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"Joker" Gets Rekt

"Joker" Gets Rekt


What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner from Taxi Driver with a mentally ill loner from The King of Comedy with a mentally ill loner from the Batman universe? You get a blended margarita of insanity that can only be pulled off by Joaquin Phoenix...and you get a pretty damn good movie!
After a long hiatus, we actually managed to get everyone in the same room, at the same time, having watched the same movie...though this doesn't mean we are all on the same page. Shark, according to all his texts and seeing the movie twice, really liked it...but you would never be able to tell from hearing him speak on this episode. Erik, not a big fan of Quentin, mostly had a problem with the exorbitant length of the movie but was immensely impressed with Leo DiCaprio's acting. Paul simply hated everything about it - the meandering plot to nowhere, the fetishiszed violence against women, and the only discernable message of the movie being "if you want to get into the inner circle of Hollywood with pedophiles like Roman Polanski, you better be good with a flame thrower."Amy enjoyed the movie the most out of everyone, in large part due to Brad Pitt's relentless bad-assery and six-packery...and who can blame her, really?The one thing everyone agreed on is that Quentin's portrayal of Bruce Lee was whacked out, wildly inaccurate and disrespectful. Quentin taking a pop-culture icon, universally beloved by everyone in the world, and disingenuously painting him as an arrogant ass, is a perfect example of a director lacking one of the most important tools in his tool set - someone that can tell him "No". Scary to think, that person probably used to be Harvey Weinstein!
It is a rare occurrence when the whole Rekt crew actually likes a movie, and Endgame managed to make it into that rare company. It's hard to tell we liked it from listening to the show, because there is still quite a lot to gripe about, if you care for such things as logic, plot holes, and a movie following its own time travel rules. The disappointing thing was how strong the movie started out - with a real sense of loss, darkness and the aftermath of the infamous Thanos finger snap and some genuinely unexpected turns. The never-ending fan service also gets quite old, with constant references and flashbacks to earlier MCU movies. Some are integral to the plot and some are genuinely funny, but many other ones are unnecessary and if you are not a religiously obsessive fan, can get confusing. The final battle is big, very cartoonish and strives to give every single character a chance to take a swing at Thanos. All that's missing is little league soccer style participation awards being handed out after. The post-battle wrap-up is fairly anti-climactic and kind of a drag. Where the movie starts out poignantly underscoring the immense loss felt by the world that lost 50% of it's population, perhaps a better ending would be to show the joy of everyday people, impossibly, getting their loved ones back, rather than focusing solely on the small clique of heroes and their personal catharses. Flaws aside, most of the film is strong, entertaining and the sheer feat of landing such a huge thing after so many years and multiple story lines is quite impressive.
"Captain Marvel" Gets Rekt

"Captain Marvel" Gets Rekt


The Rekt krew chimes in on the do's and dont's of Captain Marvel and expound on the wider aspects of the MCU and the upcoming "Endgame" culmination.
Is this the real life of Freddy Mercury? Is this just fantasy? Doesn't really matter to meeeeeeee.
On a very special episode of Rekt Reviews, the reking crew, ever-hungry for the affection of strangers, reviews "The Predator" with live streaming video on Caffeine is a brand new live streaming video platform, (think Twitch, minus the sexist, racist troll infestation). Amy - "The Predator is a national treasure!"Paul - "The greatest movie since "Gremlins!"Shark - "I can't believe you made me watch this piece of $H!t"Erik - "Kffshsst" (sound of microbrew cans openig"
Nobody really wanted to see this movie but since the previous Jurassic World was the very first episode of Rekt Reviews, we decided to review it for the sake of continuity and out of a misguided sense of sentimentality.Amy finally gets included in the show intro, Shark manages to VERY accurately discern the plot without even having watched the movie, Amy invents a new strain of weed called "The Sad Brontosaurus", Paul comes up with a million dollar idea for Jason Momoa sex dolls and Erik drinks craft beers while calling for dinosaur violence to be more traumatic to little children.
"Solo: A Star Wars Story" Gets RektHear more shows like this at guest, host of the "Eye on Simpsons" podcast and Star Wars apologist Nick joins the crew for this episode of Rekt. On the reking block is "Solo", the origin story of Han Solo no-one realized they needed. Star Wars is always controvercial subject matter so whether you liked or disliked this latest installment, you can be certain that you are wrong and your opinion is invalid. Tune in to find out why.
"Infinity War" Gets Rekt

"Infinity War" Gets Rekt


The 10 year culmination of Marvel movies has all come to this, and it's time for Shark to bust out the long-promised Southern Comfort. It's time for the SoCo Loco Infinity War episode!Most everyone was impressed with the way the movie managed to keep the myriad charactes and story arcs fairly organized, wihtout it being an overwhelming mess. The time taken to flesh out the main villain, Thanos is also commendable. Overall a very entertaining and competent movie, the main problem though (according to Erik) is the lack of stakes. Although [SPOILER ALERT] many key characters die at the end, it is clear that they are not really dead, considering there is an infinity stone which can reverse time, not to mention the fact that many of these characters' franchises are just starting out, having grossed millions and have more of their own movies already green-lit. So many of the sacrifices and heroic deaths ring a bit false. Overall though, whatever you love about the MCU, you will find it here, and Infinity War is probably one of the most impressive Marvel films to date.
The idea was to review "Annhialation" and we partially succeded in doing so, although Shark didn't get to see it. What initially looked like a promising sci-fi mindbender, proved to be a disappoinitning and confusing mess. All the suspense leads to an ending that can best be described as cross between the endings of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Black Swan". If that combination sounds nonsensical to you, you are absolutely not wrong. Like the bioforms in Annhilation, our conversation metastasizes into a myriad colorful topics - basically a rundwon of who is watching what, currently. Amy finally goes public with the details of her past work as a voiceover actress for Hentai flicks.
"Black Panther" Gets Rekt

