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Smashed Bashed yet not Dashed Podcast

Author: Gaurav Bhagat

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The podcast is about grit, perseverance, and succeeding despite the odds. GB comes on every fortnight with either an inspirational story from his life or from those known to him that reaffirm that just because you've been knocked down, doesn't mean you can't get back up and succeed. With the way 2020 has played out for so many, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic hurting so many businesses, working professionals, and graduating students. There couldn't be a better time to listen to this amazing podcast. Great topics that will touch the lives of so many and help them navigate and succeed despite the circumstances.
35 Episodes
Arti is one of the most inspiring women I've come across in my life.  While she may keep a low profile on social media, she leaves a mark on everyone she meets. In this episode we discuss entrepreneurship, health, networking and more. A must watch. Arti has been one of the reasons I have been able to do so much in the last few years and for that I will be always grateful to her.  Love to have your thoughts on this episode and Arti's shares.  You may connect with Arti on LinkedIn on can also write me on 
Elena Cardone is one of the most exceptional women I have ever met in person over the last few years.  She has been instrumental in pushing Grant in achieving his Billionaire status and apart from that has been an exceptional mother to Sabrina and Scarlet Cardone. All of this despite having a very traumatic teen experience and lots and lots of disappointments in life. This is one podcast episode where Elena opened up on so many things and such valuable advice to all listeners.  Truly a must watch episode.  In case you'd like to follow Elena Cardone on Instagram you can find her on
Saumya is one of the finest emotional, mental wellbeing coaches I've met.  She was recently picked as BWBusinessWorld 40 under 40. It's an episode of the SBYND podcast that's different. While in the past we've spoken a lot about struggles around money, business and the likes. This episode covers a different area and talks about overcoming the mental and emotional challenges that people face and gives some real world advice and perspective on what can be done about that. A very apt episode for the post pandemic world.  Love to have your thoughts on gaurav@gauravbhagatacademy.comYou may connect with Saumya here email her on 
Some would call Aditya quite the risk taker.  He grew up  in the  small town of Meerut and the odds of him running the multiple businesses that scale the globe were slim.  He has achieved this through an amazing mindset and further lives his passion for adventure  and even scaled Mt. Everest in 2019 after turning 50. Aditya and his companies today touch thousands of lives  in India and around the world and the lessons, insights and advice in this episode are another level altogether.  You must hear and watch this one.  Amongst my favourite lessons from this episode was the 40-80 rule of giving up and how not to fear scale (even that of the tallest mountain of the world). You can follow Aditya on LinkedIn on you may also buy his amazing coffee table book where he gives the proceeds to the charity Child Relief and You (CRY) here:(As Indian Nationals): (As Foreign Nationals): This was also the 30th episode of the Smashed Bashed Yet Not Dashed Podcast and we have had amazing guests and stories on this one already.  Love to have your feedback on You can listen to all the other episodes on all the major platforms and also on YouTube channel with the videos of all the  podcasts with the likes of Grant Cardone, Bani J, Richard Dolan, Advaita Kala, Deep Kalra, Papa CJ, Nikhil Kamath and many other great guests is this one, truly one of my favourites.  Also in all my podcasts I share no questions with guests and everything is impromptu. 
