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Author: Michele Lisenbury Christensen

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If you're like many ambitious women, you have big visions and deep desires for every area of your life. But if your RELATIONSHIP vision seems elusive, if you find yourself feeling frustrated, disappointed, and wondering “Is it me? Is it you? Or are passion and desire just doomed to fade over years together?” you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: You are not the problem, your partner is not the problem, and you CAN have the relationship you envision! Creating the love and sex you want simply requires a new mindset and practicing a few key skills and habits. Welcome to Sex. Love. Power. This is the only intimacy podcast devoted to helping powerful women create deeply satisfying love & sex in committed long-term relationships. I'm your host Michele Lisenbury Christensen. I've been helping high-profile couples create what they desire in love and sex for more than twenty-four years, and I’ve been through my share of joys and pains in my own twenty-plus year marriage to Kurt. Now, I’m here to help you get more peace, more connection, and more passion in your days and nights, so you’ve got the energy and attention left over to be the change you wish to see in the wider world. Everything you want in love and sex starts with YOU, and it starts right now. Let’s reignite your spark!
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If you’re realizing your partner isn’t showing up with the capacity for the love or sex or vibrancy you want, deserve, and needIf you have been asking for what you need and they maybe make some moves toward it and then take steps backward and you find yourself asking, “Am I an idiot for staying when I’ve made it clear what I need and my partner doesn’t seem to be changing?”If you long for a depth of love and sex that you wonder if your partner will EVER be capable of meeting you in...Then this episode is for you.  And if what I share here makes you slam your hand on the table and shout “YES!  Thank you!  That is what I’ve been feeling and trying to express!  You named it!”  then this might be a good episode to share with your partner.This episode is a deeply personal one for me and for Kurt.  You need to know upfront that in a different universe he’d be on here talking about this with me… AND that’s not who he is, but also that if you’re hearing this now it’s because he gave me the green light to share the episode I made sharing our story from my perspective.  We are both on a mission to help other couples create the love and sex they really want and to grow into the capacity to have a vibrant, life-giving love even if we didn’t grow up learning how to create that.  He and I just work on this mission in different ways.  He’s an introverted, intensely private person who has exploded so much of his own cultural conditioning and blown past the models of masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood he grew up with.  He isn’t one to talk about himself, but I’m so grateful for his partnership in my own growth and his vulnerability in letting me be transparent about our growth together AND his support and encouragement for my work.   I want you to feel seen and supported by this episode, to feel that I really GET how painful a relationship can be when it’s good in many ways and in other ways it’s unworkable to the point that you want to give up.  I HAVE BEEN THERE, and spent years working through those challenges… and I’m grateful to be able to be GLAD to still be with my very human husband and to be able to help others who want to create outrageous love inside the imperfect relationship they already have.In this episode we talk about:Why it’s so hard for many of us to create a really vibrant, fully loving and intimate relationshipKurt’s and my story of leaning into our growth in our marriage so we could build a love like none we’d ever seenWhat I know about how to know when to stay & dig into your own work and when to shift or end your relationship and do your growing outside the relationshipAnd more
If you’ve found yourself feeling not-so-into sex - like you yourself never have the urge, and like even when your partner initiates, you’re not interested… but you wish you were, this episode is for you.  And if you’re the partner who does want to have sex, whether you try to initiate or you’ve heard “huh-uh” so many times you’re too discouraged to ask again… We need to have this conversation.  And I want you to know that even though in movies and on tv shows, everybody seems rarin’ to go, all the dang time -- even the harried sitcom couples with kids coming out their ears -- out here in the real world, you two are not alone if you find that one or both of you are singin’ the “want-to-want-to-but-to-be-honest-I-don’t” blues.  Today’s episode will help because I’m going to introduce you to an important distinction straight out of my Sex Ed for Grownups Course.  This one notion - I call it the 3 Yeses - is responsible for COUNTLESS sexual encounters between married couples and partnered couples that would not have otherwise happened!  And you’re next!It will allow you to go from “no way” to “okay” to “NOW!”  It will allow you to initiate in ways your partner will respond to warmly… and perhaps, given time, with PASSIONAnd it will give the two of you a better vernacular with which to communicate about your level of willingness to talk about the possibility of having sex.  In this episode we talk about:Why sex is like exercise, and how we can build and rehabilitate our habits for eachThe 3 yeses you and your partner might have, even if you aren’t in full-blown arousal modeWhat to do when you’re feeling each level of “yes” AND you recognize that being sexual with your partner would be of value How to engage with your partner in each stateAnd more....
