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Do you want to learn how to travel the world for as long as you desire, on your terms while spending less money? Whether you're a travel newbie dying to figure out how to explore the world, an occasional traveler longing to make your holiday everyday, or an experienced globetrotter seeking unique ways to keep traveling full time, you're in the right place. Travel expert Jason Moore from chats with adventurous people living life on the road so you can discover new ways to travel endlessly. Jason and his guests share insanely actionable advice and key resources, getting down and dirty on topics like; starting and running an online business from anywhere, travel and work opportunities, gutsy budget travel strategies, surprising ways to earn free travel, the digital nomad life, unconventional travel based lifestyles, fun travel jobs, how to plan epic adventures, backpacking, 4 hour work week inspired topics, and everything in between. Jason has wandered the planet for 15+ years working as a tour manager in events/music, an adventure travel tour guide, a trash sweeper, and now as a location independent entrepreneur running businesses on the fly. He is obsessed with doing whatever he can to help you explore our crazy planet, no matter what your current situation or experience. Let's do this! Subscribe now and welcome.
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What is the future of travel? When will we be able to safely travel again? Will the cost of flights skyrocket? While I don't own a crystal ball (or any psychic abilities) I am going to give you my top 5 predictions on the future of travel over the next 3 to 5 years and I am going to answer the question 'should you get back out there on the road?'. Grab your favorite drink and join me for today's episode!What are some of your predictions for the future of travel? Send me an audio message or shoot me an email over at In To Learn:06:50 The Unraveling Of America 08:30 Prediction # 1: Airline Ticket Prices13:40 Prediction # 2: Regional Travel19:00 Prediction # 3: Slow Travel20:40 Prediction # 4: Human-Powered Adventures24:50 Prediction # 5: Different Kind Of Connections29:55 Should You Get Back Out There?And so much moreGrab the full show notes with all the links discussed in today's episode here! 
Is the digital nomad lifestyle calling out to you? Do you want to get the inside tips, tricks, and methods to make sure you are a successful digital nomad? Check out today's episode as we are talking about the full-time travel lifestyle and the different perspectives that come from it. I am very happy to have on my friend Johannes Voelkner from The Nomad Cruise and we are touching on how sometimes the more you travel the more you crave routine & familiarity, the two key things to your nomad lifestyle success, and the up and coming destinations that don't currently have a large digital nomad scene. This episode was recorded prior to COVID-19 and there are currently no cruises allowed at this time but you can get on their email list to get notified when the cruises will be available again. I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Tune In To Learn:08:05 The Steps That Exist In The Nomad Life10:15 Craving The Familiarity & What Is Home13:40 Digital Nomad Life & The Nomad Cruise19:20 Understanding The Power Of Community26:40 What It Takes To Be A Digital Nomad & Battling Overwhelm31:35 The Two Key Things To Digital Nomadism & What Businesses Are Thriving36:30 How To Still Be Productive When Fast Traveling38:10 Why You Need To Unplug40:30 Possible Up And Coming Digital Nomad Spots50:15 Hard Decisions, Lifestyle Design & Passion ProjectsAnd so much moreCheck out the show notes with all the links here!
In today's episode, my friend Aaron Millar from Armchair Explorer and I talk all about wonder and how it fuels us to travel and explore. Aaron is an award-winning travel writer, documentary presenter & author of two amazing books 50 Greatest Wonders Of The World & 50 Greatest National Parks Of The World and he shares some incredible advice on using travel content creation to add more adventure to your life. Aaron has some amazing stories that he shares with us including how a 100-mile pub crawl kicked off his career as a travel writer, travel writing tips, & pitching to publishers so buckle up, sit back, relax, and let's talk travel. I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange. Grab all the links we discussed in the show in the show notes!Tune In To Learn:11:00 The Ultimate Pub Crawl18:00 Running From The Music Biz To Writing20:20 How To Become A Travel Writer & The Hail Mary Pitch27:30 Operating From Intuition, Intention & Manifestation35:30 How To Live Life To The Fullest & What That Means For You42:00 Creating Yourself In New Places & Minimalism 49:00 The Great Wonder Deficit01:00:40 Travel Writing Tips & Starting As A Side HustleAnd so much more
