to our marriages when we’re losing hope. I know so many women, despite their love for their husbands, feel discouraged in their marriages. Their husbands may seem distant and like he doesn’t want to work on a close relationship, or the communication has broken down, and they find themselves often in conflict. Can you relate?Today, I am having a conversation with Estrella Rogers, a licensed counselor, author, speaker, and founder of Star Level Coaching, where she coaches couples to build strong and lasting relationships. She is also a wife and a mom that has experienced the power of prayer in her own family. Listen in as Estrella shares how wives can encourage, pray, and love their husbands through life’s challenges.Estrella shares with us:- What to do when you “hit a wall” in your marriage- The power of praying for your husband- How to be supportive when it feels like you can’t fix the circumstances- The importance of self-evaluation- And more!We hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
This episode was recorded in the midst of a crazy season of our life. From moving homes to health issues to the back-to-school season and much more, it was quite stressful. During seasons like that, it’s no secret that the marriage relationship can get a little tense.That season of life provided the perfect context for us to have this conversation with Chris and Jenni Graebe, authors of The Rhythm of Us: Create the Thriving Marriage You Long For and hosts of the Rhythm of Us Podcast.This was such a fun and engaging conversation. In it, Chris and Jenni share with us:- How to set a vision for your marriage and introduce habits that will get you there- How to stop pointing fingers and start being in rhythm as a couple- Why busyness can be one of the greatest joy-killers in marriage- Why your differences don’t have to threaten your connection- And more!We hope this conversation encourages you!Show Notes:
Rob and I have four biological children, and eight years ago our family grew again through adoption. We are so grateful that God gave us the best gift in the courtroom that day, but we also had no idea what the journey ahead would hold. When we read Brittany Salmon’s book, It Takes More Than Love, we felt seen and understood.Today, we’re welcoming Brittany onto the podcast! She is a professor, writer, and Bible teacher with a MA in Intercultural Studies. Brittany and her husband, Ben, have seen God do incredible things in their lives, and are passionate about advocating for the adoptive community.Whether you have considered adoption yourself, are an adoptive parent, or just want to learn how to better support those in the adoptive or foster care communities, this episode is for you.Brittany shares with us:- God’s intervention in their journey of infertility- The different types of adoption that are possible- Why we need to listen to all the voices in “the adoptive triad”- Whether you should pursue adoption if your spouse isn’t 100% on-board- How to be supportive even if you can’t adopt right nowWe hope you enjoy this conversation!Show Notes:
Sometimes, when we are on the journey of parenting, it’s easy to forget that we are also children. Not just to our earthly parents, but to our Heavenly Father.As we consider what it means to be a parent, it’s foundational to first consider what it means to be a child of God.That’s exactly what we’re doing on today’s episode with Christina Fox, a licensed counselor, retreat speaker, and author of multiple books including "Like Our Father: How God Parents Us and Why that Matters for Our Parenting."Today, Christina shares with us:- Why God’s role as a Father should impact our own parenting- Why God can relate to any of our daily experiences as parents- How we can respond to our imperfections as parents- How to respond when we have doubts or insecurities about God’s view of us- And more!This was such a special conversation. We hope you enjoy it!Show Notes:
Have you ever noticed that you struggle for control? Maybe you just care a little extra about how your spouse loads the dishwasher. Maybe you struggle a little more to recover when life goes a different way than you were planning. Maybe you have trouble letting your kids make mistakes. Or maybe your marriage feels like a battle for leadership more than it feels like a partnership towards a united goal.Today on the podcast, we have the opportunity to welcome Shannon Popkin, author of both Comparison Girl and Control Girl and host of the “Live Like It’s True” podcast. From the platform, page, and podcast mic, Shannon Popkin wants to invite you to drink deeply of God’s story, and live like it’s true.Today, Shannon shares with us:Why so many of us struggle to let go of controlWhat it looks to identify the emotion or sin that is behind the desire to controlHow unity in our roles in marriage help us become better partnersHow to find peace in God’s provision and planAnd more!We hope you enjoy this episode!Show Notes:
We imagine, like us, you desire to leave a spiritual legacy for your family and see your children making their faith their own. But it can be so tough to navigate how to do that well, all while releasing control and trusting God.Today, we have the opportunity to welcome our guest Ray Pritchard, president of Keep Believing Ministries. Ray has written 31 books, is a co-host on Today’s Issues on American Family Radio, and was a pastor for 26 years to churches in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago. To us, however, he is just “Pastor Ray,” from the time he was our pastor at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, IL.Today, Ray shares with us:- His own journey of faith and how God helped Ray and his wife identify how to lead a home filled with faith-The importance of abiding in Christ each and every day- Practical ways to help you leave a legacy of faith that extends for generations- What it looks like to truly trust God’s faithfulness- How to handle seasons when your children are struggling with church or faith- Why prayer is the most powerful tool we have in our toolbox- And so much more!We hope this episode is an encouragement to your heart this week.Show Notes:
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