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Thank you for joining us here on the NightmareFeed. Hosted by Joe Kernozek and Horror Author Reed Alexander. A little about how we intend to get under your skin. Me and Joe are huge horror heads from way back in the days but with interestingly separate and unique tastes in horror. While I'm better known for my brash, foulmouthed horror review, which celebrates violence and entertainment, Joe is more a fan of the subtle and the imposing. We very frequently part ways on horror which should make for some interesting debates during our weekly podcast. Every Monday, we'll release a horror themed podcast discussing last weeks news, events and developments in horror, then give our astute opinion on these thing.
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Welcome back, Horror Heads!In this Halloween edition of The Nightmare Feed, Reed and Joe are joined by writer/director Erik Kristopher Myers.  In this episode they discuss some of their favorite horror movies to watch around Halloween ranging from American Werewolf in London to  Suspiria.Make sure to  also check out the movies by Erik Kristopher Myers - Butterfly Kisses and Roulette.Happy Halloween!
Welcome back Horror Heads!  In this week's episode Reed and Joe square off on who is the better Final Girl - Sidney Prescott or Laurie Strode.They talk about who has the better story, who is a part of the better franchise, who has the best story development, who would win in a fight and what would happen if the roles were reversed. So join them and voice your opinion on who was the best Final Girl!!
Welcome to this episode of the Nightmare Feed where Reed and Joe take a look at some of their favorite apocalyptic horror movies.They discus how the end of the world can be stopped if it can at all.So take a could almost be the end. 
Welcome back, horror heads!  In this episode we discuss one of our favorite horror icons, Dracula!  We also decided it would be fun to have a few drinks before (and during) the show.  So enjoy this slightly tipsy episode where we talk about Dracula and other vampires!Note:  Since we did have a few drinks this episode contains a bit more adult language than our usual episodes. Enjoy!
Join us as we sit down and chat with horror author, publisher and poet John Baltisberger about Kaiju horror, movies, books, video games and a whole lot of other awesome stuff!  Make sure you check out John's work at and his publishing company, Madness Heart Press at
Contemporary Noir!

Contemporary Noir!


Welcome to another episode of The Nightmare Feed,  today we'll be discussing Contemporary American Noir. In the days of the classic black and white, there was another tradition of films that was not quite horror, not quite thriller, but rather just speculative fiction that was intended to be dark and get inside your head.  Sure, some of these would later be classified as horror, such as Freaks (1932), but they were arguable different, special, and unique.  This style of film eventually fell out of fashion, being replaced by exploitation films such as circa 60's and 70's Grindhouse.  However, in the early 90's and as recent as the 2010's it's come back into the lime light with cult classics such as May (2002), and Teeth (2007).There was even a sweeping movement of contemporary French Noir including films like Raw (2016), which you may remember from our Pride Month Podcast last week.  That, however, is a subject for another podcast and will likely include a dozen Revenge Horror flicks.
Science Gone Wrong!

Science Gone Wrong!