Superiority And Shame

Superiority And Shame


If you have a male partner who avoids sex or gets stuck in his head sometimes during sex or about sex, this episode is for you.  If you or your partner struggle with what the industry tends to call “sexual dysfunction” - which is so pejorative - I do not like any of the medical terms at all - from erections that don’t start or that don’t stay, to ejaculating before you’d like to, not ejaculation when you’d expect to… This episode is for you.If you are or your partner is a man who is comfortable with sex as long as he’s in control or in charge, or as long as the attention is on the other person, not on him, this episode will be helpful.And really for anyone who is a man, cares about a man, or walks through the world among men, I believe this episode is really important because it talks about something we don’t talk about:  and that’s the underreported, underdiscussed epidemic of men’s sexual trauma.This is such an important episode to me because time and again, my male clients will tell me “I’ve never told anybody about this” or “Nobody explains this the way you just did, and it feels like huge burden has been lifted.”  I’m on a mission to lift that burden, to give that relief, to help as many men as possible to feel seen and understood and that they’re normal and they’re not broken and they’re not alone!  So that’s why we’re going to talk about a couple of key things today: What sexual trauma IS and how common it is among menThe ways sexual trauma is inflicted for men Ways the conversation is silenced around men’s sexual traumaSigns that you or a many you love is having a trauma response in the sexual realmFull show notes & transcript at
We’re diving deep into how patriarchy gets into our relationships and messes with both partners, regardless of what gender everyone is.  This episode is a response to a beautiful letter from a listener.  I look forward to hearing your experiences.  What is the role of male privilege in your relationship?  How does psychological patriarchy affect the intimacy and aliveness in your relationship?  Listen in to hear how I define these terms and what a long-time male listener thought and felt when I said “smash the patriarchy” in an email about a prior episode.  In this episode we talk about:How psychological patriarchy differs from cultural patriarchyWhat psychological patriarchy costs women… and what it costs menThe grave disservice I’d do in trying to help couples if I didn’t name the power imbalances our culture creates between men and women, large and small people, and people who earn more and their partners who earn less How privilege leads us to confuse “safety” and “comfort”And more
If you’re a woman and you feel like you’re always “on”, always have to be handling projects, tasks, and other people’s feelings and needs…. And you just crave to let down, lay back, and have someone else handle it all for YOU now and then… and handle you really well in bed, to boot… This episode is for you.Or if you love a woman who seems demanding, take-charge, always “on” and seldom satisfied, and you sometimes wonder how you could possibly truly “win” with her… This episode is for you.In this episode I'm going to share:The epidemic that is leaving many high-achieving women high and dry (if you know what I mean!) feeling under-held and under-handled in bed and in their lives.  Why it’s so hard for women to articulate what they need from their husbands o partners - and why they so often ask for what they want it in a way that leaves their partners feeling criticizedWhy women often don’t know why they get cranky and dissatisfied, or what they really need, and how I stopped this pattern in myself.The key to handling your wife if you want to skillfully navigate her intensity, especially if it looks like she’s got everything handled, herself.And more...
