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You have to improve, this is insufficient, there is still a lot to do. Have you ever considered how demotivating it is for employees to emphasize and highlight weaknesses? And that there are much better ways?What is the difference between popular and professional sports?In popular sports, the winner is the one who makes fewer mistakes. In top-class sport, the winner is the one who has maximized special strengths.And what about the weaknesses? Weaknesses must not hinder strengths. It is not necessary to reduce them further. In areas that do not have their own strengths, "good enough" is the performance goal, paying attention and using time to develop talents into strengths and to build on strengths 
As much as we try to be rational employees in the workplace, our emotions always run deep in our daily activities. Companies are ultimately made up of people with human weaknesses and strengths. A person who can moderate his or her own emotions while empathizing with the feelings of his or her colleagues will find it easier to let go of feelings that are counterproductive. I must admit that I sometimes find myself emotionally drawn to counterproductive feelings, arrogance in particular triggers strong negative feelings in me.  
After a decade of prosperity and a fight for the best talent in the market, many companies are switching to pure labor cost management. The battle for talent is interrupted. Switching to "crisis mode" presents companies with many challenges. 
Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel


A sales funnel represents the marketing and sales process in the form of a funnel. It shows the journey of potential customers from the first contact to the conclusion of a sale, using concrete figures. It is of great importance, because no marketing and sales process can be controlled without daily updated figures from your sales funnel. 
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