Colonel Sunil Prem may have started out against the odds in the beginning of almost every journey that he took. Be it at the back of his class as a 7-year-old or at the age of 16 when he decided to join the army. However, he eventually topped his class, won the president’s gold medal at the Indian Military Academy and also achieved a 10 on 10 CPA at IIT Kanpur. He spent 27 years in the Indian Army and won many accolades and has also authored 2 best-selling books and runs multiple companies that are leaving a global footprint.   This is one conversation at the GBA that you will thoroughly enjoy. True words of wisdom with someone that walks the talk and is going to continue to inspire millions in the years ahead. You can follow Col. Sunil Prem on LinkedIn on love to have your feedback on this episode on Do follow our YouTube channel with all the other amazing podcast episodes on you can connect with me on my social media on
Pradyot Voleti is a man on a mission. He has empowered thousands of under privileged children across India to aspire for a better life and he's doing it through the power of basketball. Children that have gone through the dribble academy could barely pay for a basic education let alone dream of scholarships to some of the country's best schools and even the Junior NBA. He has had his challenges and success and stays more determined then ever to achieve all his goals.  Watch this inspiring episode and would love to have your feedback  on or DM me on the following handles: can be reached on and followed on dribbleacademy@gmail.com #basketball #greatindianpodcasts
This was actually a book interview with Deep, days before the pandemic locked us all down. Truly a story of perseverance and not throwing in the towel. Such great insights shared by Deep, I just couldn't deny the world of these golden nuggets. Makemytrip is a Nasdaq listed company and I've the good fortune of knowing Deep Kalra and Sachin Bhatia right from the start.  Hope you enjoy this podcast and the format. In future the smashed bashed podcast will be in the same format. Recorded live and in person. If there is someone you know who I should be interviewing.You can watch the video version of this as well here. Pls. do drop me an email on or dm me on Instagram or LinkedIn. #makemytrip #greatindianpodcasts
Tarun Mansukhani on the SBYND Podcast. Acclaimed Director on life in Bollywood & the ups and downs. You will love this episode with Tarun, he had an amazing start to his Bollywood journey working with some of the biggest names and movies in the industry. Working with Karan Johar as an assistant director and then as a director himself he tasted success early and in dues course also had to taste failure and even went bankrupt and went through a divorce.   A true example of smashed bashed yet not dashed, some great shares on the ups and downs, life in Bollywood and what it not only survive but thrive in the industry. You can follow Tarun on Instagram on and on Twitter on can send me your feedback on this podcast on and follow me on the following handles:
A candid conversation with Advaita Kala, the very talented author, broadcaster and columnist. In this episode we discuss women empowerment, social causes, Bollywood, procrastination, life and more. Advaita and my friendship goes back 25 years and her shares on this podcast episode would be appreciated by all.  The otherwise very private Advaita shares some interesting moments from her life, vulnerabilities and more. You can follow Advaita on twitter on and her YouTube channel
Siddharth Rajsekar or Sidz is one of those people I refer in a heart beat to everyone. Intentional and driven by purpose. He's one of those people who will transform the world we live in for the better. Do listen in to our interaction on the smashed bashed yet not dashed podcast. Am sure you will be really inspired as well. You can follow Sidz on his YouTube channel as well on
Season 2 Episode 12. Papa CJ in a candid and compelling  conversation with GB. Watch this episode and do share your feedback. Truly one of the best episodes of the Smashed Bashed Yet Not Dashed Podcast till date.For those of you who didn't know him, Papa CJ is a world-renowned stand-up comedian and has won awards for both Asia’s and India’s Best Stand-up Comedian.He has performed over 2000 shows in over 25 countries and has had numerous appearances on NBC, BBC, Comedy Central, Showtime, MTV, Paramount, The Comedy Channel, ITV and a host of other international networks. He is the only Indian comedian to have shot his own solo special with Comedy Central Asia. Forbes Magazine called him ‘the global face of Indian stand-up’ and Harvard Business Review called him one of the most influential comedians around the world. He has taped a Showtime USA stand-up comedy special with Russell Peters and on the American TV show Last Comic Standing, he was placed in the top 10 from over 3000 contestants across the world.Do connect with GB on connect with Papa CJ on
     This conversation with Bani J was one of the most amazing interactions I have ever had. Bani is an actress on the Emmy nominated hit Amazon show "four more shots please" , she also debuted as a gritty contestant on the Hit MTV show Roadies in 2006 and has never looked back since.     On this podcast, Bani talks about her life journey, her love for pets, the importance of fitness and also her future plans.  What stood out the most for me was her deep insights on life and the attitude that she addresses everything with.  Something that everyone irrespective of age and experience would do well to listen to.   Bani in time to come will truly continue to grow and shine. Watch out for her in the months and years ahead.  You can follow Bani on Instagram on also watch or listen to  all the amazing past episodes of the Smashed Bashed Yet Not Dashed Podcast on , the videos are on the YouTube channel of the Gaurav Bhagat Academy. Would love to have your feedback on the podcasts on or connect with me on Instagram on or on Clubhouse also on gaurav_gbaThank you and happy listening. 
