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EV Hub Live is a first-of-its-kind video podcast recorded live and distributed for free to the public policy community working to advance transportation electrification. Hosted by Atlas Public Policy’s founder, Nick Nigro, the podcast will run at least once a month and be focused on presenting valuable content to the public policy professional. As the podcast will be recorded live, listeners will be able to ask guests questions in real-time. Visit our YouTube Channel for the video version of each episode. Visit EV Hub to learn more.
34 Episodes
EV Grid Integration

EV Grid Integration


The biggest barrier to a full zero-emission transportation future is infrastructure. Just like a national gas-powered transportation system needed coast-to-coast gas stations to be built and complex supply chain logistics to transport fuel across the country, EVs need charging infrastructure with ready access to grid-provided energy in order to power EVs for daily commute and long-distance travel alike. For that to happen, EV charging providers must work closely with utility providers to buil...
With the anticipated announcement by EPA this week of the final version for its light-duty and medium-duty vehicle regulation, the transportation world is abuzz about the potential for two thirds of new passenger vehicles sold in 2032 to be EVs. To help you understand the implications of this rule, EV Hub Live is hosting experts Audrey LaForest from Automotive News and Chris Harto from Consumer Reports to discuss the details of the regulation, the response from the transportation industry, an...
The Inflation Reduction Act aims to create nine million good jobs over the next decade, with ten percent of those jobs in clean manufacturing. This echoes the manufacturing boom that created the Steel Belt, bringing life to communities across the heartland of America. But that boom eventually led to the Rust Belt and a sense among manufacturing workers that they had been left behind. With labor movements on the rise, workers are becoming more optimistic for another growth of sustainable commu...
Atlas Public Policy rings in the new year with Gabe Klein, Executive Director of the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. In this episode, we'll hear about what impacts the Joint Office has made thus far, what they hope to accomplish in 2024, and how those efforts will affect the wider EV and charging markets in the United States to drive us toward a zero-emission transportation future.
When we think about EVs, many people immediately imagine electric cars quickly and quietly zipping down the highway. But for our guests today, the EV future includes alternative forms of transportation—like electric bicycles and scooters, or electric buses and rail. Our guests Stephanie Lotshaw from TransitCenter and Mike Salisbury from the City and County of Denver will discuss the importance of developing and providing alternatives to electric cars in an EV future, particularly in metropoli...
As EV adoption continues to grow, drivers will need ready access to charging infrastructure that can power their ride. States need to ensure that both commercial and residential property developers are thinking ahead and building for an EV-driven future. On this episode of EV Hub Live, special guest host Zack Strauss—the host of Atlas’s Buildings Hub Live—will interview Vanessa Warheit from the EV Charing for All Coalition and Adam Berry from the Colorado Energy Office about how states are ap...
An EV Update from DC

An EV Update from DC


With the federal fiscal year coming to a close this month and the race for 2024 beginning in earnest, Atlas Public Policy's founder, Nick Nigro, sits down with Politico's Tanya Snyder and Automotive News' Audrey LaForest to chat about the latest EV policy and funding issues at the federal level. They'll cover the budget debate in Washington, pending EPA/NHTSA rules, and the implementation of IIJA/IRA. They'll also discuss how EVs are factoring into campaigns for 2024.
For this episode of EV Hub Live, we hear from Jordan Brinn from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on building a sustainable EV battery market through policy, funding, and research. Brinn recently authored “Building Batteries Better: Doing the Best With Less” and is a transportation electrification policy expert. The conversation will be facilitated by Atlas Public Policy founder, Nick Nigro. Join us today at 3PM EST.
Widespread EV charging deployment is in the works, and funding through programs like NEVI is beginning to take shape. As we work to build a nationwide charging network, robust relationships between utilities, charging installers, and site hosts will need to form for seamless deployment. In this episode, we’ll hear perspectives from Rachael Nealer from the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, Lang Reynolds from Circle K and Brian Wilke from National Grid on key challenges such as permitt...
NEVI is one of the first Justice40-covered programs to be implemented nationally, and we now have a chance to avoid repeating harmful transportation investments in underserved communities. Through conversations with stakeholders and a comprehensive review of initial state NEVI plans, we’ll hear from EV equity advocates Rachel Patterson from Evergreen and Moe Khatib from Atlas Public Policy on how states can lead on equitable charging deployment centering disadvantaged communities.
This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro, Atlas Public Policy analyst Zachary Strauss and Virginia Smith Reeder from The Eastern Transportation Coalition.
Companies working on EVs are doing really tough stuff. In order to build something special, you often need a team that stays together through thick and thin. In this episode, we’ll talk with two EV experts who’ve been with their companies for more than 15 years. We’ll find out what it is about working at their companies that makes them stick around.
This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro, Michael Tubman from Lucid Motors, and Jeff Werner from Panasonic to discuss the rise of a domestic EV battery industry, and how battery technology is changing.
This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro, Tanya Snyder from Politico, and Rebecca Leber from Vox to discuss the key climate outcomes from the election and what it means for climate action moving forward. The conversation will cover both the places where EVs and other climate measures were specifically on the ballot and climate action in the wake of the midterms.
NEVI Gonna Give You Up

NEVI Gonna Give You Up


This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro, Dr Shawn Wilson, Secretary, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and Kay Kelly, Chief, Office of Innovative Mobility, Colorado Department of Transportation to discuss the next steps for Colorado and Louisiana in implementing NEVI funding.
Breaking Down the IRA

Breaking Down the IRA


This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro, Katherine Stainken of the Electrification Coalition and Robbie Orvis of Energy Innovation to discuss the EV elements in the recently released draft of the Inflation Reduction Act.
This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro, Ethan Elkind, Director, Climate Program, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at UC Berkeley and Abigail Wulf, Director, Critical Minerals Strategy at SAFE, to discuss critical minerals and how to ensure our supply chains can meet future EV demand.
In this episode of EV Hub Live, we sit down with Kameale Terry, CEO of ChargerHelp! and Cory Bullis, Senior Public Affairs Specialist at FLO to talk about the nuts and bolts of reliable EV charging.
In this episode of EV Hub Live, we sit down with Arianna Skibell of Politico and Jennifer Hiller of the Wall Street Journal to talk about their experience covering the EV transition. Jennifer is an energy reporter and wrote a strong and data filled story about EVs and the cost of charging. Arianna is a climate and transportation reporter and wrote a fascinating and winding history of the Postal Service’s transition to EVs.We will talk about the EV stories that both journalists have covered, h...
This episode of EV Hub Live brings together Atlas founder Nick Nigro and two leaders in the mobility, equity, and transportation electrification space from the Greenlining Institute: Hana Creger, Senior Program Manager, Climate Equity and Román Partida-López, Legal Counsel, Environmental Equity. Hana and Román bring years of experience and expertise on equity and EVs and will discuss how investments can better incorporate equity.