Welcome to another episode of The Nightmare Feed, today we're going to talk about 'Mad Science' horror!  Science gone wrong is a common theme in horror as it connects the audience through the plausibility of the science.  Could some mechanized terror be just around the corner?  Could some human/alien hybrid be loosed upon us all?  The quasi reality behind the stories in this sub genre can compel the deep imagination.  When Science Fiction and Horror intersect, it's almost always a treat.  Indeed, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is considered to be the founding novel of science fiction and is largely considered to be one of the greatest horror stories ever written...
Welcome to another episode of The Nightmare Feed. Today we're gonna be starting a new tradition on our podcast.  While we're not short on topics, we just felt like adding a fun and new idea to the list!  Versus!  We're gonna talk about a pair of famous horror movie baddies and argue about which one comes out on top.  Instead of a pick 5, Reed and Joe each pick a horror movie monster or slasher and square them off.  For our purposes, all canon is valid.This time Reed has picked Jason Voorhees and Joe has pickedThe Predator, so stick around till the end, and you be the judge of who won the debate!  Don't forget, you can leave comments at, to add your own opinions, suggestions, and declare a winner.
Join Nightmare Feed for a very special bonus episode where we get a chance to sit down with Harrison Smith, director/writer of Camp Dread and Death House!We talk about his film making and writing processes, how he handles reviews and loads of other topics!  So come along and learn more about some amazing movies and a wonderful director/writer!
Welcome to another episode of The Nightmare Feed. This week, for Pride Month, we wanted to focus solely on horror creators, and horror creations that celebrate members of the LGTBQAI.In fact, the foul mouth horror critic himself, and my co-host of The Nightmare Feed, horror author Reed Alexander, describes himself as pansexual.  Being attracted to all spectrums of gender.Join us as we discuss our top picks including:Residue (2017)Raw (2017)The Perfection (2018)Let The Right One In (2008)Suspiria (2018)
This week on The Nightmare Feed we will be celebrating the African Americans of Horror.   If you're familiar with Reed's Reviews, you know one of the easiest ways to piss Reed off, is to kill off the minorities of a horror movie first, before they get any real screen time.  The trope, often coined as "Black Man Dies First" specifically mentions that black actors were frequently used as fodder for movies, so the white actors could get more screen time.  In Reed's Horror Rules, he goes on to explain, this includes all minorities now, "Being a minority in the movies is hard enough.  But far too often it’s impossible for minority characters to get decent air time as they’re usually the first to die.  This is just sad B.S. the industry has been rehashing over the past 50 years.  It still counts if an undeveloped white character dies first, if the next to die is a fully developed minority character."
This week on The Nightmare Feed, we wanted to challenge ourselves.  We're going to be discussing one of the worst decades in horror, a decade when we experienced the genre completely dry up, with only the occasional oasis.  We're talking about 2000 to 2010.  The 00 was remarked as arguably the worst decade in horror as it leaned hard on thoughtless, boring fanfare, and bandwagon after bandwagon of rehashed garbage, such as zombies and found footage.  It seemed no one had any original ideas, and this was the decade that started franchise remakes.  Interestingly enough, one of Reed's all time favorite movies is both a remake, and a zombie bandwagon film of the 00's.We'd also like to take this time on The Nightmare Feed, to talk about real life horror.  Over the past week, city after city had become the staging ground for one of the biggest protests we've seen involving BLM.  This eventually erupted into violence as police attacked protesters and looters began to take advantage of the social discord.  It reminds us here at The Nightmare Feed, that there are two Americas, and for our Black Lives Matter friends, that other America is a dangerous and scary place, where the people you rely on for safety could instead kill you.
This week on the Nightmare Feed join us as we discuss films that were not meant to be horror!  We will be talking about a lot of family or children's movies from our past that had some of the most terrifying and disturbing imagery imaginable.We ask ourselves quite a bit in this episode - "What were they thinking?!"  
This week on the Nightmare Feed we wanted to focus on a specific subset of slashers, that don't even necessarily have to be horror, but even suspense and thriller.  While we won't be delving into any documentary of actual real life serial killers, we may discuss some dramatizations based on the real thing.  We're talking psychos!  Psychos, serial killers, and mass murderers arguably have just as big a fan-base as horror, that in many ways shares the same space.  And yes, most fans of the subset are even Horror Heads.
Hey Horror Heads! This is Reed Alexander! Me and Co-Host Joe-Kernozek sat down with EKM, the writer and director of the indie Horror Butterfly Kisses!We found out, he's just as much a huge horror nerd as me and Joe, and we spent a lot of time discussing our influences, and his most recent movie Butterfly Kisses!Don't forget, you can check out my review of his indie masterpiece on my page: Butterfly Kisses (2018) And if you haven't seen it!  Watch that shit on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Tubi!  Check the trailer of Butterfly Kisses!**CAUTION - CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS**
This episode is for the fans.  This one is about the movies that turned us into horror heads.  This is the episode where we make you feel nostalgic about why you grew to love horror.  And to do that, we here at The Nightmare Feed are going to talk about how we became super horror fans.And with any luck, this week will include an interview with Erik Kristopher Myers, director of the indie horror movie, Butterfly Kisses (2018)
In this week's episode we're not just talking about movies, we're talking about the Rubber Monsters that go with them.  Our picks are not just based on the quality or entertainment value of the movies themselves, but just how much we love the good ol' Rubber Monsters themselves.For that reason, we won't be talking about CGI Monsters like from Cloverfield (2008).  And if the monster doesn't have a specific, consistent form, we can hardly call it a rubber monster.  So this excludes Reed's favorite, The Thing (1982). So join us in this Nightmare Feed look into our favorite Rubber Monster Creature Features!
Horror Video Games

Horror Video Games


Welcome back to the Nightmare Feed!!  This week's episode is a much shorter one.  Reed Alexander is recovering from the zombie virus and will be returning next week for our discussion on Rubber Monsters: Our Favorite Creature Features before CGI, but until then I  (Joe) decided to spend a few minutes talking about some Horror Video Games including the Resident Evil remakes and some upcoming horror games.Visit the Nightmare Feed website for more reviews on the Resident Evil games and possibly some livestreams of the games!
This week on The Nightmare Feed, we discuss Psychological Horror!  The key dynamic that makes psychological horror so damn good, is messing with the viewer's perception to incite terror.  This can take many forms.  Walking the line between reality and madness, or horror movies that stay completely cerebral by forcing the audience to decide if what they're viewing is really happening to the protagonists, or if it's all in their head.  While not one of my top picks, the best use of cerebral horror was arguably Mothman Prophecies (2002).  Was Klien's character crazy, or was there really a supernatural creature -The Mothman- terrorizing him.  The point is that they never answer this question.  On last week's pod, we also discussed the film The Possession of David O'Reilly, which also never completely confesses whether David is actually seeing demons or is just going completely insane.Then there are movies that simply mess with the viewer's perception.  Movies where we the audience get to know what's going on the whole time, but it's never certain if what the protagonists are experiencing is real.  I'm immediately reminded of Oculus (2013), which reminded me what a tough nut this genre is to crack.  If the audience knows what's happening is essentially real to the protagonists, tricking the audience into second guessing the horror can be difficult.  While reed personally believe Oculus failed that test, it was later reconstructed masterfully by The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016), which at one point held the #4 spot on Reed's 'All Time Top 10.'But we're not here to discuss horror that focuses on the supernatural and simply adds an element of psychological horror.  If we did that John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) would end up #1 on this list again and it would get really old pretty fast.  What we're discussing here are horror movies that focus almost completely on the psychological elements of horror and are great for having mastered that.
As the curve finally starts to flatten, people are breathing a sigh of relief, and life is slowly returning to normal.  Still not sure if they're gonna have theaters open here in NY by mid April, so look for time changes to the movie Antlers (2020), which I'm particularly excited for.BUT, it's not over yet!  COVID-19 is still largely an issue so please continue to socially distance appropriately.This week on the Nightmare Feed, we're going to be discussing "Found Footage" or what Reed Alexander likes to call 'Shaky Camera.'  In fact, Reed was once quoted as referring to Found Footage Horror as "The newest, shiniest, most polished, and overused piece of shit that's been taking over horror as a genre" and once suggested that as a genre "This trend needs to die, be cremated via incinerator, stuffed in a mirrored box, placed at the bottom of a well, and the well filled with concrete."Well eventually Nightmare Feed's own foul mouthed horror critic warmed to the 'Shaky Camera' genre and even found a few gems hidden in it that he will share with you later, on the pod cast.
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