Today's episode we are getting into why creativity is interwoven with travel so profoundly. We are all creative beings but at some points in our lives we can lose sight of that or we forget that due to doubts and fears but creativity lives within us all and travel is one of the best conduits back to it. It is time that we give ourselves permission to do something that we maybe didn't feel we could or should be doing like traveling the world or creating amazing works of art. Jillian & Chris Amatt help us identify what it means to be an artist, creative &/or entrepreneur, and how you show up differently in the world once you give yourself permission to be that. We also take a look at how to break out of the debt cycle, how small gestures can be the most impactful, and how you too can be a travel "swiss army knife" just like Jillian & Chris. I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Tune In To Learn:11:10 The Intention For Living An Artistic Life12:15 Starting As A Child & The Small Gestures17:45 Embracing Your Artistry & Giving Yourself Permission20:50 Where Does Creativity Come From?24:00 Selling Everything To Travel The World & The Debt Cycle32:20 Liberation & The Financials37:20 The Art of Housesitting39:00 Pre-Planning vs Figuring It Out While On The Road (With Debt)43:00 Highlights From Full Time Travel48:45 Slow Travel vs. The Go-Go-Go Lifestyle52:05 The Travel "Swiss Army Knife" & Advice On How To Do It54:05 How Does Manifesting Work?56:50 Best Online Resources For This Lifestyle59:20 Advice On Living A Life Of Travel01:01:32 Being Adaptable & What Do They Like Best01:03:10 Most Important & Profound Things You Have Learned About Yourself & Each OtherAnd so much more
What can you do if you want to travel but those bills are telling you NO? Find a way to get paid while still wandering the world!Today's episode incorporates yet another option out there in our travel job series and Heather Steele knows all about leaving that corporate job to get out and see the world via yachts.  This is an industry that I hadn't heard about before and Heather did not disappoint in giving us more info than I could ever expect. We even get into the serendipity that lead to this career for her, the immense importance of getting support from others, & other travel job options out there for you to explore.I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Tune In To Learn:09:50 How Did You Get Started In Yachting?13:30 Why You Don't Need To Settle For Your Excuses15:50 Serendipity In Life & Careers18:30 Travel Jobs Are A Lifestyle23:00 Crew Houses, Certifications & Costs29:45 Ranks, Contracts, & Pay You Can Expect40:00 Yachting Seasons & The Day To Day Life Onboard45:20 Lessons Learned About Yourself & Mindset47:15 The Social Side Of Yachting & Logistics52:55 Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous56:15 Where Do You Live & Relax While Onboard As Crew57:15 Seeing the World On & Off The Yacht01:05:20 Safety On Board & Other Concerns Loved One's May HaveAnd so much more
What is "home"? If you are or were a digital nomad, where would you call home?The idea of "home" is an interesting one because while I am from the US, I now live in Norway but I used to travel full-time so where would I call home. Today's guest is someone who was raised all over the world and now runs one of the most popular co-living & co-working entrepreneurial travel programs out there today, Diego Bejarano Gerke from Wifi Tribe. Diego helps like-minded adventurers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and location-independent people be successful citizens of the world as they develop their businesses by learning from each other and create a constellation of friendships that can last a lifetime.I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Don't forget to check out the full show notes with all the links discussed in today's show. Tune In To Learn:08:50 How Traveling Young Affects You Later In Life09:50 What Is The Norweigan Russefeiring (The Russ)?12:30 The Cultural Draws From Living In Multiple Places15:30 What Is "Home"?19:20 Pro's & Cons of Moving Abroad Often With Kids24:30 The Entrepreneurial Startup Life31:30 Redesigning Your Lifestyle36:30 Tips For Negotiating For Remote Work40:20 What Makes A Successful Remote or Location Independent Worker?42:10 What Are The Most Successful Business Trends40:55 Finding Balance Between Work & Personal Time49:50 Favorite Spots For Co-Living & Co-WorkingAnd so much more
Is it even possible to travel and work full time? Can teaching actually pay enough to get you on the road and traveling? Plus...what is my secret travel fantasy (ohhhhhh!).I am so grateful that one of the kindest human beings on Earth is here with me today to talk about traveling to 193 countries while teaching full time, how the passing of a loved one can be the impetus to a life of travel, and how to weave your other passions into travel to improve the experience and your mindset, Brian Asher from The World Hiker.I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Tune In To Learn:09:30 An Inspired Life & Brotherly Love16:10 The Healing Nature Of Travel19:30 Why Every Country In The World21:45 Combining Your Passions While Traveling26:50 How Traveling & Working Full Time Mix31:00 The Ghost In The Room32:10 Teaching Abroad As A Means Of Travel35:10 Traveling On A Teacher's Salary & Packing Tips39:45 Traveling In Lesser Known or "Dangerous" Places 48:10 Safety Tips When Traveling50:50 Resources That Brian Recommends52:50 Money Management Tips & Being Robbed55:50 Advice On Getting In With The Locals57:10 Most Memorable Meals59:55 The Beauty & Logistics of PakistanAnd so much more
