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Author: Ari And Luna

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Two hosts, Ari and Luna talk about topics surrounding popular books and TV shows and the fandoms they have generated. Together they discuss many important subjects in media such as representation for all areas of society and discrimination within the media in general.
12 Episodes
Our second episode of the Harry Potter series- enjoy, tell your friends, and check out our Instagram @teafortwonerdspodcast :)
The one you’ve been waiting for! Today we’re diving into arguably one of the most well known book and film franchises ever- Harry Potter! What we liked, loved and down-right hated (*cough* JK Rowling *cough*). As always, check out our Instagram- @teafortwopodcast :)
The final episode of our deep dive into Criminal Minds, and our last thoughts on details and two parters! :))) Enjoy, and we’ll try to upload more! Feedback is appreciated at our Instagram page, teafortwonerds, so go check that out and see you guys for our next deep dive!
In this episode, we discuss what exactly went wrong with representation in Criminal Minds, and why we believe without a shadow of a doubt that Emily Prentiss is a lesbian. enjoy!!!!
Our ships and extra rants about other stuff in the show :)
In this episode, Ari and Luna discuss all things Spencer Reid- from just why everyone is so obsessed with this nerdy lil sweetie to the abomination that was the season 13 arc :)
Hi we’re backkkk. We’re talking about criminal minds, how gay we both are for Emily, and how my idea of a date with Spencer apparently just a friend thing. We also apparently talk about the rest of criminal minds at some point. Also official Instagram- @teafortwonerdspodcast !!
PJO: Episode 5- Fandom

PJO: Episode 5- Fandom


Ari and Luna present the final episode in the PJO series- the long-awaited fandom deep dive! Enjoy and make sure to stick around for our next media analysis series!
Ari and Luna are back, this time sitting on Ari’s bathroom floor and chatting about the less good character arcs in PJO and HOO, which turns into a massive tangent about everything except what they’re meant to be talking about :)
We now move on to character arcs focusing on those from HOO. The good, bad and the ugly!
Today we dive deeper into the wondrous world of analysis in the Percy Jackson Universe :) TW! Slight discussion of r*pe: 2:46-3:40
PJO: Episode 1- Canon

PJO: Episode 1- Canon


The first episode in our Percy Jackson analysis videos !! Enjoy :)
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