This episode is your peek behind the scenes of the first six months of Sex. Love. Power. My last episode was Episode 26.  I didn't realize until after I had recorded it that that means I've been doing this for half a year. And I was talking with a friend about it and she said, "I want to hear all about that. I want to hear about your process. I want to hear what you've learned.  And I don't even know how you set up a podcast or what was involved. So tell us about it." So I thought I would.   Today's episode is for you if you're curious about how I launched the podcast... how I think about it.  - I'm going to share the story of how I came to name it Sex. Love. Power. and what it was like for me to have sex be the first name of my podcast and some of the things that I was thinking about before that. - I'll share a little bit about the tools I use, how my process for creating an episode goes, the whole team that's behind getting the episode out into the world and getting you that detailed transcript so that you can really absorb what I'm teaching, if you want, and what tools we use to get that done. - I'll talk about why I don't interview other experts right now. - And where we're going next. Enjoy!Full show notes are at is at
If you or your partner is nice, nice, nice, almost toooo nice… and then periodically explodes with out-of-the-blue anger, this episode is for you.  Or if the person doesn’t ever explode, but there’s a way their nice-nice-niceness doesn’t feel quite authentic, or seems forced… We’re going to talk about that, too.The dynamics we’re discussing today … I get it.  You’re not alone!  AND today’s episode will help, because I’m breakin’ it all down:How leadership was the first place I saw and named this dynamic, and what I’ve learned about its roots since that time more than 15 years agoWhat drives this seesaw between being over-accommodating in one extreme and being harsh, critical, or aggressive in the otherHow trauma reactions relate to the doormat stance and the bulldog position alikeHow - in the next episode - I'll share how to root out these patterns in yourself and ask for your partner to excavate them if you see them in your relationshipFull shownotes are at
In this episode, we're having the conversation we need to have about the four keys to creating more of the heat and connection you want and the single practice I use to help couples expand all four things in their relationship, and in so doing, create the love and sex they really deserve.If you've had a hard time initiating sex, or taking your partner up on their invitations, when they ask in the way they ask, even though you sincerely would like to have more sex, at least in the abstract, this is for you. Or if you aren't sure how to ask for more of what you want or you think your partner could build more skill at touching and being present sexually, but it's hard to describe what that skillfulness would look like...This is for you. Or if you notice that you have a hard time staying present in erotic situations: truly letting your partner in and allowing yourself to deeply receive their attention, their touch, and their care...This is for you. If you face those challenges, you are in very good company. Nobody taught any of us how to have great sex, and a nourishing partnership with a grown up in these changing bodies and with these adult responsibilities: aging parents and growing kids and big careers....While we're trying to build a better world. It's a lot!  And I am determined that today's episode will help, because I would like you to get a handle on these four keys, so you can unlock the best sex of your lives. I know it's still ahead of you, whether you believe that yet or not. And in this episode, you will learn how to create it. There are four things that dramatically accelerate a couple's ability to go deeper in love and sex. They include clarity, capacity, communication, and container, we're going to go into all four of them. Full shownotes and edited transcript are at
Talking About Sex

Talking About Sex


If you want something different in the bedroom but don’t know how to bring it up...  If you have a hard time wrapping your mouth around any of the words for sex acts or body parts...If your partner has been uncomfortable with you talking about the sex you two have or don’t have...This episode is for you.  We NEED to have this conversation about conversations about sex - how meta is that? - because in our puritanical-yet-sex-saturated culture, we have been taught  that  it’s not “nice” to talk about sex… but also that we’re supposed to have great sex… in the absence of talking about it!  Read the full shownotes and download a complete transcript here, where you can also download the companion to this episode: "The 56 Best Sex & Intimacy Questions to Ask Your Partner."In this episode:How we change the world every time we talk openly about the s3x we really wantThe 3 steps to successfully starting a conversation about physical intimacyThe 3 keys to listening well when your partner is telling you about their experience of s3x with you and their desiresHow to ask your beloved for a change without hurt feelingsThe six kinds of s3xual language and when you might want to use each oneAnd more.   Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response, anonymously if you wish, inside our free Conscious Couples’ Society on Mighty Networks.
Conversations that go sideways are almost always ill-fated before they even begin.  And the majority of those we could pretty easily predict will go badly do so because of one common factor:  POOR TIMING.  One of you was not ready to have THAT conversation right THEN.  And nobody asked about this.  Or they did ask whether it was a good time, but they didn’t like the answer, so they went ahead anyway!  I’ve been guilty of that, myself.  And always lived to regret it!So today I’m out to eliminate some of those regrets from all our lives by talking about how to time a conversation, how to ask “is now a good time?” and what to do when someone asks you that.  Then we’ll look at how to deal with your partner’s response and what becomes possible inside your relationship and inside each of you when you build this skill.Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response inside our free Secret Society on Mighty Networks.
