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Hang out with your host Chris Koehn, a former news photographer who turned to landscapes, as he talks with professional photographers about what it takes to capture compelling images.
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Welcome back to the Image File Podcast. A big thanks to everyone who has listened and shared the show! It's growing quickly and you can help me build on this momentum by subscribing to the podcast on your favorite platform and leaving a review. My guest almost deleted his opportunity to publish a Canadian best seller when an agent inquired about his work featuring old barns and other ruins scattered throughout Alberta, Canada. Photographer Joe Chowaniec was convinced the agent's email was a scam, so like any sensible person he ignored it. It wasn't until months later that he ended up speaking to the publisher and began work on what would become "Abandoned Alberta." Joe has driven thousands of kilometres along lonely range roads in search of forgotten places. I talk with him about documenting them with photography, discovering the history behind them and seeing them remembered in his new book. I also learn that Joe might have stumbled upon a terrific formula for photographers who are interested in a book deal of their own. We dig into that and I hope it inspires someone to follow their own publishing dreams. Abandoned Alberta is climbing Canadian best seller lists, and Joe is busy signing and delivering copies to bookstores around the province. I'm sure he's taking the time to snap a few pics in between delivery runs! Thanks for listening. SHOW NOTES: About Joe Chowaniec Twitter - Abandoned Alberta Facebook page - Publisher site profile  Where to buy Abandoned Alberta Amazon From the publisher Macintyre Purcell Inc. Joe in the media Edmonton Journal CBC Interesting stuff mentioned in podcast Eaton's - the company that sold the kit house Norwegians settling in Alberta Alberta trespassing law information (for entertainment purposes only! Does not replace actual legal advice. May cause dizziness, diarrhea, and such.) One photographer's perspective on keeping locations secret Some tips for photogtraphing abandoned buildings The ethics of exploring abandoned places Dixie Chicks Silent House on Spotify Wikipedia's International Harvester company entry Films shot in Alberta Chris Doering has a photo in the book Adobe Lightroom - Joe's photo software of choice Skylum Luminar, makers of that detestable automatic sky replacement feature Link to previous episode with landscape photographer Adam Gibbs Rwandan Gorilla safaris Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park Alberta Canon 7D - Joe's current camera Sony A9 II autofocus beast Big Valley concrete roundhouse ruins Friesen's printing Forgotten Saskatchewan - Chris Attrell Joe's wildlife Facebook page Alberta Fur and Feathers Haunted Alberta book Road music! The Garth Brooks channel on SiriusXM U2 channel on SiriusXM Alberta’s country radio 840 CFCW
I had a chance to talk with landscape photographer Adam Gibbs who, fresh off a trip to the Canadian Rockies, spoke about his recent shift to medium format digital, his popular YouTube channel, and his latest book, “Quiet Light” now in its second printing. Ever the agreeable chap, Adam and I chatted for well over an hour, and we dug into his earlier career shooting medium format film for magazines, and whether or not he's considering a return to analog after showing off his old film gear bag in a recent YouTube video. He was an avid Nikon user, picking up the 2018 Landscape Photographer of the Year award with images he shot with that system, so I was very interested in what drew him away from the excellent D850 to FujiFilm. Don't worry, we don't get into specs and camera geekery, there's plenty of that out there already. But I do find out what is important to Adam when it comes equipment, and he shares a bit of his philosophy and technique that help him craft stunning images. We end up discussing book publishing, printing images, and running into your fans in the field. Stick around for the whole show and learn the answer to the age old question, if the f/4 gang were the Beatles, who's Ringo? Despite some technical difficulties with our Skype connection, I think we managed to cover some interesting stuff in this episode featuring Adam Gibbs. If you haven’t heard who Adam is already and want to know more, you can find him at and on YouTube as Adam Gibbs. His book Quiet Light is into its second edition and is available at As for me, if you could subscribe, review, or do whatever it is that helps these kinds of shows grow, I’d appreciate it. Oh yeah, my newsletter is coming, I promise. Check out for more episodes. SHOW NOTES: Adam's website: Adam's YouTube channel Adam's book Quiet Light from Kozu Books Landscape photographers Gibbs and Hardcastle on having YouTube channels FujiFilm GFX 50R FujiFilm GFX 100    
