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Author: Jess Gumkowski

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The Awake Athlete Podcast is a short form exploration of life perspectives from a 10,000-foot view. An all-encompassing offering of time-tested knowledge, techniques, and practices that allow for more ease along the path of athletic performance while creating a beneficial effect on the entirety of this life experience. Through the knowledge that she has gained from years of study and training, Jess Gumkowski, endurance athlete, and mindset coach shares commonsensical ancient wisdom that leads to a mental fitness level that can change the world. This podcast is for athletes who are ready to open their minds and welcome in their greatness. It is for coaches who are curious about expanded viewpoints from which to guide their athletes to their highest performance level. Awake Athlete is more than a podcast; it is a way of living that is by its nature, as easeful as it is powerful. This seasonal offering will support athletes and coaches who, like Jess, view mastery as the only option in this life.
14 Episodes
What is the loving story and what is the feeling of ignorance? Wrapping up season one with this thought provoking finale that includes a challenge to take with you. Until next time…..
There’s a lot to chew on in this episode as I go deeply into the discernment of the mind and the brain. What are these two things? Are they the same? Does one follow the other and how do they assist us in the purification process of awakening? Yup, all that.
Hey listen, we can get a meal-plan, we can count calories and we can hire a nutritionist but if we’re not getting to the belief system that is keeping us from a joyful relationship with food then we are walking the road to nowhere. A short episode to lay some basics around the transformative power of food. 
For an Awake Athlete, mastery is the only option. As we all head in that direction, it’s key to understand the qualities of a master and what mindset is at the base of living with such impeccability. 
What does a sensation-filled run look like for an Awake Athlete? I dive into the relationship with pain and different techniques that have served me well from mantras to belief systems. In this episode I share a recent experience when I finished a 15-mile run with a 5-mile tempo and my feet hurt real dang bad.
Believing that the ego is the enemy is a mechanism of the ego. Being mad at the ego is a mechanism of the ego. Feeling alone, victimized, angry and unsettled are mechanisms of the ego. Learn to shine a light on this little bugger of love by knowing its qualities and classic moves. 
This process and its outcome may be different than what you think, perhaps the very opposite of what you’ve been doing thus far. Listen in with an open mind, try out one of the techniques in this episode and commit to living in freedom with new understanding.
It’s a simple recipe and one that stands the test of time, like thousands of years of time. A recipe that is best put together before the momentum of the day begins and the one that is so simple, we make it hard and give up.
As athletes, we have this incredible blessing of moving the body often and we know that this leaves us feeling better than before the workout. Let’s face it, many times, our training is our outlet to process life. It’s the space where our problems fall away. In this episode, I discuss the difference between clearing our head in problem energy and clearing our head in solution energy.
We are always creating in this life but most of us are creating by default and living a life that is built on a record of the past. Replaying, replaying and replaying until we wake up and get in the gap, that’s when all the good stuff happens. The gap is where we take our power back and create our lives on purpose.
A little about me, a little about this podcast and my biggest observance that brought this all to life. Plus the non-negotiable of mental training and the signs to know that the mind is in control of the athlete and not the other way around.
Are you ready to go deep? Because that’s where this 15-minute Yoga Nidra practice takes you, into a deep yogic sleep. It’s a practice that I’ve been incorporating into my training since I first heard about its restorative effects years ago. I’m excited to share with you my first-ever yoga nidra class. 
We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night with the weight of the world on our chests. We’ve all laid there for hours trying to get back to sleep while our mind catastrophes our future and our nervous systems hold steady in survival mode. We know that none of this is helpful to getting stronger, faster or more durable as an athlete yet we all have suffered at the hands of a restless night. Being an Awake Athlete doesn’t mean we will be immune to these storms but it does mean that we’ll have a big toolbox within our grips to ease our suffering, allow our bodies the rest they require and become the masters of our minds along the way.
What to do when we shine the light on an unhelpful cycle in our life? How do we navigate the change we desire, and when is the appropriate time to dismantle what no longer serves us? In this episode, I share how I broke a cycle in my life and became the loving story. 
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