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Author: Tristan T. Alvarado

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This podcast is a passion project come true. I live, breathe and have thought about boxing ever since I was little kid jumping around my hand made couch cushioned boxing ring in the living room. I said I was going to be a fighter after I watched Floyd Mayweather knockout Ricky Hatton back in 2007. I became an amatuer boxer and won a couple tournaments, fought in Mexico, and dedicated myself to the sweet science. But fighting made me a selfish person. I was over training and most importantly not appreciating my time in the ring. I got burnt out and stopped fighting shortly after my 16th birthday. I played sports in high school/college and learned many lessons along the way from coaches, teachers, professors, and friends. Even though I wasn't fighting boxing was always on my mind. In my head the concepts I was learned translated to boxing. I received a degree in communications and here I am putting it to use with boxing as my subject. Even though fighting is a lonely sport no one can do it all by themselves. I hope this podcast helps inspire, teach, and entertain the amatuer/ professional boxers of today.
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My Cannabis Use

My Cannabis Use


With cannabis being in the news lately I wanted to throw my own cannabis use into the mix and talk about how I use the plant as a reward system. From dosing to running I talk about it in this short episode, enjoy!
Topics: ExcellenceMaking rest apart of the excellence equationBeing a robotLiving to 120 is selfish The coffee bean
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Signed up for a 100 miler at the end of May and I'm prepping my body for the second vax shot!!! It's on hope everyone is staying healthy. 
Listen in to my recommendations for this week!
Follow AJ's podcast "All Factors Considered" to get all the information you need on all the UFC fights to place a better educated bet and make some money. On Instagram @AllfactorsConsidered @_ent_aj
Follow Aj's page on Instagram @sicklista.mtb We discuss everything mountain biking on this episode today.  
Follow my friend Jose on Instagram @j.ayar_therapy Today we spoke about his 3 pillars of health, how he received his schooling in massage therapy and the mix between science and holistic healing. 
Taking "Power to Sleep PM" by irwin natruals and I have been sleeping very soundly from it. The proof in my lower heart rate. 
Very interesting poll last night on the Instagram. Thank you to everyone who tapped in. 
Just signed up for my first Ultra Race, it goes down Oct 2, 2021. Shoutout to all my co workers for smiling yesterday, and lets crush the week everyone!!!
WOW, What a weekend... Ran 80 miles pacing a friend for his race. My friend CRUSHED IT, he did it, completed the task of 100 miles. Enjoy and if you'd like to be on the podcast to talk about running hit me up on instagram @Tristan_Alvarado24
Running in the sun

Running in the sun


In this episode I speak about my time running, training and the thoughts that have arose. Enjoy. 
Keeping it 100-

Keeping it 100-


Podcast dropping every single day! Yes every single day I'll be dropping a new podcast episode tune in when you need your daily dose of T. Talking about stepping up my own game on the podcast, Oscars and climate change, and the various forms of hustle.  
Podcast Host Derick G

Podcast Host Derick G


Derick is the host of both "The Portland Free Thinkers Club" a podcast with a variety of topics and guest and "All Factors Considered" a podcast to put you on game if you are looking to place wagers on the UFC fights. Follow these podcast and on Instagram @PortlandFreeThinkersClub @AllFactorsConsidered and  Derick himself @D496
4/20 With Chris Wilbur

4/20 With Chris Wilbur


Follow my very stony friend Chris Wilbur on Instagram @ProfessionalJointRoller on Instagram. 
Catching up with Adam Blunose Lopez after his latest win this year. Follow him on instagram @bluenoselopez 
Phillip is a car enthusiast and to check out his rides peep his instagram account @pmtw__ He recently got back from Vegas where he was a a Shelby meet up, and we spoke about the culture around cars. 
On this episode of "Time To Reflect" I talk about this past week with the family as well as some of my favorite meals, exercise routine and the future angle of the podcast. 
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