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Sermons from Manteo Baptist Church in Manteo, North Carolina. Sermons are delivered weekly by one of our pastors, leaders, or guest speakers.Check out our website for more information:
90 Episodes
Luke 11:14-281. The Conflict is real (v. 14-19)2. The Conquest is certain (v. 20-26)3. The Conduct is evident (v. 27-28)What do you need to trust Jesus for today?
Leaving the Manger

Leaving the Manger


Luke 2:8-20They were Convinced of the WordThey were Compelled by the WordThey were Changed by the Word."The truth is, even if Christ were born in Bethlehem a thousand times but not within you, you would be eternally lost.  The Christ who was born in the world must be born in your heart."  (R. Kent Hughes)
God Keeps His Promises

God Keeps His Promises


Christmas Series:  Four Good Reasons to Celebrate ChristmasLuke 2:21-35The _____ of his Faithfulness (v 25)The _____ of his Faithfulness (v 26)The _____ of his Faithfulness (v 25)
Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization


Luke 10:1 - 16We are mobilized to a PersonWe are mobilized to a People and a PlaceWe are mobilized to a Purpose.
Luke 9:57-62
Mistaken Identify

Mistaken Identify


Walking With JesusLuke 9:46-56
Luke 9:18-27Pastor Greg Clark 
Pastor Greg Clark July 28, 2019 Luke 9:10-17I. The Preparation of the Heart II. The Inspiration of the Need III. The Desperation of the Mind IV. The Cooperation of their Lives V. The Visitation of the Lord
Luke 9:1-10Pastor Greg Clark
Luke *:40-56Series Walking with Jesus
Luke 8:26-39 I. The Scariness of the Situation II. The Greatness of the Savior III. The Hardness of the Sinners IV. The Happiness of the Saved Pastor Greg Clark
Luke 8:22-25Pastor Greg Clark 
John 3:10-21 
Happy Father's Day! Luke 8:1-21Pastor Greg Clark I. The Communication of the Parable (v.1-4) II. The Explanation of the Parable (v.5-15) III. The Application of the Parable (v.16-21)
Paul Batson shares the Deep Impact plans that will hit our community July 14 - July 20.  We can Pray, Participate and Praise Jesus for the great things that will happen in this youth ministry.
Luke 7:36-50 Pastor Greg Clark Have a Blessed Week! 
Luke 7:18-35 Pastor Greg Clark Have a Blessed Week! 
Luke 7:11-17 Pastor Greg Clark Have a Blessed Week! 
This week, Pastor Greg is back to preach from the Walking with Jesus series. Luke 7:1-10 Have a blessed week! 
Mr. Donnie Joyner preaches out of Romans 5 about being justified in our faith. Have a great week!
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