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This Is Why I Teach! Podcast

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Host Ebony Ramsey speaks with teachers from across the country as they reveal what fuels them to be successful in the classroom.
12 Episodes
The creator of This Is Why I Teach! Podcast, Tasmin Harris, speaks on how the idea came about as well as some of his standout moments from Season 1. He also shares his direction for Season 2.  
We speak with  Ms. Jina Meadows on her passion for teaching as well as unpack what drove  to take her English teaching skills abroad and now back home in Atlanta, Georgia. 
We sit down with elementary and STEM educator Dena Orfanitopoulos  on her passion for STEM programming and an educators responsibility to drive the STEM initiative. 
In this week's episode, we're joined by Hampton University Alum Dr. Shaun Woodly. We break down his motto of Teach.Hustle.Inspire as well as discuss Urban and culturally diverse communities and the schools that serve them. We also tackle the objective of his Educator's Academy and Educational Leadership as a whole.   
Nita Creekmore has been an instructional coach at Harmony Elementary school in Walton County schools in Georgia for the past 3 years. We explore her path from classroom teacher to instructional coach mixed in with a move to a new state.  
We are joined by college educators Dr. Jen Newton and Dr. Mira Williams. Jen currently works at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and Mira is a faculty member at James Madison University in Harrisburg, Virginia. These educators share their perspectives on on how teaching has lead them to ask the question of does the traditional system of grading make sense? We explore this and many more foundational questions. 
Fifth grade teacher Mark Maes shares his journey to becoming not only a teacher but being referred to as Major Maes in his summer duties.  
Host Ebony Ramsey holds a roundtable discussion with Dr. Jessica Dreher, Ms. Latrayl Adams, and Ms. Lynn Douglas. They discuss their jobs and unique roles as school counselors. 
ELA Teacher Laquisha Hall joins us to discuss her 18 year career in Baltimore City Schools and how she sees Social Emotional Learning being an effective tool in the classroom.  
STEM Teacher Chelsea Nicolino and Asst. Prinicipal Joey Nicolino joins us to discuss how COVID19 has affected them as a family as well as some major lessons they've learned during this pandemic.  
Teacher and Vice Principal Arnold Ford speaks with us on being a youth educator in the midst of a health crisis and a race war like most of us haven't seen before.  
This Is Why I Teach! Podcast - Launching Thursday- October 1, 2020. 
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