Couples with really GREAT - not just GOOD - marriages do things differently.  This episode - the second in a two-part series - shares the 12 keys my clients with Legacy Love marriages have taught me.  These are the keys to a love and a passion that gets deeper, hotter, and sweeter every year, and leaves behind a legacy that outlasts you both.  Get the full show notes and more information here:
In today's episode, I'm going to break down exactly why my most successful clients, career-wise, are also the most successful in love and sex. I'll tell you the whole story of how it came to be that I was the sought after relationship coach for executives and founders, starting when I still had a whole lot to learn about love and sex myself.I took kind of a strange path to becoming a relationship mentor for high-performing leaders:  People whose relationships were already great INSISTED that I help them make their marriages even better!  I’ve learned so much from my clients that runs counter to other marriage guidance and that’s helped elevate my own marriage.  Listen in to hear the  love lessons I’ve learned from high-performance leaders.  In this episode, I'll share what they do differently than other people in love as INDIVIDUALS.  In Episode 21, you'll learn what these leaders in love do differently as COUPLES to create world-class relationships for a lifetime.Join. the conversation at to ask questions, share your own experiences, and hear others' powerful stories for free and without advertising.
Couple Goals

Couple Goals


If you’re like my clients, you’re ambitious in every area of your life, and your marriage is no exception.  That said, and as much as the hashtag “couple goals” is a running joke we often make when we think “wouldn’t it be great to be like THOSE TWO” - actually setting goals TOGETHER for how you’re going to make your relationship great is not a particularly common practice.  I’m on a mission to help as many couples as I can to learn that the closeness, the peace and ease, and the totally turned-on erotic connection we want are all as actionable as our income goals or our fitness goals.  Effective communication, great sex, and deep intimacy are not the product of luck.  They’re all the product of habits.  With the right habits, you can build skills and capacities that make for a fantastic relationship. If you’ve never thought of having couple goals, if your partner isn’t remotely interested in talking with you about shared goals, or if you can’t imagine that a simple habit could transform the stickiest aspect of your relationship, well,  you’re not alone.  Those experiences are shared by many couples.  But  the truth is, you CAN set couple goals (even if  your partner doesn’t want to talk about them) and habits DO have the power to revolutionize your love.  In this episode we’re going to talk about your desires for your relationshipWe’ll look at why it’s so hard to put a relationship desire on “goal” statusI’ll show you how to look back and see which repeated behaviors created the relationship you have today And we’ll pick the lock on the love & sex you WANT to have by identifying the kinds of habits that you can cultivate in the new year that will build precisely the relationship you long for.I want you to be able to break down anything you want to experience in your relationship - or any experience you want to STOP having in your love - into the skills and capacities that a couple who have what you want have built. I want you to be able to identify the practices and habits that will build those skills and capacities.  Because when you know how to map a path from here to there in love, then the legacy love - the kind of love that not only lasts a lifetime but touches others long after you live - that you desire will be inevitable.  
When you want to really show your partner your love and feel appreciated in turn… You need to hit a homer with your gift or experience.  But how?  So many men, in particular, tell me their partners are hard to please or that gifts and holidays feel like no-win situations.   This is supposed to be a season of joy, and this episode will help you create that.In this episode:Why gift giving is so frustratingDiscover the top 2 reasons gift giving is so stressful  Learn what gift giving mistakes NOT to make Uncover the secret 7  steps to make a home run while gift givingWhat to do when your gift giving doesn’t go as plannedAnd more. Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response on our voicemail at 206-659-9865 or inside our free Secret Society on Mighty Networks.“When it comes to gift-giving, you are in a powerful position as a healer: you can draw out of your  partner what they really desire and you can help heal those painful places where holidays push their buttons. It's such a beautiful role to play, if you can do so wholeheartedly.”-Michele Lisenbury ChristensenHot Moments in This Episode:The mistakes that lead to gift-giving  misery 3:04Make the decision to hit a home run 06:34Learn how to start planning in advance. 7:06Why your calendar is your friend 07:24How to teach your beloved how to tell you what they want  11:08Discover what to do when you swing and miss 12:59The perfect questions to ask to bring you closer together 15:58Thank you so much for listening. I'm Michele Lisenbury Christensen.  This has been Sex. Love. Power. I'll be back here next week to help you begin to review 2020 - what a year, right? - and what’s happened in your couple this year, and look at your vision and habits for 2021 and what you desire and intend for your future.  Until we speak, may the light within you illuminate the world around you.If you want support and guidance from me to create the kind of love and s€x you dream of having, and to clear out any muck that blocks you from that experience, reach out.
