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Each 10-15 minute podcast "burst" is an individual topic that can help you through a situation, guide you to a realization, gain awareness, recognize blockages and blindspots, break old patterns, or open your heart, among many other things. Maybe something small that is said is what ignites your soul! Listen in!
21 Episodes
A lot of people don't take the time to get honest about what they want their life to look like. To such a degree that It may even feel as If life and all of Its surprises are happening to you. This podcast touches on the Importance and power of being deliberate about what you want your life to look like.
Labels limit you from real greatness. You are so much more than what you do for for a living, what your hobbies are, or who or what people Identify you as being. To move beyond labels Is to begin being open to INFINITE possibilities.
When having conversation with other people have you ever noticed that there Is just a lot of sharing of perspectives? Sometimes a perspective Is good to consider, other times you might want to Integrate a perspective Into your belief system. We spend a great deal of time sharing perspectives to arrive at decisions we want to make for ourselves.
Do you want to begin to know more about how we work? Once you get into discovering this about yourself it will be difficult to stop the fascinations!
Busy, busy, busy you are! No time to stop right now! Well...if you knew the benefits and potential realizations that await you, you might make some time. As counter-productive as sitting still might sound, you might want to consider sitting still for this 10 minutes. Give It a try. Then try again. Let the universe show you what answers are there for you.
We live In a day and age where a lot of people have been conditioned to act or be perceived a certain way in order to "get somewhere." People just love to photoshop their life. However, less and less people are resonating there. When you begin to find your voice and display yourself as the "freak" you might be....things change. The people around you begin to take notice and the challenges begin. Authenticity comes with a price. But it also has a huge payday!
Life experiences, traumas, adversities, behaviors and so much more can be turned Into a solid resource to help those around you. We can all be a hot's what you decide to do with it that can make a profound difference in your life and/or the lives of those that come into your experience. Don't forget where you came from!
How much energy do you have left after exhausting a full day somewhere you would rather not be? Or around someone who just soaks up every drop that you offer? You end up at the close of the day (if you are lucky) EXHAUSTED and only having a few minutes to do something you have been thinking about all day. We will often say "there is never enough time in the day!" BS! Consider reversing who and what receives your energy before you do. Baby steps! See what happens! There will eventually be more than enough for you and what is left will also be spent wisely. :)
The Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Magnetism. What you create for yourself starts with your thoughts. “Thoughts Become Things” as the popular saying goes. Pick up a few helpful tips and see what you are able to create to show up in your life! GET IT!
There are different types of education. Most education pathways we have to somewhat "endure" in order to get the knowledge or skills we desire or want In life. The beauty of self-education Is that it will generally begin leading you to a better version of yourself overnight. Leading you to potentially living a life full of the things you love and are passionate about. Listen in!
One of the most difficult things to do In life Is forgive. It is also one of the most powerful acts you will ever do for yourself. Where does forgiveness come from? Where does it go? It doesn't mean things won't happen similarly again. They probably will. Learn to Incorporate your life change.
Knowledge is a great asset. How do you turn It Into YOUR power? When you learn to walk firm-footed in it that you find your power source.
We've all experienced It. You do something for the first time with the intention of an hour and the next thing you know 7 hours have gone by. What In the hell? What was that? Who was that? I want to do that again! It's a little clue as to what your soul needed at the time. It may only last a few times but could easily last forever.
After we learn to take responsibility we can consciously begin to call ourselves out on our own blind spots. Yes, we will always need others to help us see them, but after awhile the patterns begin to show themselves over and over. When Is enough enough of your own mess? There are a couple of steps to consider while you're stepping in It. 
Name something that has been created that didn't start with a thought first! Hard to do, Isn't It. Yet, most of us have gone our entire adult lives void of the use of our Imagination. How can the development of your imagination play a role In the reality you experience? Find out!
One of the most difficult things to do Is ask for help. Whether It be emotional, physical, financial or otherwise, It Is up there at the top of things to consider Integrating Into your life. Listen in! 
"When you change the way you think, the world around you changes" --You don't think so? We frequently talk about having and developing awareness. With a little effort to integrate a couple of things Into your day you can begin to witness the truth in that quote. Listen in!
If we don't know how to understand how someone communicates how do we become effective communicators? The first step Is always seeking to understand before being understood. Personalities and communication modalities are easy to spot with awareness. Here are some very foundational signs and tips. Good listen!
It Is widely understood to be healthy to immediately remove yourself from toxic people and situations. However, there are some other things to consider before doing that. Things that can be vital to your inner growth can be recognized with just a little dash of awareness. Listen In!
Simultaneously there Is another "dimension" that exists In direct parallel to the outer world. Make this entry-level discovery and you will be on your way to understanding more about how the two worlds work together to begin forming your reality.
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