In this episode of the Image File, I talk with the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the year 2020, Nicolas Lefaudeux. His award winning tilt-perspective image of the Andromeda Galaxy will no doubt make the rest of us wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?” Nicolas is a French optical engineer and amateur astrophotographer who built his own telescope as a teenager and devised a simple, yet effective, tilt adapter that allowed him to capture his winning image. We discussed the making of that image and the challenge of astrophotography, and I was inspired by his message about dark skies, something rapidly disappearing in Europe. Lefaudeux himself is just outside of Paris, in a Bortle 5 zone. Dark skies for him requires travel. I’m amazed that he’s able to capture deep sky images at all from his location. I spoke to Nicolas from his home in France. As usual, there are plenty of relevant links to follow along with below. SHOW NOTES: Award announcement with winning image Award website Nicolas Lefaudex’s website What is tilt-shift? Lefaudeux’s imaging method Field of view calculator Sony A7S Camera flange size explained Light pollution map Dark Sky preserves More of Lefaudeux’s ingenuity Lefaudeux’s image of Venus next to Sun Lefaudeux’s meteorite strike on the moon December 2020 eclipse in Argentina
Welcome to the Image File Podcast, I’m Chris Koehn, a former news photographer now practising the art of landscape photography. In this episode I go back to earlier this year when I spoke with Olympus Visionary and adventure filmmaker Chris Eyre-Walker. I had intended to release this earlier in the year but 2020 kinda derailed things for everyone. (Pardon my voice and sniffles during the podcast, I was fighting off the remnants of a cold!) Chris was in New York before the world shut down and I managed to talk to him about how he got his start as a pro photographer and developed a relationship with Olympus. His insight will help anyone with a quality portfolio who might want to work with brands. We also dig into the versatility of the Olympus line of micro four thirds cameras, and how these diminutive powerhouses help Chris capture compelling images along frozen peaks and windswept dunes. Disclosure: I own some Olympus gear so we do get a little excited about the equipment. But know that we wouldn’t speak so highly of this stuff if we didn’t really believe in it. Also, not sponsored, but hey Olympus, let’s talk? Show Notes: Chris Eyre-Walker on the web Chris’ Patreon Chris’ Instagram Chris on YouTube Olympus E-M5 Mark III My friend Tamas who got me into Olympus 24 Hours in Belgium video on YouTube Africa Wilderness Safaris Chris Burkhard surf photography Under an Arctic Sky Olympus Visionary Team Adrian Rohnfelder German photographer who had that video of the E-M1 II getting soaked in mud Dreamwalkers film Ursa Mini Pro G2 4.6K Olympus E-M1x Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival
Welcome to the first ever episode of The Image File Podcast! I’m Chris Koehn, a former news photographer now practising the art of landscape photography. In this inaugural episode of the Image File I'm checking in with the immensely talented Erin Babnik, who earlier this year was named a Canon Explorer of Light, and I find out how the pandemic has affected her photography business and way of life. For someone who is normally on the road 300 days of the year and earns part of her living through workshops, the pandemic has created new challenges for Erin. We delve into her new creative space, as well as the importance of collaborating with brands and other artists. We also look at how to get out of creative ruts and talk about some of the best ways to learn and improve your own photography while discussing some of my favorites from Erin’s portfolio. As always, Erin has some interesting stuff to reveal whenever we talk. Stick around to learn more about her upcoming Photoshop color panel developed in cooperation with post-processing legend, Tony Kuyper. Show Notes: Erin's website, portfolio and workshops Photographing Though The Seasons eBook Erin's writing on Photo Cascadia  Photo Cascadia Wide Angle Podcast on YouTube  David Cobb’s article on some inspiring women photographers Canon Explorers of Light Oregon, My Oregon book Erin's articles on storytelling in photography The Missing Piece photo Dust in the Wind Arrow Dynamic Kindred Spirits Tony Kuyper
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