During the holiday season, our most heartfelt visions  and  highest  hopes can be dashed against the reality of others’ engagement level and appreciation level… This episode is designed to help you plan together for  a beautiful holiday season that meets each partner’s needs.  This episode spills:The secret of stress free holiday planningHow to collaborate with your partner to create the perfect unified celebration  The joyful way to celebrate the holidays What NOT to put into your plan for Christmas. The hint: perfect is not always perfection. And more. Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response on our voicemail at 206-659-9865 or inside our free Secret Society on Mighty Networks.The best things about the holidays are not the things that we buy. They're the moments that we share together.- Michele Lisenbury ChristensenHot Moments in This Episode:Holiday planning and my wish for you. 00:50My  5 free pointers on how to plan your holidays effectively 02:40How being collaborative can make your holidays shine  06:15Why using holidays as a test might be a mistake .07:07 The importance of being intentional 08:32This part of your holiday celebration that is  best left out 11:58Thank you so much for listening. I'm Michele Lisenbury Christensen, this has been sex, love power. I'll be back here next Thursday with another holiday special episode: this time it’s about gift-giving and how to be successful at it.  I don’t wanna point fingers at men, but this episode IS inspired by one of the bonuses for my mens’  program Penetrate Her, because so many men have asked me “how do I WIN at gift giving?  It feels like a losing proposition!”  So we’ll hit that conversation hard next week!   Until then, may the light within you, illuminate the world around you.If you want support and guidance from me to create the kind of love and s€x you dream of having, and to clear out any muck that blocks you from that experience, reach out.
When Men Avoid S€x

When Men Avoid S€x


If a man is a good guy, that actually INCREASES his chances of having problems in the bedroom.  Why?  Many caring, sensitive, emotionally open men are good friends, partners, and parents… and when it comes to s€x with their wives… They shrink, fizzle, or need things Just. So. or they can’t be there.  In today’s episode, I’ll  talk about why it’s such a confusing time to be  a good  man, how our culture messes with men’s heads around sex, and what we can do about it.This episode spills:Why good men often avoid being eroticHow cultural messages kneecap our sexuality The pleasurable possibilities on the other side of admitting there’s a problemHow to find the secret to what fuels our sexual expression And more. Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response on our voicemail at 206-659-9865 or inside our free Secret Society on Mighty Networks."There's an epidemic happening among good men: an epidemic of needlessness and wantlessness. It's causing tremendous pain in their marriages, because a man who has pushed down his needs and wants isn't a very potent man." -Michele Lisenbury ChristensenHot Moments in This Episode:Why loving, wonderful husbands avoid sex in some way. 00:39Your past experience of love, goodness & worthiness matter now. 01:47The whole truth to finding the path to happiness. 04:30Are you throwing out your life-giving desires without realizing it? .08:12 Discover the cost of being too good. 10:32The difference in sexuality to a  yin & a yan essence brain. 12:03How to unlock your truth in ways that are respectful & kind 16:50I know that a man who has ambivalence about erotic connection is in a lot of pain, and that his pain and confusion trigger a lot of pain and insecurity in his partner, too.  If you’ve been frustrated and hurting about the ways you or your partner pull away from s€x or have conflicting feelings about it, I  hope this episode has helped you understand better what has created the tangled dynamics and where you can begin to navigate this fraught territory.You're always invited to ask questions and share your reactions and results from each episode. You can post in the question thread in the private community at  or leave us a voicemail at 206-659-9865.  My wish for you is that you have a deep, sweet, hot connection in the bedroom, beyond the reaches of cultural pressures, where there’s only the two of you and the magical, mysterious power of pleasure.If you want support and guidance from me to create the kind of love and s€x you dream of having, and to clear out any muck that blocks you from that experience, reach out.
