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Welcome to The Student Entrepreneur, a BYU Rollins Center podcast, dedicated to helping students like YOU start their businesses. On this podcast, we feature young, successful entrepreneurs and hear their stories of how they turned their business ideas into a reality.
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On today's episode of The Student Entrepreneur  we feature Nathan Allen, a recent graduate in the BYU marketing program, a former BYU athlete, and owner of Big Rock Adventure. Unlike many of our guests, Nathan didn't start his company, but instead tells the story of how he bought and grew his outdoor adventure company.  Overcoming poor economic times, a dishonest original founder, and the challenges associated with a weather dependant company Nathan proves that just that you don't have to start a business to be a tough, capable entrepreneur.
On today's episode of The Student Entrepreneur  we feature Elizabeth Jeffrey, a junior in the entrepreneurship program, mother of six, and social entrepreneur. After years away from school, she decided to return and pursue some of her entrepreneurial dreams. Armed with the skills and tenacity only a mother can have, Elizabeth tells us the story of her company and how she balances school, family, and work to lead a fulfilling life.
On today's episode of The Student Entrepreneur  we feature Marissa Barlow, a junior in the BYU Strategy Program, an Entrepreneur, and cofounder of the swimsuit company, Nani Swimwear. At age 15, while struggling to find a fun yet appropriate swimsuit for a family vacation, Marissa decided to start a company that provided quality, modest, and fashion-forward swimsuits. The Mission of Nani swim wear is to empower women everywhere to love their bodies, seek adventure and live a "nani" life.  Find out how Marissa went from knowing nothing about the swimsuit industry to being the founder of her own successful brand.
On todays episode of The Student Entrepreneur we feature Abby Warner and Taimi Kennerley, cofounders of one of BYU's  the most successful, innovative and impressive startups: The Girls Company.  Abby, Taimi and their third cofounder, Zoia Ali,  started their company with a mission to help women alleviate the pain of period cramps. They developed and validated their product, a portable heating band, in an introductory entrepreneurship class at BYU. They've gone on to win several business competitions and have been able to grow their business with the prize money they've accumulated. In this episode "the girls" teach us the secrets behind winning business competitions, validating your business, and finding amazing cofounders.
On this Episode of The Student Entrepreneur  we talk with Maryorie Delgado, a BYU entrepreneurship major, latina, and business owner. She takes us through her interesting story of starting a car dealership with her father and teaches us how to be more inclusive and encourage diversity.
On this episode of The Student Entrepreneur  we speak with Willy Hogan - A BYU finance major, die-hard surfer and creator of the Luma Bottle: a self-cleaning reusable water bottle using UV sterilization. We talk with Willy about the process of starting a product-based company and the importance of mentoring, networking, and finding your passion.
On this episode of The Student Entrepreneur we talk with Brandon Bateman - Founder of Bateman Collective Digital Marketing. During this episode, we discuss why starting from zero is a great way for student entrepreneurs to start their businesses.
On this episode of The Student Entrepreneur we sit down with Shawn Watkins  and hear his story of how he went from pre-medical student to the software industry to starting his own business. During this episode we talk about how to turn your passion into purpose and why this is the most important thing for entrepreneurs to do.
On this episode of The Student Entrepreneur we sit down with Bridger Pennington - a young scrappy BYU entrepreneur who became the Founder & Managing Director at Black Bridge Holdings. Black Bridge Holdings is an investment fund worth that helps entrepreneurs consolidate debt. In this episode, Bridger teaches us why College is the best time to start a business and helps to break down the Money Myth - one of the three myths of entrepreneurship.
In this episode of The Student Entrepreneur we sit down with Hailey Krey - collegiate tennis player, battler of Juvenile Arthritis and CEO of Ascendant Tracker.  The Ascendant Tracker enables individuals to gain greater awareness and control over mental health by helping them easily track their patterns. Join us as we discuss how to Find Your Why in entrepreneurship and to hear Hailey's story of how she overcame multiple obstacles to become a collegiate athlete and social entrepreneur.
In this episode of The Student Entrepreneur we sit down with Whitney King - a BYU alumni and Founder/CEO of Wave of Mind. Wave of Mind bridges the gap between self help and therapy through a 6 month pen-to-paper guided journaling plan created by clinical psychologists.Join us as we discuss the importance of understanding your customer, the importance of mental health for entrepreneurs and more!
In this episode with Pablo Diaz, we investigate how he started his successful Missionary Packages company in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This business funded his move to the U.S. as he started his college education at BYU and sought to expand his business worldwide.
In this episode of The Student Entrepreneur, we sit down with Carolyn Conner - a lifestyle entrepreneur, photographer, educator, mentor and BYU student. With over five years of experience running a successful photography and videography business, Carolyn shares her strategies and methods on how to monetize what you love. 
Canary Safety provides a way for firefighters to have detailed information about the carcinogens they have been exposed to in their work. The road to building Canary Safety was filled with twists and turns, along with a lot of empathy. In this episode, Canary Safety's founder, Palmer Hatch, explains to us why empathy is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur can develop.
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