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The Ecological Approach Podcast

Author: Russ Jones and Shane Butnari

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Russ and Shane are biologists, bowhunters, and arborists. If you ask them, ecology and hunting are entwined so tightly that they are inseparable. Join them as they discuss all aspects of bowhunting, biology, conservation and other outdoor pursuits. Get closer to nature with an Ecological Approach.
13 Episodes
Dr. Cooke is a professor at Carlton University in Ottawa, Ontario and a fisheries biologist specializing in conservation and ecology. He’s also an angler, a hunter and he’s published hundreds of peer reviewed papers on a wide range of fisheries related subjects. In this episode he talks with me about Ontario’s double-crested cormorant hunt, the importance of using data when making management policies and he shares his thoughts and opinions on the cormorant hunt/cull in Ontario.
Learn all about one of the countries most endangered species, the blue racer, from one of the biologists working hard to learn as much as possible in order to better protect it. In Canada, this snake has disappeared from most of its range and today is only found on Pelee Island in western Lake Erie.
After a busy season of breeding bird and amphibian surveys, Russ and Shane finally get a chance to catch up. Listen in as Shane describes his field season so far, his first lake trout, and an encounter with big old buck. Also learn about a crazy parasitic moth caterpillar, and get warmed up for the upcoming whitetail deer season with some great listener questions!Don't forget to share and rate this podcast!
Listen in as Russ and his former colleague and fellow field biologist guest Steve Marks discuss their past work together, largely involving eastern foxsnakes and butler's gartersnakes. They also cover turtles, plants, insects. bowfin (fish) and a range of other outdoor interests.
Russ and guest Jonathan Choquette, Lead Biologist on the Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery Team discuss the plight of the eastern massasauga in extreme southwestern Ontario and Jonathans efforts to recover them. There's also something in there for anyone who likes moths, woodpeckers, snapping turtles, mink, red-tailed hawks and butler's gartersnakes!
It's been a while since we've had a chance to sit and talk, but in late march we managed to get together and talk about something we're both passionate about, native plant gardening. We also talk a bit about prescribed burning and general outdoors goodness.
Its been a while, but we managed to get together to record our 2020 bowhunting experiences so far. We discuss successes, close calls, shrews, ticks, coyotes, woodpeckers and more.
Summer is coming to end, hear some nostalgic reflections on the changing seasons, an osage orange tree salvage and listen to Shane talk about how he turns osage orange logs into a effective hunting weapon and gorgeous piece of functional art.
Discussion about a recent visit to a fossil hunting hotspot, a serious wasp nest attack, some of the difficulties and the etiquette of public land hunting, tree stand safety and more!
Hear about a giant urban buck, velvet ants and listen to some mapping and satellite imagery thoughts and discussion.
A 4 week pre-season fitness episode to help you prep both physically and mentally for the upcoming deer season. Also hear about a hawk grabbing a muskrat, a snapping turtle encounter, fall bird migration, the acorn crop and more.
Hear about an encounter with a Cooper’s hawk, baby snakes, what bowhunting gear they’re using this season, and more.
Meet the guys and hear about their vision and purpose for the podcast.
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Eco Girl

Great podcast guys, I love the knowledge and passion you bring! Keep them coming.

Aug 29th