Holidays.   Holy Daze!  This time of year,  more than others, many  people indulge and over-indulge.  The effect on our relationships of drinking, eating, spending, using pot, and other “escape hatches” can be intensely negative, but also hard to pinpoint.  In this episode, I’m getting specific about the damage my food addiction did in my life & marriage and giving you tools to address any compulsions or addictions you identify in yourself.  I’ll also share what to do (and what not to!) if you suspect your sweetheart has a problem.This episode spills:How to tell the difference between addiction and compulsionThe effects of  addictions or compulsivebehaviors on relationshipsWhat to do if you think your partner has an addiction or compulsion What’s possible on the other side of admitting there’s a problemAnd more.  Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response on our voicemail at 206-659-9865 or inside our free Secret Society on Mighty Networks.Stepping into recovery has opened up new vistas for me... New possibilities.  There’s a depth and a sweetness in my marriage, and also my relationship with myself and my relationship with the Divine, that I couldn't have even imagined when I first began. - Michele Lisenbury ChristensenHot Moments in This Episode:The elephant in the room when talking about love and sex 00:45How escape hatches can manifest 02:24Defining addiction and compulsion 03:30One thing that changed my dramatically 06:30The secret I even kept from my therapist 08:42What to do if my partner has an addiction problem 18:43It’s really vulnerable to share the story of my addiction and to admit publicly how powerless I am about what I eat.  But if sharing my story helps even one person see that they don’t have  to struggle daily forever with their own addiction, it will absolutely have been worth it.  I  deeply hope this episode has helped you yourself and/or a loved one with more compassion and hope. You're always invited to ask questions and share your reactions and results from each episode. You can post in the question thread in the private community at  or leave us a voicemail at 206-659-9865. My favorite books on recovery (notably, all by actual addicts, not just clinicians who try to help without having walked the path:In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts - Gabor MatéRecovery―The Sacred Art: The Twelve Steps as Spiritual Practice - Rabbi Rami ShapiroTwenty  Four Hours a Day - a daily thought I read first thing every single morning 
“How  can I talk  to  my (aunt/brother-in-law/husband/neighbor) whose views on social  justice/race/health care/women’s rights/LGBTQIA rights  are so very different from mine and  I want to shout?”  In honor of the impending holiday season, todays episode distills some what I’ve observed about how friends - mostly female or nonbinary - deal with ME in my ignorance about privilege around gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, education level, and class.  I never intended to be racist, heteronormative, cisnormative, or classist, but privilege has that effect: it truncates the humanity of those who  have it.  Listen in to learn how to stay engaged when you feel outraged.This episode spills:The secret to engaging with people who baffle youWhen we’re very aware of how wrong someone is, how to focus on what's rightWhy letting go of today’s interaction helps today’s interaction go betterThink YOU are not the problem? Think againAnd more. Join the conversation by listening, then share your story or response on our voicemail at 206-659-9865 or inside our free Secret Society on Mighty Networks.“No one thing changes everything.  We have to be the change today, and we have to stay the change tomorrow.  We have to continue to bring the energy that we want to see in the world. And we have to remain engaged in the conversation."-Michele Lisenbury Christensen "The world is half right and half wrong. But that doesn't mean that half the people are 100% right, and the other half are 100% wrong. It means each one of us individually is 50% right and 50% wrong.Find out what is 50% wrong in yourself, and what is 50% right in your neighbor, and the world moves together again." -Carl JungHot Moments in This Episode:Choose how you show up based on who you want to be 02:08Self-care for difficult conversations  03:55Why flipping out won’t bring the change we long to see 05:20The importance of taking the long view  05:57Recognize your privilege and use it to be the solution 08:39Never Condescend  09:09 Listen with curiosity 11:09Engage as if your life depends on it 13:43Stick up for others 15:40I am so grateful for the chance to support you in “figuring things out” whether on your own or with support and structure to guarantee your success.  I’m thrilled you’re committed to cultivating your aliveness in love and sex and that we’re engaged in this conversation.  It is my greatest joy and privilege.  I hope this episode has helped you find new ways to get support and perspective for your love and sex challenges.If you'd like to talk with me about our working together, you can schedule a consultation at Whether you do it on your own or you get help, remember the three keys to creating a change in your relationship: perspective, attention and sustained effort. You're always invited to ask questions and share your reactions and results from each episode. You can post in the question thread in the private community at  or leave us a voicemail at 206-659-9865. If you want to take the work you’ve done on yourself and the consciousness you’ve worked hard to gain and apply  it to create consistently magnificent relationships in your marriage, with your kids, and beyond, I am here to help.  More fun than therapy, more effective than anything, clients say coaching with me permanently uplevels their love, sex, leadership  and life.&am
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