Is your summer vacation destroying the planet? This is a very important question and we want to be very good travelers & world citizens but in doing so are we causing more damage to an already fragile world. How can we treat the planet the way it needs to be treated while still fulfilling our travel dreams? Today's episode is not to make you feel guilty but to educate/inform and I am very happy to have on my friend Seth Kugel who is an author of many books, columnist/travel writer, and world traveler.I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Tune In To Learn:08:30 How Guilty Should You Feel About Your Vacation? NYT Article15:50 Why Travel Shaming Doesn't Work22:05 What Can You Do To Make Things Better25:45 Learn From The Knowledge Of Today28:30 Not All Trips Are Created Equally32:10 The Cost of AirBnB, Overtourism & the Disney Experience42:10 How "Influencers" Glorify Travel & Experiences46:30 Downside Of Travel Writing48:50 Current Projects for Seth51:30 Should Travel Be More Expensive To Offset The Environmental DamageAnd so much more
Today we are talking about how you can get plugged into a community that can get you free accommodations around the world with CEO of, Emmanual Arnaud.  While we are still in the midst of the COVID pandemic so you may not be going overseas right now, it doesn't mean that you can't start planning all your future travels today. Emmanual & I  will be diving into how HomeExchange works, bust some myths, and how they are making sure you stay safe and well taken care of throughout your travels.We are so excited to partner with and make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.Tune In To Learn:09:30 Growing Up In France & The U.S.11:50 The Not So Typical Places In France13:40 Best Long Distance Hikes17:50 Passion For Travel Begins & Hiking In Mongolia24:00 Sustainable Development As A Passion30:00 Core Values & HomeExchange Beginnings37:00 How Does HomeExchange Work41:00 Safety, Community, & An Even Playing Field47:35 Authentic Experiences & The Sharing Economy52:05 Do You Have To Own A Home To Participate54:20 Costs 01:04:00 HomeExchange In The Era of COVID-19 And so much more
Today's guest is Jarika Johnson from the Blackpacking Podcast and on the show, we discuss everything from our love of coffee to the art of solo travel. Jarika has been to over 20 countries and has never traveled with someone so that makes her an expert in the field & why I couldn't wait to have her on the show. We take a dive into the introspective nature of solo travel, lessons you can learn about the world & about yourself, the black traveler experience, and why we have an underrepresentation in the traveling community. I had a blast chatting with Jarika and I can't wait to have her on again!Tune In To Learn:5:30 For The Love Of Coffee10:30 The Story Behind the Blackpacking Podcast12:50 Why Solo Travel & Lessons Learned17:30 Processing  & Reflecting On Your Trip20:20 Sharing The Stories Of Black Travelers25:55 Why Is Their Underrepresentation?25:20 Racism: World vs. America30:00 Homesteading vs Nomading33:45 What's Next?35:15 Budget Travel Tips37:05 Places Loved That Were SurprisesAnd so much more 
What an incredible show today as I sit down (in person) and chat with legendary explorer and adventurer Erling Kagge; a man of many firsts.Back in 1990, he reached the north pole without support as part of a two-man team (they were the very first people to do that).  Then in 1992-93, he did a solo unsupported expedition to the south pole (he was the first person to ever do that).  He spent 50 days walking alone across Antarctica with no contact with anyone.  And he also climbed Mt. Everest in 1994, which made him the first person to complete the 3 Poles Challenge on foot.  Back in 2010, he did a 5-day long walk through the sewers of NY to the Atlantic Ocean.  And in 2012, he walked the entire length of LA’s sunset boulevard.We talk about his book Silence: In the Age of Noise, why silence is such an important part of our lives as humans, walking, travel of course, and a whole lot more.Tune In To Learn:7:54 Huge Misunderstanding About Today13:22 New Attitude For Erling Kagge15:19 One Secret To Have a Good Life16:57 The Best Things About Walking22:30 What You Can Hear In Silence28:25 Things To Make Your Life More Difficult38:10 How To Transition From Adventuring To Publishing45:23 One Of The Most Underestimated Feelings You Can Have46:38 The Best Parts Of The Writing Process49:59 How You Know When To Move On56:20 Advice If You Are Thinking About Traveling Or ExploringAnd so much more