This is a tribute the legendary Milkha Singh and some other great people who we lost in the past 2 months. Truly a trying time and many have been taken from us too soon. That said we owe it to these legends to ensure that we stay in action and be a demonstration of what they would have expected from us. 
Rakesh Kochhar, Executive Director BNI Gurgaon and Regional Director BNI Faridabad sharing his amazing journey and vision on the SBYND Podcast with GB.  Rakesh is one of the most brilliant people you'll come across and going from a small town boy in Jamshedpur to the leadership of Oracle India and then to being critically ill and bouncing back to create one of India's most sought after entrepreneurial forums.  This is a must listen for everyone. Love to have your feedback on gaurav@gauravbhagatacademy.comFollow Rakesh on LinkedIn on Gaurav on Instagram at
    Nikhil Kamath, the founder of Zerodha is an exceptional entrepreneur. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 and discovered the art of trading in the stock markets.  The passion soon turned to profession and today Nikhil is India's youngest self made Billionaire.    In this episode I ask Nikhil some interesting questions that he's probably not been asked in too many of his interviews before. That comes from the perspective of me being so passionate about the stock market as well.   Nikhil in this podcast has amazing advice for youngsters and mature investors alike.  He talks about the rise of the retail investor and the disruption that True Beacon as a platform may cause in time to come.   This is one episode that everyone must listen to, irrespective of whether you like the stock market, hate it or are indifferent to it.  Get in to the mind of an exceptional entrepreneur and listen to his amazing story and how he will continue to change the world. Love to have your feedback on gaurav@gauravbhagatacademy.comFollow Nikhil on Instagram at  nikhikamathcioand Gaurav on Instagram at gaurav_gba 
Richard Dolan is one of the most inspirational people I've come across in my life. We first met 18 months ago, when he came on as head of licensing for Grant Cardone and since them I've had the pleasure of interacting with him a lot more. For some one who has trained Le Bron James, Mike Tyson and has shared numerous stages with Tony Robbins, a podcast was bound to have lots of value. We thought we would spend 20 minutes and we went on till 50 and could have carried on for longer.  There are such amazing insights in this episode that it should become a part of your weekly listening. Richard can be found online on the following links: can connect with me on: on club house as gaurav_gba Web site : www.gauravbhagatacademy.comE-mail:
     Nikhil may be one of India's leading fashion designers but his journey and what he shares on this episode of the Smashed Bashed Yet Not Dashed podcast will blow you away. When one looks at all the success that the Shantanu & Nikhil brand have had you wouldn't think that he's gone through what he has.  From being written off by his teachers to struggling through design school and finally all the challenges of starting out, this episode gives you super insights into the man behind the brand. Nikhil  really inspires on this episode.  Do listen in to this episode it will be 35 minutes well spent. Love to have your feedback on gaurav@gauravbhagatacademy,com Also follow Nikhil on Instagram on can connect with me on Instagram on
   This week will mark one year since the Pandemic induced lockdowns began in India. This episode is about gratitude and also acknowledgement of what has passed and how the events of the last year have changed us for the better or the worse.   Some important actions steps in the end as well.  Hope you enjoy this edition.   
Amit has always been an entrepreneur at his core. Was interesting to learn that the seed was sown based on a board game that he saw at my house that I'd made when I was 16 and he was 12. Since then Amit has had his shares of ups and downs and is now running 2 very successful businesses including the award winning Indian restaurants called "Daryaganj" which definitely has the best butter chicken and Dal Makhani in the country. Not surprising since he partners Raghav Jaggi who's grand father invented it.  Amit is the third of the featured speakers in the 21strong segment of the smashed bashed yet not dashed podcast.  Listen in for some  great insights in this episode. 
Payalh is a woman who comes from a relatively small North Bengal town of Siliguri. She's had a pretty tough journey and has struggled on a several fronts but despite that she's persevered and continues to do some great things in the space of entrepreneurship and women empowerment.  Payalh will continue to shine and with her mindset and dedication is a person to watch out for. She is the second of the featured speakers in the 21strong segment of the smashed bashed yet not dashed podcast.  Listen in for some  great insights in this episode. 
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