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Rashid Kahn immigrated to Australia in 2005 to take a place in the booming IT industry.  He embraced the culture and Australia embraced him. Motivated by the tragic event in Bourke Street, Melbourne in 2017 when 6 people lost their lives when a man drove their car through the crowds, Rashid dedicated his live to the field of Emergency Management, becoming an expert in the field and making an impact in the way we address emergencies. He has been nominated as the Australian Professional of the Year 2020. Grab yourself a chocolate and coffee and listen to this inspirational man and his journey to making his ultimate impact in the world.
Johnson Chong was born in the US to Chinese Immigrants. His childhood was an experience in the discovery of who he was, not ever feeling as if he fit in anywhere.  In the midst of this, he had to find a way to come out to his parents that he was gay. Johnson has used his story to help others to connect to  their own inner truth. Enjoy this episode with the Author of a best seller of "Sage Sapien. From Karma to Dharma."Connect with Johnson through his website www.JohnsonChong.comPurchase his book
Anup Bantra is a Business Growth Specialist helping businesses to innovate and pivot. On this episode Anup takes us on the journey of being a Sikh. His infectious laughter and spirit will captivate you as he shares how people are attracted to him because of his turban. 
Catalina Gonzalez came to Australia from Colombia, as has invented herself as a Happiness Ambassador.  She has embraced her new home with a passion to share the best of her culture with the community she finds herself in. Her passion for community and belonging inspires her to make a difference in the world.  Listen to this episode it is sure to put a smile on your face.
Imagine being stared out and whispered about everywhere you go, this is the life of someone who is transgender. Melissa Griffiths is a Transgender and Gender Equality Authority and Advocate, Speaker and Media Commentator. She shares with us her story of being transgender and opens our eyes to some of the struggles that sh has to face everyday.
Sarifa Altono Younes shares her stories of being an immigrant and a Muslim in Australia. As she wears a head scarf, her faith is on view for all to see. How does this effect the way she is treated?
Dipak Saha is an International Speaker on Mental Health. His path has not always been easy, with a wrongful diagnosis and medication that left him opened him up to be mistreated by those around him. Through the proximity of people who cared he was able to find his direction and now be able to share his message with the world.Andrea and Dipak's conversations leads into the importance of Community and Belonging with people who reach out and share the message that "You are important."In this conversation Dipak speaks of the value he received from Speakers Institute. To find out more click here and use the promo code IAMREADYBJAA
Oksana has lived in on 4 continents and her experience with different people cultures has been a true testament of the the Spirit of Chocolate and Coffee Breaks. Most of her life has been spent away from her families place of origin however she has always been able to find "home" among those she found herself living and working with. It is all about our attitude to seeing the next person as an equal. Oksana truly has discovered that "Opposites and the Same."
Dilhara Silvalingam had an upbringing that spanned 3 continents. This has given her an unique experience of the world and how we treat each other. Her stories and questioning style will open your mind and your hearts to how we respond to those who may appear to be different to us.Grab yourself a chocolate and coffee and enjoy this episode.
Bernadette Laster was born a month after the civil rights bill was brought out in the US. However changing the laws for equality doesn't change people's thinking or actions. Bernadette share her story from being the first black child in her school, dealing with everyday racism all her life, through to the Black Lives Matter protest. What does this mean for her today? Grab yourself a cuppa and a chocolate and listen to this insightful journey.
At last, it's here, my Chocolate and Coffee Breaks podcast.  This is the introductory episode. I'm looking forward to having a diverse array of guest on this podcast, so that we can start to, see beyond the façade of diversity and embrace the truth that opposites are the same. As we share together over Chocolate and Coffee, we will hear the stories of people’s lives that will help us to walk in their shoes. I will also speak to the experts in the field who share what they have seen, what is changing the world and how we can all contribute so that all can find belonging and acceptance.To download our resource pack for your own Chocolate and Coffee Break experiences and join our community, head on over to Join us again as we explore more stories that will touch your heart and reveal that opposites are the same.Meanwhile, share a chocolate, have a cuppa, enjoy a conversation and change the world.
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