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When asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" none of us answered "title examiner" or "escrow officer". With the exception of a few family title businesses, most of us landed in settlement services from another profession, or a career change. In this episode, FNF's Linda Grahovec connects with 40-year industry veteran Leslie Midgley, who shares how she's stayed at the top of her game and helped others do the same.
He's worked his way up from an agency sales rep, through management roles, the executive suite and now, Mike Nolan is the CEO of the FNF Family of Companies. Few are as well-versed and in touch with the industry, our people, and our agents as Mike. In this episode, FNF's Linda Grahovec leads a master class in leadership with Mike, who pulls from his 35 years of experience, offering insight everyone in the industry can benefit from.
Real estate is literally in Dan Elsea's DNA. The third generation co-owner, with brother Stuart, of Michigan's Real Estate One has weathered the inevitable market cycles just like his father and grandfather before him. In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain calls on Dan for a market update, perspective, and reflection on what's kept this family business running successfully since 1929.
Part 2 of a Sales & Marketing One Two Punch: As the real estate market transitions to a healthy balance over the next year, the focus will be on YOU. Your people skills, your communication, and your ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. In a world where we're often viewed as a commodity, there's never been a more important time to flex your marketing muscles! In this episode, FNF's Linda Grahovec calls on "The First Lady of Sales" Dr. Cindy McGovern, to share her tips for building your brand, creating it, living it and selling it.
Part 1 of a Sales & Marketing One Two Punch: When the real estate market is on tilt, we're too busy chasing deals and closing business to focus on sales improvement. With market conditions changing fast, now is the time to focus on your sales skills, or areas needing improvement. In this episode, FNF's Linda Grahovec checks in with Darlene Wilsey, FNF's National Agency Director of Sales Training for a pep talk and practical applications to improve your sales skills now.
You were either born into this business, or you stumbled into it... Some of you remember the IBM Selectric Typewriter and Xerox machines, others might have to Google that. Whether you're an industry veteran or a newbie, you need to know your numbers to survive. In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain invites Lodestar Software Solutions Founder & CEO Jim Paolino to offer his insight after growing up in a business where the only thing constant is change.
Insurance is what we do. But how do we insure ourselves against a 24/7 threat that could put us out of business in a matter of seconds? In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes cyber insurance expert and settlement industry-specific partner Peter Riebling to the podcast for an a conversation we all struggle with.
As we continue our conversation with former ALTA CEO Michelle Korsmo, who now leads the National Restaurant Association, FNF's Linda Grahovec delves deeper into the importance of association engagement. Korsmo shares what leaders can do to provide value for members, and her task of supporting over 500,000 member restaurants across the nation.
Connections are critical in the real estate industry, and few professionals are as plugged in as Michelle Korsmo. The National Restaurant Association President & CEO  served in the same capacity at the American Land Title Association (ALTA), where she doubled membership and revenue during a decade in leadership. In this episode, FNF's Linda Grahovec connects with Korsmo for key takeaways on association engagement in Part 1 of our conversation.
Memo to attorney closers: Get rid of the overstuffed leather chairs, box up your lobby's legal library, and take down the myriad of diplomas on your wall. Consumers don't care, and a growing number of them won't visit your office anyway! In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes South Carolina attorney Gary Pickren, who shares how he continuously improves the customer closing experience. And Gary's tips work for independent title agents too!
After back-to-back record setting years, the real estate industry is adjusting to higher interest rates while consumers deal with raging inflation, higher gas prices and watch their retirement savings dwindle each day. If your business wasn't healthy prior to this downshift, we don't blame you- we've all been busy! Now is the time for a check up, and FNF can help you. In this episode, Chuck Cain invites FNF's Vice President, Market & Technology Development Ethan Powsner to share how he and his team help agents improve their business.
Rising mortgage interest rates grab headlines, but that's not the only thing real estate professionals are adjusting to. Information security is also top of mind as regulators and lenders require title agents big & small to secure their data. Real estate brokers will also be impacted if they fail to comply with strict security measures. In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes industry veteran James O'Donnell, President of Equity National Title which operates nationally. Jim shares his experience and outlook on the future of the industry.
It's been almost three decades since the real estate industry has seen an interest rate spike like we've experienced in the past 90 days. The benchmark 30-year-fixed rate mortgage flirts with the 5% range, cooling the purchase market and all but extinguishing the refi market. For perspective, analysis, and projections, FNF's Chuck Cain calls on Black Knight VP of Enterprise Research and Strategy Andy Walden.
The shift back to an office environment creates friction for those employees who prefer working from home. This presents significant challenges for independent agents in retaining key people, or attracting new talent. In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes Eric Biro, Founding Partner of Anderson Biro, the nation's leading talent search firm for the title & settlement industry. Biro provides his insight on how to reward key people- and it's not all about money.
Opening doors to home ownership is critical to continuing the health of the housing market, the real estate industry, and title and settlement services. For many, buying a home is merely a dream that seems unattainable. In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes Dione Joseph, Commercial Title Underwriter at Title First Agency in Columbus, Ohio. Chuck and Dione chat about their efforts to make home ownership a reality for more people .
Our industry is constantly changing, and with new leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, expect even more scrutiny of the real estate sector, and that includes title  settlement services. In this episode, FNF Senior Vice-President for National Agency Operations Chuck Cain provides an in-depth analysis on the issues and concerns the CFPB will pursue and what industry professionals need to be aware of.
RON is still a mystery to some, offering a bag of time-saving technology to improve the title & settlement industry. Others argue that RON isn't safe and will replace experienced staff providing good old fashioned customer service.  In either case, we all need to learn about RON. In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes Nicole Booth from Notarize to introduce us to the evolution of fully digital closings.  We'll learn about  the importance of working with local legislators and other stakeholders. The goal: Paving the road to safe, secure, efficient and streamlined digital real estate transactions as an option for consumers who want it.
You've built a successful business based on relationships, excellent customer service and closing transactions on time. Now, you're ready to call it quits and cash in. But how much is your business really worth? And have you made the right moves behind-the-scenes to not only attract a buyer, but deliver success after you're gone? In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes title industry mergers & acquisitions expert Howard Turk who delivers his playbook for a successful sale.
If clip art and licking stamps are still in your marketing plan, it's time to shake it up! And for those of you who have mastered social media, what you were doing last year might not work this year. In this episode, FNF's Master of Marketing Linda Grahovec invites Bowe Digital's Wayne Stanley to share what's working, what's not, and why TikTok isn't just for silly dance videos.
As the real estate profession continues to evolve, adopting digital solutions to save time and improve customer service, the transfer of secure funds remains critical. In this episode, FNF's Linda Grahovec welcomes Jason Nadeau, Senior Vice-President and Chief Digital Officer of the FNF Family of Companies. Jason takes a deep dive into the various digital payment options, how they work, and what's appropriate for the real estate industry. For more information go to our website:
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