"Black Panther" Gets Rekt


The rekt krew is pretty much on the same page for Black Panther, disagreeing only on whether it's the greatest movie since Marvel's "Sliced Bread" or just a pretty dang good movie for a comic book film. What gives the story a sturdy backbone is a compelling, realistic, and politically relevant story arc of the main villain - Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan.
In this episode we go over everyone's favorite and most disappointing movies of 2017.
"The Last Jedi" Gets Rekt

"The Last Jedi" Gets Rekt


On this episode we welcome a special guest, Nick, host of  "Eye on Simpsons" Podcast. Nick is a true Star Wars fanboy and sheds some light on what for many hard core Star Wars fans was problematic with The Last Jedi. Opinions vary widely among the Rekt Krew, also reflecting the large discrepancy in the movie's official reviews - stellar reviews by critics and many abysmal reviews by fans. Whether you feel it's a strength or weakness, The Last Jedi  goes ruthlessly against your expectations.
"Justice League" Gets Rekt

"Justice League" Gets Rekt


Shark, Paul and Amy weigh in on the pros and cons of DC's Justice League. Shark's obsession with Gal Gadot and Amy's lust for Jason Momoa cloud their respective judgments, rendering their opinions utterly unreliable. Paul, having gone into the movie with fairly low expectations was pleasantly surprised with some genuine humor and a few cool plot devices, and is willing to forgive the pointless presence of Aquaman and a lot of the gaudy CGI in what is overall a pretty entertaining superhero flick. Erik was nowhere to be found for this episode taping, and we can only assume that his derision for this movie is so endless and vast that he would not even chime in on the group texts out of fear that we would force him to go and see it. We hope you are alive and well, wherever you are, Erik.#PrayForErik
Thor: Ragna-REKT

Thor: Ragna-REKT


For more shows like this one, visit and Connect To All Things Music.On this episode of Rekt Reviews, Shark, Paul, Erik and Amy weigh in on yet another chapter in a seemingly endless stream of Marvel blockbusters - "Thor: Ragnarok"...and the opinions couldn't be more varied. Shark, in his eternal grumpiness, disliked the movie immensely. Erik was all set to love it, but had to sit trough one too many moments that were an affront to his inner man-child and lukewarmed his feelings. Amy seems to have liked the movie well enough, but when asked to elaborate, inexplicably would change the subject to the 90's cult classic "The Crow." Paul seems to have enjoyed Ragnarok the most and it's a good thing he is writing this synopsis, because had it been Shark, the whole thing would be a string of f*@%!ng expletives.Though not without some shortcomings, "Thor: Ragnarok" definitely succeeds in taking one of the less popular parts of the Marvel franchise and bringing it well to the forefront. Ragnarok comes pretty close to nailing the fun-loving tone of Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris Hemsworth fitting right in with a more comedic take on Thor. One thing everyone did agree on is that Cate Blanchett is hotter than ever and was the best part of the movie.
The reking krew sits down to dissect the dense sci fi film noir - Blade Runner 2049. Shark goes MIA for this episode and in his absence no one can seem to find much to complain about with this movie. Visually, Blade Runner is absolutely stunnig, with incredibly detailed world building that engulfs the viewer completely. The movie tackles some interesting philosophical themes about the nature of sentience and determinism, and structures its plot twists in a way that makes you feel like you've figured something out before throwing you for a loop. Blade Runner 2049 mainatains a hard impersonal edge with the interesting effect of Harrison Ford, when he finally shows up, being the warmest, most human element of the film (despite being as crotchety as ever.)
Special guest Dr. Thu Ho joins Shark, Paul, Erik and Amy to talk about the latest attempt at nailing down a Spider-Man movie in "Spider-Man Homecoming". Recorded on the last day of the San Diego Comic Con, the krew talk about their Comic Con experiences, super hero movies in general and weigh on on the latest Spider-Man movie. The general consesus is that although Tom Hollland's dorky high school Spider-Man is probably the closest to nailing the comic book character, the movie, although not particularly offensive, is a bit middle-of-the road. Probably fun for kids and pre-teens, it does not have enough complexity to engage an adult audience very much. Then again, adults should maybe stop watching super hero movies...that means you - Shark, Erik, Paul, Amy and Thu. Go out and do some adulting for Pete Parker's sake!
The REKT krew weigh on on Wonder Woman. Shark an Amy face off in a battle of who loves Gal Gadot more. If you are wondering whether a beautiful and charismatic lead actresss equals a good are we.
We're pouring our derision upon everyting Ridley did, exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kid. Alien: Covenant is a pretty big disappointment for everyone involved. Paul goes back to watch Prometheus for the 3rd time to try to make sense of the whole story arc, Erik goes back to watch Alien 1 to recapture the sense of suspense and awe that spawned the franchise and no one is willing to give Covenant any breaks once the characters' asinine decision is made to go to an alien planet with no space suits. Sure, the movie is technically and cinematically impressive, (Ridley Scott films usually are). But no matter what deep existential themes he is trying to tackle are, it is really hard ignore the fact that Alien: Covenant is essentially "Idiocracy" in space.
This Mother's Day seemed like the perfect day to dedicate to the daddy issues that form the main theme in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.With Kurt Russel delivering as always, the movie is fun enough but it suffers from the inevitable pitfalls of a sequel trying to live up to it's original success. All the elements that made the first Guardians work in a fresh and effortless way, here are forced, saccharine, convoluted and often unfunny.
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