Today's interview might make you question everything all over again.My friend Blake Boles returns to the show to talk about alternative education, one of the big perks of travel, advice around making an impact on the world with your work, why making things an adventure for yourself is so important, how the “moment” of a place determines your travel experience, a great long term strategy for making things happen, and so much more.Blake is an advocate for alternative education and he has authored several books, including a new one called, “Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids To School,” which makes the case for helping kids leave school, chart their own paths, and prepare for adulthood at their own pace.You can grab the full show notes with all links discussed here! Tune In To Learn:14:33 Educated Facts About The Current State Of Home Schooling17:16 Biggest Myths and Stereotypes Around Alternative Education24:51 Future Trends Of The World And Why To Consider Alternative Education35:13 The Real Reason Schools Exist39:07 What Is Appropriate Stress When It Comes To Travel46:49 Curiosity Is Palpable50:24 Wise Bit Of Travel Advice And Thinking51:53 How To Make An Impact With Your Work53:36 Advice To Crowdfund A Special Project55:59 The Moment Of A Place1:03:03 Is The Nomad Life For YouAnd so much more
How do you easily capture travel memories?Speaking of capturing travel memories….that is exactly what my friend Dane Homenick’s app does.  Dale spent years living on a sailboat and has built one of the biggest travel apps out there called Journo.  You'll hear all about sailing around the world, running a lifestyle business, why gratitude is so important, money mindset, and the concept of living mini lives within your life.  He gives a bunch of tips on how you can get started with your first or next location independent business, and a whole lot more!You can grab the full show notes with all links discussed here! Tune In To Learn:10:54 How The #1 Travel Journal App Came About12:48 Scratching Your Own Itch13:47 Passion Behind Journo HQ15:33 How To Become Smarter When Building Apps21:40 Ways To Improve Your Money Mindset26:55 How To Get Into Sailing33:38 Expert App Development Advice45:11 General Cost Of Building The Smallest App49:47 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building An App52:28 Keyword Research To Rank In The App Store59:10 Forever As You Want It To Be1:00:36 Sailing PunsAnd so much more
What can you radically change in your life to help make travel happen for you?Tune in today to learn about one couple's transition to travel story.  Jordan & Tyler give you a "before and after" of their extended trip.  You'll hear all about what life was like leading up to their travels and then hear what it was like when they got back.  See how Tyler was able to radically change his life and learn how he and Jordan were able to set themselves up for travel.  This will truly show you the impact that travel can have on your life.Today's episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Travel South Dakota and Tortuga Backpacks.  Get the best free guide all about the beautiful state of South Dakota and find some of the best travel gear out there.You can grab the full show notes with all links discussed here!  Tune In To Learn:13:58 Building Up To The Drastic Transition To Travel18:09 Daily Routine To Make Sacrifices For Travel20:53 The Snowball Effect To Make Travel A Reality24:18 How To Decide On Where To Travel26:25 How Much To Budget For A Three Month Trip32:12 Time Traveling To Life After The Trip38:14 Did The Budget Hold Up?39:38 Highlights Of The Trip41:11 South American Destinations That Stood Out45:05 How Has This Experience Has Changed You?47:35 Challenges Transitioning Back To Reality56:35 Traveling As A Couple For Three MonthsAnd so much more
Do you have a passion that has lead you on a lifelong journey?Today's guest, Francesca Trotman, let her passion for ocean conservation lead her on a travel and life journey from the U.K. to Mozambique where she currently lives. We will discuss why we should all be visiting Mozambique and what life is like there, what it is like to run a non-profit charity and why you need to include the community you live in with the charity and the dire importance of ethical travel for the wellbeing of everyone and everything on this planet we share. You can grab the full show notes with all links discussed here!Tune In To Learn:07:50 COVID-19 Measures & Effects17:30 Finding Your Passion & Starting A Charity22:30 Why Mozambique & What Its Like It Living There28:45 What Are The Cultural & Daily Differences36:20 Balancing Ethical Travel With Livelihoods Of Locals42:30 The Best Practices For Wanting To Help Others50:10 Breaking Down Ethical Travel & What You Should & Shouldn't Do01:08:00 Can The Oceans Be Saved?01:10:15 The Mental Struggles Of Trying To Do The Right Thing01:14:15 Why Should We Visit Mozambique & Best Diving LocationsAnd so much more
Has Antarctica on your list of places you want to go to? How about live & work?Learn what it’s like to live and work on Antarctica and how you can visit the frozen continent from two awesome people who have spent 5 months there, Zach & Leah. We discuss what life is like on a daily basis, what the culture is like, what the travel experience is like from such a remote place, what it's like to work there, how much can you earn and what kind of positions can you find down there. We covered a lot in this 70-minute episode so what did you find the most interesting? Would you ever want to live and work in Antarctica? Today's episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Travel South Dakota which have the best free guide all about the beautiful state of South Dakota. Tune In To Learn:09:50 Starting The Journey Of Mixing Travel & Work14:30 Quitting A Job You Love & One You Hate20:30 Tips For Transitioning To A Life On The Road & Saving Money26:15 The Hardest Part Of Telling Friends & Family That You're Leaving29:00 Compromising & The Unexpected Surprises36:00 Extending The Trip Financially38:15 How To Get To Antarctica & Where To Find Job Opportunities41:30 The Pay, The Living Expenses & The Toll Antarctica Takes On Your Mind & Body44:30 What Was The Experience Truly Like There48:15 Change In Habits & Reverse Culture Shock51:40 Effects Of Climate Change & Intense Recycling 55:45 Traveling Sustainably Conundrum 57:50 New Zealand Road TrippingAnd so much more
