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Author: Ross Burrage

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Masaka Cycling Club is an amateur cycling team based in Masaka, Southern Uganda. The club composition is made up of elite, developing and entry level cyclists. Our club is part of the Team Amani initiative which also comprises sister clubs in both Kenya and Rwanda. This initiative is designed to showcase cycling talent within the East African nations and prepare riders for opportunities amongst professional cycling teams.
9 Episodes
We talk with Mikel Delagrange about all things Amani Project and how the collaboration impacts the Masaka Cycling Club Foundation. Loads of exciting opportunities coming up.
Just a short little update for all Donors & Supporters on what has happened in the last few weeks on the ground and what is coming up in the next few weeks. If you are new to our world please jump on Instagram @masakacyclingclub & our website to find out how you can join the fight.
An incredibly informative view into the world of East African Cycling. Kimberly & Jock have been involved in the evolution of East African Cycling since 2006. Their story starts from a small humble involvement, almost by accident in 2006 to what is now a daily passion and fight for Cyclists across the whole of Africa. We are so grateful to Kimberly & Jock for the guidance and willingness to help Masaka Cycling Club in Uganda. Both are true friends. Please follow @africarisingcycling on Instagram and check out for more information on Cycling in Rwanda.
The Migration Gravel Race is a brutal 650km 4 Day Stage Race based in the wilds of Kenya. In this chat we speak to Race Organisers Suleiman Kangangi & Simon Blake about the unique elements elite gravel riders from the world over can expect from the super challenging event. We also have a good chat to Suleiman about his upbringing in Kenya and how his work ethic ended in a dream signing with professional cycling team Bike Aid. Check out Instagram @migration_gravel_race for more information on the upcoming event scheduled for January 2021 and always jump on to find out how you can help us in our fight to showcase East African cycling talent to the world.
This is just a 15min update on what is happening on the ground in Uganda for September 2020. To find out more please always go to , jump on our Instagram Page @masakacyclingclub or Facebook Page Masaka Cycling Club-Uganda
The Bikepacking community the world over has been incredibly supportive of the Masaka Cycling Club initiative. In this episode Lewis deep dives into how the club has built links with outside cycling enthusiasts who now support the club and its members cycling dreams. Check out for more information and please support the @overlandarchive on Insta.
Steve O'Shaughnessy hosts My Back 40 Bikepacking Podcast based in Canada. Steve has been instrumental in spreading the word of Masaka Cycling Club beyond Uganda and Australia. This chat between Steve and Miiro is incredible and at times very emotional. Please support Steve by searching My Back 40 on your favourite Podcast App and we thank Steve for opening his heart to the struggles of Masaka Cycling Club.
This is a very special chat between one of the worlds best Ultra Endurance Athletes and Chairman of Masaka Cycling Club Miiro Michael. Miiro is a very special human, a Ugandan social worker with a passion for cycling and a passion for equality. Enjoy what is a very special and detailed conversation. Thanks Lewis Ciddor for opening your heart to the struggles of the cycling talent in this region. You can support Lewis by subscribing to the Overland Archive Podcast and following on Instagram @overlandarchive. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram @masakacyclingclub and jump on
This is a quick intro to what you can expect from the Masaka Cycling Club Podcast. Masaka Cycling Club is based in Southern Uganda, one of the poorest regions on earth. The upcoming episodes will provide some insight into the world of Cycling in East Africa and the many barriers faced by the talented cyclists of the region. Please follow our journey on Instagram @masakacyclingclub or jump on the Media Page or Support Page of our website and come on the ride of your life.
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