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The gathering collect their wits. Horror lurks in the river valley.
An alliance of necessity is formed, a mysterious hut is found deep in the mysterious land. Choices are made in order to survive.
The strangers gather their wits. Horrible creatures storm the camp. With little weaponry but the bones that surround them to fend off immanent death, will the disparate tribe prevail?
Visions of tigers and leviathan serpents, of death beyond desert shores. Strangers awake in a strange land, reclaimed by the horrors that inhabit it.
With a box recovered from the swamp, the heroes return. But what's in the box?
The adventurers are about to fall to the horror that has plagued the swamps. Bonzi laments the heat anus.
The Octopus monstrosity descends upon our motley crew. A lizard champion rises to the challenge
The gang solve one eldritch horror to encounter another.
Monsters rise from the swamp. Will the swamp explode?
The swamp is a death trap. Are our heroes getting close to the source of all the evil?!
All I'm saying is people are going to die in this swamp
Earnestine's powers.....manifest?
Zar, Earnestine, and Bonesi progress into the swamp to discover the source of the corruption. They're not alone.
A Sasquatch, a skeleton, and a lizard man walk into a detective's office. There's a joke in here somewhere.
What lies on the other side of the light?
What's inside the light?
Monstrosities come from the trees. What lurks beyond the light?
The surface runners travel to the light's source. Horrors unfold on the way to the spire.
Carrack learns his mother might still be alive. The surface runners discover dark secrets about their new found abilities.
The surface runners reach their destination, yet the world Carrack left behind isn't as it seems.
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