Are you living in the travel bubble when you are traveling? Listen to find out if you are in the bubble or outside the bubble when you are on the road.I have a rad show for you today! Dr. Christopher Daniels and I are covering a wide variety of topics today including the idea of the travel bubble & what that means, the importance of seeing a place through the eyes and experiences of the locals, and how the politics of the place you are visiting impacts your experiences there.Today's episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Travel South Dakota which have the best free guide all about the beautiful state of South Dakota. Click here for the full show notes with all the links discussed.
In light of our current restrictions, we are doing some armchair travel today. I am so grateful to my great friend Jackie Nourse from The Budget-Minded Traveler & Traveling Jackie who has come on to talk about one of my favorite countries in the world, Argentina. Listen as we both geek out on the time we've each spent there, the places we love as we share our notes on this gorgeous place. We get into some of the places you might want to consider visiting (or living), costs of living there, what you can expect and so much more. Join us we take a deep look into the world's 8th largest country in terms of size, Argentina.Grab the full show notes with all the links here!Tune In To Learn:08:50 How To Fall In Love With Argentina13:05 The Essence of the Argentinian People & Language21:45 The Must Do's Of The Northern Region + Wine 26:40 The Gateway To Patagonia + Craft Beer + Outdoor Adventures34:30 What Are Refugio's & Those Epic Hiking Trails 39:30 Logistics & Costs For The Budget-Minded Independent Traveler45:55 The Spots That Are Jackie's Favorites in the Patagonia Area50:15 The Southernmost Point In The World (Or Is It?) & Indiana Jones Type Adventures52:30 Let's Talk Digital Nomad Life in Argentina & The Costs of Living58:30 Jackie's Top Travel Tips & Tricks For ArgentinaAnd so much more
With the current shift happening in the world today I decided to switch up a few of my interviews so that I could help address the idea of working remotely and homeschooling since so many of us have been put into these new roles. I am very lucky to be able to call on my friend, Jenn Miller, who is an expert on all things remote work & homeschooling to help us navigate these new seas.Jenn has spent 10 years traveling full time with her hubby and their 4 kids all while working remotely and homeschooling and they started this adventure before being a digital nomad was a thing people sought after. We dive into all those details plus productivity, balance, travel, and how to make it all work together as seamlessly as possible so this is a show that has something for everyone.Today's episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Tortuga Backpacks which, you know, are my favorite backpacks in the world & the people over at Travel South Dakota which have the best free guide all about the beautiful state of South Dakota. Check out the full show notes with all the links discusses here!Tune In To Learn:11:00 How is COVID-19 Affecting You13:20 Lessons From The Economic Recession19:10 Earning Money Along The Way22:00 Reinventing & Rebuilding Your Life 29:50 Those Remote Work Challenges & Positives33:20 Productivity Tips To Make Remote Work & Homeschooling Easier38:30 The Self-Care Side Of Remote Working + Knowing Your Needs46:20 What Is Going To Happen To Work Culture Post Coronavirus47:20 Keeping The Kids Learning, Entertained, & Happy While Home54:30 It Isn't All Academics All The Time With Homeschooling59:15 The Benefits Of Alternative Educations On The Children's Lives01:03:45 Resources For Remote Work & HomeschoolingAnd so much more
A lot is going on in the world right now and I want to talk about how to keep your travel dreams alive during these tough times because we have to keep our spirits up and our eyes set to the amazing traveling future that we all will still have ahead of us.No medical advice here just a positive outlook and plenty of travel dreams for all of you, my friends!Things to let me know &/or ponder for yourself:How are you holding up?How are you connecting with other people?What are you doing to keep the fun in your life?Are you living in the moment more? Do you think you have more awareness about your days?Where are the opportunities in your life right now?Are you allowing for the uncontrollable's to control you?
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Thisbis EXACTLY what I didn't know I was looking for! I've been longing to travel for years and just couldn't ever justify that as a long-term lifen goal instead of a side hobby. This is helping me transition my life!

