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Author: Brian Sharp

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Join host Brian Sharp as he interviews business leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts to uncover proven strategies to help build better companies and live better lives. From beating burnout and making big decisions to managing stress and scaling successfully, you'll hear practical advice from those in the trenches tackling these tough topics every day just like you. There is a path to balance happiness and high performance in business - we hope you will join us as we explore it here and get better, together.
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Author, trainer and Certified Life Coach Jenifer Novak Landers has built a successful business helping people create breakthroughs to find the best versions of themselves over the past 15+ years. From artists to executives, she guides her clients through the deep and often challenging work of self-discovery. In this engaging interview, Jenifer walks me through her process of challenging the ideas, assumptions and self-talk that often feeds our limiting beliefs rather than open up the limitless variety of possibility that can lead to our own version of happiness. From stepping out of "high performer" mode to becoming a self-care rockstar, we cover it all. If you are ready for asking yourself the tough but necessary questions - you’re ready for this episode. Enjoy! Some of what we cover during the interview includes: The High Performer Dilemma: Doing vs. BeingThe journey of self-discoveryStepping out of “high performer” modeHow to trust your intuitionUnderstanding your egoThe power of self-talk and choosing our own storiesBreaking down High Performance HappinessInternal vs. external happinessUsing humor to open upManaging overwhelm with meaningBeing a self-care rockstarDefining happiness for youGUEST BIO - Jenifer Novak LandersI love working with individuals, groups and businesses to facilitate personal growth and fulfillment. I  am a certified life coach through JFK University Integrative Coaching  Program.  I launched my coaching practice, "Fully Expressed Potential" in 2005 and have been coaching full-time since then. In 2017 I was selected to be a Chopra Center Life Coach.  In this role, I support clients of the Chopra Center to stay on track with personal goals, spiritual growth and finding the joy and purpose of being the greatest version of themselves.   I wrote two books, "Fully Expressed Living:  50 Perspectives from  Stuck to Fulfilled", and "Guided Meditation Coloring Book".  Both are  available on Amazon.  I have a passion for working with groups, either  in workshops or as a facilitator. My favorite topics are personal growth, spiritual development, mindfulness, creativity and communication in life/relationships.   My  background includes owning a decorative painting studio,  20 years’ working in sales and business  development, creativity, training/facilitation and leading events and  retreats for business groups and women.RESOURCESWebsite: Book: Fully Expressed Living Book: Guided Meditation Coloring Book
This week’s interview is with productivity expert, Matthew Gaddy. As a fellow time management nerd, I anticipated (and looked forward to) getting into the weeds on all things productivity - but there was so much more. Packed with tons of great tips this conversation also takes some unexpected twists that challenged how I thought about my time. As a husband, dad and entrepreneur, Matthew shares keen insight into common traps we all fall into, but more importantly, simple steps to get out. From managing stress and overwhelm to starting your day and making “me time”, I think you’ll take away some valuable insight from what I hope you will find to be a productive episode. Some of what we cover includes:Study habits for all of usStarting early and making “Me Time”Giving yourself grace4 cornerstones of a good morning routineDefining productivity and boundariesThe core principles of productivityThe most important hour of your dayBalancing High Performance HappinessBeing overwhelmed and how to manage itThe magic of microstepsHow to define a good weekBurnout and the importance of self-careGUEST BIO: Michael GaddyMatthew Gaddy has been a student of productivity for over 8 years. His journey started in college with the desire to learn how to study effectively and get good grades. This first venture into learning about effective actions, goal setting and increasing productivity carried over into his first job working for the largest utility in Texas.In this position, Matthew saw the need for productivity coaching, not as a way to add more to already crammed days, but to teach others how to identify the goals they want to achieve, select and prioritize the steps to achieve them, plan days that supported their productivity, and execute their actions to their best ability.Matthew is on a mission not only to help engineers become more productive but to also do so in a way that lessens stress and fosters an environment to produce high-quality work. RESOURCESWebsite: LinkedIn: 
