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When we are busy living the lives others expect of us we begin to wonder if we are doing things right. Are we living up to their expectations? There is no reason to live this way. What steps can you take to work your way into your own way of life? Maybe something in this podcast can help?
There are times to text and then there are times you really need to hear someone's voice or see them in person to communicate properly. Especially, in times where things can easily get lost in translation.
One of the most powerful tools a person can have is the ability to respond to life situations rather than reacting. Discover some things that may help you on your journey to transcend the behavior of reacting and turn it into response ability.
What Do YOU Believe?

What Do YOU Believe?


The world is full of "facts" and "truths" when these are nothing more than another person's perspective. Does this mean you just have to choose from offered perspectives? Absolutely not. Question everything, we say.  Go deeper and find YOUR truth. It will set you free!
It is easy to hold grudges and wish others some level of karma for their actions. Remember, the world doesn't happen to you, it happens with you. Let go and forgive so what YOU receive is in alignment with your higher purpose.
Is the grass greener on the other side? Discover a different perspective that can help you figure out how to make it green wherever you are.
Believe it or not, what you say and how you say it has a lot to do with how your life unfolds. Are you a doubter, a wishful thinker, or do you claim the things you desire as if it already exists in your life? This takes work, but only after you recognize what you need to adjust.
When in a friendship, relationship, or interaction with other people sometimes we get caught up in what other people need to fix in order for us to be comfortable. If we are real with ourselves,  the one and only thing we have control over are ourselves. At least one should think. When we realize this we can enter and remain in flow with any/all relationships by honoring that realization. Pick up some insight on this and consider applying an idea or two into your life and see what happens. What do you have to lose?
Relationships can be difficult to navigate. Especially if one or both partners don't understand the value of waiting or letting things cool down so a healthy conversation can take place. Here are some discoveries that may help.
If you are not using your intuition to get your answers you should consider building that muscle. Looking for answers from other people is a cocktail for potentially destructive situations. People are in our lives as "messengers." They carry a key that helps us to unlock ourselves through gifting with guidance or a lesson. Your gut feeling is always accurate. When you "check-in" with it it is amazing how the guidance or message you received from someone helps you to find the answer within.
Why do we bang on and try to knock down doors that are clearly SHUT? Do you want constant rejection with a small dose of flow in your life OR do you want your life to flow easily with fewer rejections? The choice is yours. Look around you, there are so many options for other doors that allow you to freely walk through. Sometimes the fear of the unknown or the fear of change keeps you from entering. What fun is life standing at a doorway that is familiar yet rejects you?
Many of us take the time to keep our email inbox clean. You probably prioritize based on what to read later, what you want to engage with, and what gets put in the junk folder. When it comes to our personal lives many of us don't follow that same protocol, we may just let all the junk stay right in our inbox and not prioritize what shows up at any one given time. Why?
You can choose belief or you can choose doubt. One will get you whatever you desire in your life, while the other leads you to fall short or destroy something with just thoughts alone. We believe you will get something from this one! Tune in.
We've hit this topic in several ways before on previous podcasts (2019 and 2020 episodes have been archived) --- It is time for a refresher on why it is important to give to yourself FIRST.
There are many things that can hold you back from having what you want in life. Under the category of letting go are several things to consider when making improvements in your life.
Life doesn't have a manual. On top of that, it is completely different for each one of us. To make life easier to move through it is important to find the balance between doing it all yourself and calling upon someone with more expertise to help you accomplish your goals.
Co-creation is always happening in a relationship. Co-creation in an unhealthy relationship can become a very difficult landscape to navigate. The weight eventually becomes unbearable. Listen to a few perspectives on healthy co-creation in your relationship.
If we desire to open new and improved doors in our life a new set of keys is generally necessary. Hanging on to old keys will rarely allow you to move on, move forward, and grow in spaces better suited for you. Change is difficult. The most difficult thing to do in life is to let go of things or people we tend to hang on to.
In a relationship, we often give ourselves away just to be loved by the other person. Tune in to hear some of the potential problems that can come from giving yourself away, lowering your standards, and even compromising your integrity.
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