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sucks for me ...had a trip to everest base camp next month I had to cancel.

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This is really want I needed right now. Just finished Uni, moved to a new city to get a good job. Feeling conflicted between the typical, get the job, get the house, the family life (which is usually considered successful, and what people work towards) versus actually feeling what might be right for me or just trying different things.

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one of the rudest podcast hosts I've heard. Constantly interrupting and talking over his guests.

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some interruptiny going o

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My girlfriend got bitten by a rat in Thailand! get your vaccines done haha

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dude I listened for 11 minutes and the show hadnt even properly started. was listening on my way home but you've just gotten started talking to the guest when I'm arriving at the door lol

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Mike McNamara


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Manish Paul Simon

Wow this episode was super super cool!

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I absolutely love this episode! Jen Ruiz is my goals in life haha. Thanks! I'm going to go buy her book .

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First comment, for a podcast like this - that's criminal! Absolutely AWESOME podcast! Even though I thoroughly enjoy listening to podcasts I've never been literally EXCITED to get stuck into one. With Zero To Travel, that I am. (I'm actually chinning off finding something on Netflix to watch before bed JUST to listen to this.) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 5 Stars ***** 🤙🏼

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You should hear this guy. With utmost simplicity of thought and his unique experience of life on the bike he proves to be very informative.

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