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Current events, personal stories, and nothing is off limits. It's irreverent, funny, and often times twisted. Not for the easily offended PC crowd. It's the Sarcasticast with Rob and Eddie! Follow us: @Sarcasticast
38 Episodes
The Greylock Glass / Captain Russ / and more
Rob sets libraries on fire / Repealing Obamacare? / Political talk / Racism in America / and more
Illegal immigration and thoughts on it, what's the solution? / Practical Augmented Reality / Being messy in public restrooms and other annoyances / Music and music radio talk / and more
Drinking on airplanes and late flights / Shitty people with terrible kids at the gym / Is Facebook really worth it? / Rob”s trip to Denver / Rob reviews “Get… Continue reading "<img src=""> #034: Airplane Cocktails and Hobbies" The post #034: Airplane Cocktails and Hobbies appeared first on SARCASTICAST Network.
Drinking on airplanes and late flights / Shitty people with terrible kids at the gym / Is Facebook really worth it? / Rob''s trip to Denver / Rob reviews "Get Out" / Smoking and eating weed / The BS of school / Who has hobbies / and more
Rob and Eddie are joined by the one and only Tim Gainer of Gainer and Leigh On The Loose / Tom Gear Rip Offs / Renting, high rents, and adulting / and more
Listener email / Who's bigger, Howard Stern or Joe Rogan? / Rob thinks Netflix sucks / Over-hype for movies and TV shows / Rob buys something weird off Kickstarter / Getting sick and going to the doctor / Appreciating your health / and more
Carlos Garcia is an up-and-coming stand-up comedian. He joins Rob and Eddie to talk about what it's like getting started in comedy and more / Self absorbed people and crying babies in gyms / Pre-Super Bowl post-Super Bowl chat / Password rage / and more
Upcoming movie sequels and movie magic / Jason Hoffman of ZumbTees joins the show to talk about his awesome T-Shirt / Men's underwear blues / Eddie gets a cold by being coughed on / Rob has to deal with a crying kid while getting his hair cut / Grooming down there / and more Check out:
Rob lets it all out after seeing Adam Corolla / Mexico drinking stories / UNCENSORED Tump Talk Too Hot for TV / Would we join the armed services? / We stand with Planned Parenthood / Mall Santa salaries / Taking drugs, good or bad? / and more
Twitter shout outs / Bad celebrity art (Ringo Starr, Charles Manson) / Donald Trump hates CNN and what is Fake News? / Wearing ski masks as a new trend / Kids suck / What does a college degree really get you? / The state of radio / Tinder bots / Shark Tank pitches / A Westworld review / and more
Driving in LA sucks / New Year's Eve recaps / Rob goes to see Joe Rogan and gives it a review / Eddie's New Year's Eve stinks / Kevin James and Jimmy Fallon critique / We analyze Trump's disdain of Rosie / Sting Theory and the multiverse / and more
Carrie Fisher and Star Wars Chat / 2016 was terrible? / Return to the music / Mark Zuckerberg reveals his butler / The holidays suck / Rob gets Christmas texts from his ex / Rob talks with Tinder bots / The Trump Multi-verse / and more
Rob hates the holidays / Is having kids really worth it? / Eddie hates bagging his own groceries / The cast of Friends and what they're doing now / How much the cast of Friends makes per year / The real truth behind Frasier / Awkward childhood actors and what they look like now / Bad warm up comedians during late night shows / and more
$5 for good vibes at / Thanksgiving recap / A spoiled gamer kid ruins Thanksgiving / Bad holiday commercials / Rob's trip to LA / Eddie's New Year's Eve story from last year / Which Cheetos are the best flavor? / High School crush regrets and dodged bullets / and more
Is global warming real or fake? / Googling things to support your argument / Taking time to rate adult videos / The wilhem scream / Getting balls fondled at the doctor / Rob's dog's woes / Ignoring medical bills / Rob's dad avoids movies that have liberals / Show women be drafted in a draft? / Should there be unisex restrooms? / Lucid dreaming and astral projection / Are we living in a virtual reality? / Is Wi-Fi more addicting than sex and alcohol? / and more
Donald Trump reaction and first 100 days / Is global warming real? Rob and Eddie debate / Racism in America / Dog and vet horror stories / Rob's ass hangs out of his crotch / Worst medical issues / Dieting advice / and more
EP #021: iTunes Reviews Us

EP #021: iTunes Reviews Us


Getting to know neighbors / Rob and Eddie go over the show's latest iTunes reviews / Paying for Scientology to help one's career / Credit card reading technology / Can Facebook make you live longer? / Rob doesn't like to dip in chocolate / Bryan Cranston is going to Canada / and more
Rob's hot cousin / A Facebook troll doesn't have the balls to call in / Mixing condiments / People who have names that are hard to spell / Which search engine is Rob and Eddie / Public speakers who need to curse for attention / and more
Dirty limericks / Eddie's kareoke hell / A weird wedding dilemma / Amy Schumer isn't funny / Getting worked up over political talk / Favorite stand up comedians / Trump may start a TV network? / Is being gay a choice? / and more
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