Nisha Anand (CEO of Dream Corps) burst onto the public scene with her 2020 TEDTalk “The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground” which now has more than 1 Million views in over 5 languages. Her unique, powerful, and quite timely take on solving some of the world’s biggest problems has shed a spotlight on the way she has lived, led and worked all her life.In this powerful interview, we shift that spotlight to behind the scenes for an inspiring (and entertaining) story. How does a public CEO, a leader, an activist, a wife and mother balance such important roles in such an intense environment? The answers may just surprise you as we cover everything from stepping into courage and taking on bold challenges to balancing the discomfort of achievement and choosing love for ourselves. Plus a ton of wild and amazing behind-the-scenes stories along the way. Sometimes the timing is just right - and it certainly is for this episode. Enjoy!Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Beginner’s mindLeadership lessons & letting others leadTaking risksTaking on big problems in a bold wayGrowth and getting uncomfortableA message or leaders that survived 2020Expanding your circle to solve problemsFear and finding your purposeStepping into your courageDealing with stress and overwhelmStaying calm in the middle of chaosFriends, mentors and familyStaying curiousSelf-talkThe competitive advantage nobody talks aboutChoosing loveGUEST BIO - Nisha AnandNisha Anand is the CEO of Dream Corps, the national nonprofit organization bringing people together across racial, social and partisan lines to create a better future for all. Previously, Nisha served as Chief of Staff to Van Jones, CNN commentator and NY Times Bestselling Author. A veteran fundraiser and consultant with decades of experience in nonprofit development and management, Nisha has also served as Director of Development for The Ruckus Society, a national direct action training organization, and for San Francisco Women Against Rape, the city’s rape crisis center. Nisha is a senior trainer and consultant with GIFT, the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training. As a certified coach, Nisha is a pioneer in the field of “fundraising coaching”–providing a unique blend of coaching people through their issues around money.In 1998, Nisha was arrested passing out pro-democracy leaflets in the military dictatorship of Burma and sentenced to five years in jail with 18 other international activists. Her arrest put her on the international stage, delivering speeches at numerous events and conferences and interviewing for TV, radio, and print. In 1999, she received her Masters Degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the American University in Washington, D.C. Nisha lives in Berkeley, California with her husband, two teenagers, and their Great Dane.RESOURCESTwitter: LinkedIn: Website: Personal Blog: The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground (Feb 2020)
What does someone do that is in the top 1% of their profession, has successfully built and sold a company (and helped many others do the same), and committed to significant philanthropic work? They ask for help. And that’s exactly what I get to talk with my good friend Sean Boyd about in this episode.This conversation is special because this guy is special to me. I get to flip the script and pull back the curtain on someone that I’ve watched countless times make a meaningful impact in the lives and businesses of others with his expertise, advice, and empathy. We cover a wide range of ideas and strategies from mindfulness to mastery and managing stress to brainstorming. This interview is packed with useful insights and ideas that we can all relate to and benefit from. Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Asking yourself (and your spouse) hard questionsFinding momentsHandling anger and stressFinding purpose and taking chancesPsychology vs. techniqueThe art of asking for helpWhy moms are the bestWorking through pressure situationsSaying noWalk & TalksPersonal retreats Spending time aloneFinding fulfillmentGiving to be successfulGUEST BIO - Sean Boyd, CPA, CFP, CVASean has over 20 years of public accounting experience specializing in small business and real estate taxation. He is one of northern California's most highly regarded and sought after CPAs with three professional designations; CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), and CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) place him in a professional category that less than 1% of all U.S. CPAs have achieved.He has helped hundreds of clients all across the country turn small ideas into successful and profitable businesses and legacies. Sean graduated from George Mason University with a dual major in finance and accounting. After working for the largest Washington DC based CPA firm, he moved to South Lake Tahoe in 1999 to be a glorified ski bum, however, his career followed him and he developed and refined his client niche between powder days. While in Tahoe he was the assistant mogul coach for Heavenly Valley Ski Foundation's freestyle team and has coached and developed three athletes to the U.S. Team, including current member Sho Kashima. Sean is married to his wife Andrea and they have two boys, Jeremy and Josh, both of whom show early signs of adrenaline addiction. Sean loves the outdoors and being with his family. You will often see them taking family walks in the evenings for what Sean calls "life's perfect time".RESOURCESLinkedInWebsite: California AccountingWomen’s Philanthropy Institute ReportCharitiesTower of NicenessSki Duck
