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The mission of Blackness and the Workplace is to empower Black professionals by providing resources, guidance, and support within a safe place to speak truth to power about the uniqueness of our shared experiences and identities. The goal of this podcast is to amplify and support Black voices, Black opinions, and Black support.
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In our final episode in the Black in Tech series, we talk with Dr. Carlotta Berry about her incredible journey, automation, and the benefits of automation on the American workforce. Support the show (
Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica


The founder of Blackness and the Workplace, Jessica talk about her career journey highs and lows and what led to the creation of Blackness and the Workplace. Support the show (
Why are companies just now embracing the Black Lives Matter Movement? Should they? Are their motives sincere or is it all just a game? Guest, Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis, founder of 365 Diversity, LLC, speaks with Jessica on these and other important issues. Support the show (
On this week's episode, we continue the conversation about corporate America's role in addressing and embracing the Black Lives Matter movement. With guest host, Laure Feaster, the newly appointed CEO of Professional Dimensions in Milwaukee, WI. Support the show (
Although most people don't associate spirituality and entrepreneurship together having both of these aligned can be beneficial for both our personal and professional lives. In this episode who discuss the importance of aligning our spiritual, emotional, and mental energies along with redefining what it means to be successful in this new era. Guest host, Chynna Hass, Intuitive Business Healer will share her story and her views on these matters.  Support the show (
Performance Improvement Plans (aka PIPs) are a treasured institution in Human Resources but they are problematic especially when they are used as weapons against Black people in the workplace. The impact of being unfairly place on a PIP cannot be understated as it can affect one's professional standing as well as mental and emotional health. In this mini-series, Jessica interviews Black professionals from various fields and backgrounds about their personal experiences with PIPs and their consequences. To start off this mini-series, she is speaking with Shamika Abraham, author of 'Stop Weaponizing PIPS Against Black Professionals' to begin discussing this issue in more depth. Support the show (
We are continuing the conversation about PIPS and the impact on Black professional's careers. In this episode, we listen to Danielle as she shares her story. Support the show (
We continue our conversation by talking with Clarie as she talks about her experiences with a problematic manager and the ramifications of the PIP process. Support the show (
Shanequa speaks with Blackness and the Workplace about her experiences with her manager, the PIP, and the after-effects. Support the show (
In our last episode in the PIP and The Threat to Black Employees mini-series, we discuss how to recognize when things are off at work, how to be proactive in correcting it, as well as how to overcome the challenges that come with being on a PIP. Guest host  Deborah T. Owens, Founder, and CEO of Corporate Alleycat joins us in this very important and eye-opening episode!  Support the show (
In this two-part mini-series, we will be talking with two employment lawyers, Rebecca Salawdeh and Rebecca Lopez as they give their insights about employment laws and the impact on employees in the workplace. On today's episode, we will be talking to Rebecca Salawdeh, a lawyer who represents employees and their rights as she talks about these issues. Support the show (
We continue part 2 on employment rights with Rebecca Lopez an attorney representing employers/business as she talks about right-to-work laws, social media, and what it means for employees. Support the show (
What is credit? Why is credit important? How can good/bad credit impact your future? In this episode of our Rebuilding Black Wall Street series, we talk about credit and why it matters with Kanisha Hines, owner of Credit Fit Restoration. Support the show (
In this episode of Rebuilding Black Wall Street, we talk about the importance of money, living within a budget, and living under your means. We also discuss how to create a budget and what you need to do to meet your savings goals! Support the show (
In this episode, we discuss Black Wealth. What it is and why it isn't always just about having money in the bank. Martinez White, financial planner and founder of Institution Productions, join us for today's episode. Support the show (
In this final episode of the Rebuilding Black Wall Street series, we talk with Majorie Rucker about the challenges and opportunities Black-Owned Businesses faced. Support the show (
In the season finale of Season One, host Jessica talks about the success of Blackness and the Workplace, the election, and its impact. Support the show (
In this episode, Jessica recaps 2020 as well as the recent white terrorist attack of the US Capitol on Jan 6, 2021, and the future of Blackness and the Workplace. Support the show (
The first episode in our Black In Tech mini-series where we interview Black professionals from a variety of fields in the STEM/Tech space. In this episode, we talk with Harrison Wheeler, UX designer at Linkedin about his career journey. Support the show (
In this episode of our Black in Tech series, we interview Patricia Gatlin about her experience recruiting young professionals into STEM careers. Support the show (
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