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Sound of Supreme Bliss

Author: Colombo Dhamma Friends

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A podcast that addresses the challenges faced by young Buddhists in modern society. We simplify the Buddha’s teachings and provide you with practical advice to help you maintain virtue and gain merits.
7 Episodes
Quick! Name a Leader! In the world we live in many examples of leaders come to mind. Your teacher, team captains, boss or Presidents are all Leaders. However, there are ... Read more
Achieving your goals isn’t easy! It requires virtue, commitment and many more attributes that we had to make a second episode to give you ALL the tips to achieve those ... Read more
It’s the dawn of a new year and most of us are focused on setting New Year’s resolutions. But yearly resolutions really are short term goals, have you ever pondered ... Read more
Always trying to be the best of the best? Being competitive is ingrained in us because we live in a society that rewards it. The real question is what truly ... Read more
Stop!  Are you mindlessly scrolling through this webpage or other social media? It’s easy to fall into these unhealthy patterns because we have an innate desire to fulfil cravings and ... Read more
We all know it’s important to have good friends, but what does that really mean? In Buddhism we’re able to separate friends into 3 categories. So we can classify our ... Read more
1 Rare Opportunity

1 Rare Opportunity


Welcome to the first episode of Sound of Supreme Bliss! Want to know a secret? We have a rare opportunity in our grasp; not only do we have access to ... Read more
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