Rachelle Wiggins has been a successful entrepreneur for 14 years, a wife of 10 years and is a mother of 3 - doing it all under pressure in a pressure-packed industry with style and grace. What’s more impressive is how she has navigated COVID which added even more pressure, roles and responsibility while managing a business cut by 90%.This authentic and inspiring conversation gets to the heart of what so many are dealing with, but shows a truly unique and powerful perspective. From balancing as a high performer and a parent to maintaining sanity and self-care, we dig into relatable topics with a thoughtful twist. If you are juggling a lot, feeling the pressure or just looking for some hope - this is a conversation worth listening to.Some of what we cover during the interview includes: The word of the year: GraceJuggling the roles of a busy mom, wife and business leaderHustling for multiple streams of incomeFinding perspective and gratitude in all thingsThe importance of listeningThe secret to managing stress: The Poker FaceThe art of making quick decisions (and owning them)Planning for things to go wrong (AKA Plan B)Minimalist self-carePicking the “Easy Yes” to get out of the funkGUEST BIO - Rachelle WigginsRachelle’s education and job experience lead her to her passion for event planning and consulting. Rachelle is the owner and operator of Cain Event Planning, a wedding and event planning firm as well as the Wedding Director for the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA.Rachelle graduated from the University of Redlands, in 2002 with a degree in Liberal Arts. She continued her education receiving a Masters of Human Resource Management from National University.  Rachelle Currently resides in Elk Grove, CA with her husband and three boys.Media & Awards·         2012 Recipient of Exceptional Women of Color Award for the category of Exceptional Career Mom·         Voted KCRA A List 10 Northern California Wedding Planners·         Weddings Featured in Real Weddings Magazine 2014, 2015, & 2016, 2018, 2019  Issues·         Wedding Wire Rated Wedding Planner RESOURCESFacebookInstagramLinkedInWeb: 
Would you be willing to turn in a successful 16 year corporate career to start a new business, new non-profit and become a professional bodybuilder- in the same year (2020) - in your 40s? Well, that's exactly what Crystal Harris did! Her inspiring ‘leap of faith story’ is just the beginning of what you’ll take away from this amazing conversation. She shares insights into how she structures her schedule, life and mindset to maintain her elite level of performance while also being her own “driver of happiness”. From taking chances and finding confidence to focusing on what matters, you can’t help but walk away with a smile and a strategy from this interview.Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Training to be your best - there is no off-seasonScheduling your day for success (and a lot of stuff)The keys of self-discipline and self-motivationHow to be the driver of your own happinessWhy accountability and reliability matter mostHow to deal with the down daysThe magic of thinking in extremes Finding your confidence in the processBeing intentional about what you wantGUEST BIO - Crystal HarrisCrystal Harris owner of CMH Consulting Solutions, providing environmental health & safety services, has over 16 years of experience working within the largest privately held food company in America.During her time working in the food manufacturing industry, she held various roles within the EHS, operations and warehousing functions. While she gained a wealth of technical expertise in the functions she operated in, her passion mostly lies within training, education and helping to develop others into their full, untapped potential.Crystal recently took a leap of faith to pursue her dreams of starting a business, establishing a non-profit organization, and becoming a professional bodybuilder. While this has been a huge undertaking for Crystal, she is always ready for a new challenge and does not back away from any opportunities that may lie ahead of her.RESOURCESCrystal Harris - LinkedInCrystal Harris - InstagramEmail:
Wonder how a global executive leader, elite triathlete and LinkedIn influencer optimizes his life for High Performance Happiness? Well, that’s exactly what we get to find out in this conversation with Sean Smith. I’ve been a fan of his content for some time now, but had a chance recently to meet him and found he was the real deal and perfect for our podcast - a truly humble high performer.We cover everything from balancing perfectionism and performance to surviving burnout and setting boundaries. His unique background living, working and leading around the world combined with his true passion of helping leaders succeed by putting people first is as refreshing as it is relevant. If you are seeking clarity, a little motivation or some great insights into balancing high performance and happiness, you won’t want to miss this one!Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Training to be a high performerDefining success - how and why to get ultra clear on your goals4 steps to attacking any type of goalHow to get the right feedback, at the right time and receive it the right wayThe secret to setting guilt-free boundaries for work/life balanceThe importance of sleep and how to better prioritize for itMorning routines, “Me Time”, and getting a good startGUEST BIO - Sean SmithSean Smith is the New Installations Director for Schindler Lifts Singapore since 2018.Previously Sean spent 5 years working for the Jardine Schindler Group in Jakarta, holding various roles starting as a project engineer and progressing to leading a division of the business there.Being half Swiss and British, Sean also spent time in the Swiss Armed Forces where he served as Lieutenant.Outside of work, Sean is also a passionate triathlete and has competed in Ironman 70.3 events qualifying for the world championships in 2021. Sean is passionate about helping the next generation of leaders succeed in the corporate world by putting their people first, allowing people to feel motivated to do their best work and go home happy at the end of the day.RESOURCESSean Smith - 
