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A Sunday bi-weekly actual play podcast focusing on weird fiction and even weirder hang ups! Laugh along as we struggle to get through one of our many sessions without losing our minds or sinking to on-sight pettiness. Dark fantasy and even darker humor abounds as we trek through places arcane and worlds eldritch and abominable. Home of the famous line "You Can't Grapple A Ghost!" and the even more infamous Elder Sign Wrestling audio drama. Twitter @LordsBroken
108 Episodes
Embryn reunites with a lost cousin, but is there something wrong with her?
The crew explores Embryn's familial estate. Specters cling to the darkness. Will Embryn find her family in time?
Embryn enters her family's home, but finds it abandoned and destroyed. Strange noises beckon inside. What lurks in the dark of the Oleander estate?
With Panvielle torn apart by rioting, Embryn realizes that her family is in danger.
Jailbreak plans are forged in the dark; a boss lays indisposed in the lobby. Will the surface runners overcome their dysfunctional psychopathy to rescue the New Hope townsfolk?
Painvelle burn as public outcry escalates; unlikely friendship blooms as Krusk's loyalties are tested.
Carrack gaslights Whiskers into reconnecting with an old flame.
The surface runners confront the mysterious Whiskers. Deborah's fate hangs in the balance. Where do Decimeth's loyalties lie?
Purloin is the name of the game as the surface runners make off with ill-gotten gains as they trail the mysterious Whiskers. Tempers flair due to the aftermath of the festival's main event.
Who is the mysterious Whiskers? The surface runners attempt to attend the big fight to find out. Decimeth makes dubious dealings; Carrack slowly spirals into his own degeneracy. Embryn finds home in an unexpected place.
The surface runners hear word about a mysterious festival happening in town, whose origins have been obscured by time. At the centerpiece of the event is a brutal traditional kickboxing tournament known as Foksa. Krusk shirks the party for this episode; what is on his mind?
The surface runners get some R and R courtesy of Decimeth's connected friends. A hot argument erupts over lighting a stove.
Friendships are tested, Carric resents Decimeth's affiliations, Krusk receives a favor from Temperance. But is this a token of good will or an offer that he can't refuse down the line?
The surface runners discover their new friend has more connections than they anticipated; some potentially unsavory. Carric is offered a real devil's bargain.
The surface runners acquire new wares as Carric destroys the local economy with binge purchases. Is this a mid-life crisis? What of Decimeth? He seems quite familiar with this elusive Barlovon.
4A4 recon makes their last stand on the fungal menace. Will they survive?
A last stand breaks out during the final supply run. Will the 4A4 hold out against the onslaught?
A potential cure to the creeping dread is unveiled. Contained, it can be salvation. Concentrated, it could be annihilation. What will be done with this power?
Candling station is too quiet. Will 4A4 recon gather the needed supplies for the cure?
The cure appears bottled away in the core mass. Is this a panacea or an introduction to a new plague?
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