I’m often asked about how or where I find my mentors/coaches and in this episode I get to share one that also happens to be a friend of mine for more than 25 years - Jeb Burns. He’s a certified Human Potential Coach, Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master’s in Kinesiology and Athletic Training. Simply put, when it comes to high performance - he knows his stuff and has taught me a lot.In this conversation we take a slightly different path to focus on self care and “filling your cup” to balance your high performance goals. If you struggle with mental energy, physical energy, focus or consistency with your self-care, this one’s for you. We talk through tactical and practical steps to start your day, recalibrate when things throw you off and maximize your energy so you can feel good and most importantly, feel joy.  Hope you enjoy it too!Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Mental energy traps (and how to avoid them)Finding focus when working from homeUnderstanding the impact of emotional energyThe Golden Hour - designing a morning routine that works for youThe role of rest and recovery in your training and routinesThe art of self-forgiveness for high performers Short term goals vs. long term lifestyle: the journey to feeling your bestGetting clarity and getting started from wherever you areGUEST BIO - JEB BURNSJeb is a life and health coach, husband, father of two, outdoor enthusiast, a bit of a health fanatic and thoroughly enjoys helping others create positive change within their own life. Some of his professional experience and credentials include: Certified Human Potential Coach (Bulletproof Training Institute)Certified Athletic Trainer: Previously worked with SJSU Athletics, the Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, and Co-Directed a Physical Therapy clinic.Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistMaster’s degree in Kinesiology and Athletic Training.I have over 20 years’ experience working with Professional, Collegiate and High School athletes, the general public, and medical professionals within the fields of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy.RESOURCES 
In this episode I sit down with speaker, author and confidence coach Erin Summ to discuss how confidence plays a role in both our performance and happiness. Her background in psychology and as a certified Confidence Coach provides unique insight into the way we think about ourselves and the impact that has on our ability to overcome challenges and achieve our biggest goals.From net worth to self worth, we dig into the “why” behind some of our tendencies and she shares some great tips and strategies for finding confidence and reducing stress - including my favorite part which are her 3 key questions to ask yourself in times of stress, doubt or burnout. Get ready to laugh, learn and hopefully take away some helpful ideas to build your personal and professional confidence.Some of what we cover during the interview includes: The #1 confidence challenge (and how to handle it)Finding your own confidenceThe connection between confidence, success and happinessThe 3 most important questions to ask yourself when facing doubt or burnout Overcoming fears & limiting beliefsThe confidence trap for high performers GUEST BIOErin Summ is an International Confidence Consultant, sought after speaker, author of Stand Up and Shine: 60 Day Confidence Discovery Journal and co-author of Catch Your Star. She hosts her own events and retreats, passionate about supporting women business owners to get past their own fears, gain confidence and make more money. She has been seen on MorningBlend on ABC10 in Sacramento.Erin has been on her own journey from shy to confident since 2008. She used to be so fearful of being seen and heard, in school, the thought alone of asking a question gave her major anxiety and she’d chicken out. But her vision was always bigger than her fears. Erin holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach.RESOURCES Stand Up and Shine: 60 Day Confidence Discovery JournalThe Confidence Code
In this episode I get the chance to speak with Diane Wismer- COO and Co-Founder of Sparck, an employee recognition software start-up. Taking advantage of both her experience and expertise, we talk about high performance happiness from the perspective of today’s leaders as well as the perspective of a wife/mom/startup exec.She shares some insightful approaches to managing stress, working from home and helping others do the same more effectively. The entire conversation is rooted in honesty and authenticity around tough topics anyone can relate to - along with some really practical advice to help.Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Building (and breaking) good wellness habitsThe traps of perfectionismSimple ways to address burnoutIdentifying what robs us of happiness (and how to hang onto it)Designing your “weekly debrief” (you’ll love this)Tips for realistic and effective prioritizing in the midst of a fast paceThe value that comes from self-awarenessGUEST BIODiane is on a mission to bring out the best in people and organizations.  With over 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational development, human resources and operations, she’s been helping organizations build positive work environments where people use their strengths to do big things.In her roles as coach, facilitator, consultant and C-Suite executive, Diane’s been fueled by what’s possible for people when they feel seen and know their contributions matter. As Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Sparck, a leading-edge employee recognition software startup, she’s the glue that keeps the team focused on transforming workplaces around the world.Her inspiration comes from regular meditation, her husband Steve and son Gabe, and adventures in a vintage ‘57 travel trailer with their dog Ruby.RESOURCES 
In this episode we jump right into the deep end with Janice Burt -  a multi-talented author, actor, speaker, entrepreneur, Spanish translator and mom. This was an amazingly honest, refreshing and insightful conversation about getting uncomfortable so we can grow. From facing fears and failure to finding balance and deeper meaning along a path of self discovery, we get into the good stuff about feeling good. If you’ve been thinking about making a change, challenged with changes happening around you, or are ready to change the world - you won’t want to miss this one. Some of what we cover during the interview includes: The nuance of finding balanceThe secret to facing your fears and doing it anywayTips for when you get “out of balance”Resetting with your WHYThe importance of self-care and self-loveTaking responsibility for your thoughts - the power of self-talkRedefining success for high achievers
In this episode I interview my good friend, CJ Alvarado - Founder and CEO of Bamboo Creative, a leading brand design and strategy agency.CJ is more than a successful entrepreneur, he’s a thought leader I turn to when it comes to mindset, problem solving and critical thinking. During our conversation we get into the good stuff. This wide-ranging and honest talk covers not just some very tactical ideas but some very personal insights you’ll be sure to relate to.Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Using Curiosity to navigate Challenging timesDisconnecting identity from performanceThe shift to prioritizing self care Managing anxiety & stressDeveloping a daily self care ritualSustaining your drive with self-careFinding perspective when you are under pressureManaging your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energyGiving yourself permission to work differently and bring your whole self to workRESOURCESTony SchwartzBamboo CreativeBlog
In this episode I had the opportunity to interview Darren Virassammy, author, speaker and COO of 34 Strong, Inc.- a national consulting firm that helps companies and government agencies create "a great place to work". During our conversation we talk a lot about the challenges facing businesses and their teams as we transition to a more "permanent" work from home environment and how we can do a better job keeping our employees (and ourselves) more engaged - including a tip I had never considered. We also dive into personal growth, finding balance with family, music and a lot more. Whether you are a manager or a mom or both, there's something in this one for everyone.Some of what we cover during the interview includes: The power of “Uncertainty Anchors”How to make hard decisionsManaging mental health and burnoutManaging remote teams during COVIDThe key to remote employee engagement (it’s not what you think)The “Power of the Pause”Having fun and recharging ResourcesThe Good Life Project Podcast by Jonathan FieldsUncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance by Jonathan FieldsStatistic: “90% of our time is spent indoors”- EPA
I'm not sure there's a better way to kick off our very first episode than with Alejandro Reyes. Alejandro is a life-long entrepreneur, owner of Digital Napkin - a national marketing agency, and one of my favorite humans.In this episode we dive into how he manages to balance growing companies (including helping lead a startup from $0-$100M in 2 years) to putting his family first. You'll get insight into how he prioritizes time for work, family and fun to design the lifestyle he chooses while still performing at a high level.This episode is perfect for those wanting to learn more about Help & Hustle as it embodies everything we are looking to learn about. Sit down, enjoy and get ready for the good stuff in this one!Some of what we cover during the interview includes: Scheduling time for familyTaking control of your calendarThe importance of generosity and gratitudeGetting home life right firstManaging stress, fear, and anxiety during times of growth/challengeAbundance mindsetCuriosity and perseverance - Testing, testing and more testingHow to cultivate long-lasting energyThe posture of learningResourcesThe Road Ahead by Bill Gates
First and foremost, thanks so much for checking out the podcast. I wanted to take a few minutes to share a bit about the inspiration behind it and some of the information that I hope to share in the upcoming episodes including:Why did I start this podcast?What is it all about?Who is this podcast for?What will we cover?How can it help?I'm excited to share my journey with you as we uncover how leading entrepreneurs, business leaders and thought leaders are finding ways to do their best work and live their best lives. Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety and pressure from your relentless pursuit of results or just looking for ways to better balance your work and home life, we'll have something for everyone.Wherever you are at in your journey, we are glad you are here. 
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