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On this episode of Anchored, Arooba is joined by Allie Beth Stuckey, Host of the podcast Relatable. Allie shares her journey to becoming a podcast host, a published author, and an important voice in the Christian conservative world. She explains the difference between being a Republican, and a Christian conservative, citing the main difference as the relevance of scripture in political viewpoints. She also talks about her book You're Not Enough (& That's Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love and discusses how harmful the ideology of narcisstic self-love is for young women. She also discusses why spirituality has replaced scripture. 
In this Journey Through the Author Bank seminar, we're joined by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, President of Zaytuna College and one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the world.  He is a proponent of classical learning in Islam and has promoted Islamic sciences and classical teaching methodologies throughout the world. Sheikh Yusuf delves into the life, work, and impact of the medieval Muslim philosopher, Averroes.
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by President Demleitner, the 25th president of St. John's College in Annapolis. She discusses her journey to becoming President, the beauty of St. John's college, and the establishment of the Great Books program. She explains how St. John's has been able to attract students across the political spectrum while still remaining an intellectually open campus. President Nora states that classical education is an education that trains students for democracy. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy and Tracy are joined by Dr. Murray Bessette, Vice President of Education at Common Sense Society. He discusses growing up in Canada, and the current political climate of the country. He also shares his journey of leaving academia due to his moral objection to the financial exploitation of very vulnerable students. Dr. Bessette also explains what a free market is, and the moral case for its existence in society. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy and Tracy are joined by Pete Hegseth and David Goodwin, authors of the book Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation. They discuss the origins of classical education, how Christianity transformed the paideia of the west, and the coordinated takeover of education by progressives.  They explain the stages of this takeover, starting with the replacement of the Christian faith with patriotism, and the removal of God from classrooms. Pete and David emphasize the return to Christian classical education as the solution to this takeover. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Robert Bortins, CEO of Classical Conversations. Robert shares the story of how Classical Conversation began and developed into serving over 45,000 families now enrolled in its programs spread over 50 countries globally. Robert also discusses his views on the state of mainstream education, the importance of classical education, and the need for Christians to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Amber O'Neal Johnston: an author, speaker, mom of 4, and a home educator. Amber shares her experience attending public school, how she encountered homeschooling, and why she chose to teach her children using Charlotte Mason's method of education. She states that reading about homeschooling felt like something was being articulated that Amber had felt in her heart her whole life. Amber also explains the role homeschooling plays in driving curiosity and keeping wonder alive, and why it is important to infuse culture into the homeschooling experience for children. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Tom Sherf, Vice President of Enrollment at Cairn University. Tom discusses his early education, his love for surfing, and his experience attending seminary. He also discusses Cairn university's curriculum and its dual enrollment program. Tom explains what dual enrollment is, and why it's more beneficial for classically educated students compared to AP classes provided by the College Board. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Heath A. Thomas, 16th President of Oklahoma Baptist University. President Thomas states that OBU's mission is to equip the whole student by teaching them to live all of life, all for Jesus. He explains that knowledge is not just a commodity, but a tool to develop people who have the right kinds of dispositions, virtues, and values. Dr. Thomas also discusses the importance of tradition, stating that we must retreat to the past to project a better future. 
On this episode of Anchored, Katie is joined by Dr. Joseph Clair, the Executive Dean of the Cultural Enterprise at George Fox University. Dr. Clair discusses how he discovered the deep connection between the Christian faith and a liberal arts college, which stitched his love for learning with his love for God. He also explains Augustine's vision, specifically his idea that human beings are inherently affectionate. He states that we must ask ourselves whether the western model of education is perpetuating education focused on materialistic gains instead of wisdom. 
Join Dr. Mac Sandlin for his lecture on J.R.R in Week 2 of CLT's Journey Through the Author Bank seminar series. Guided by renowned professors from colleges and universities, the series will investigate the men and women who have shaped our intellectual heritage and explore a new thinker each week from CLT's Author Bank. Dr. Mac Sandlin is an assistant professor of theology and ethics at Harding University in Searcy, AR. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN and a Ph.D in theology from the University of Dayton. His primary areas of academic interest are virtue ethics, the Holy Spirit, ethics of war and peace, literature and theology, and theology & culture. He teaches in the College of Bible and Ministry and the Honors College at Harding and serves as education director for the Beebe Church of Christ.
On this episode of Anchored, Tracy Gardner is joined by Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation. Mr. Parker discusses his work at the Justice Foundation and its mission of supporting parental rights in relation to educating their children. He explains how entering the field of education law shed light on the structural issues within public schools. Mr. Parker also discusses why school choice is a constitutional right, and what the government's role is in creating and regulating public schools. 
Join Dr. Brian Williams for his lecture on Dante in Week 1 of CLT's Journey Through the Author Bank seminar series. Guided by renowned professors from colleges and universities, the series will investigate the men and women who have shaped our intellectual heritage and explore a new thinker each week from CLT's Author Bank. Dr. Brian A. Williams teaches at Eastern University (Philadelphia), where he is Dean of the Templeton Honors College; Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities; and Co-Director of the MA in Classical Teaching (MAT) program. He is the General Editor of Principia: A Journal of Classical Education, a national Alcuin Fellow, a Research Fellow with the Institute of Classical Education, and a member of the Academic Advisory Board for the Classic Learning Test.
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy and Tracy are joined by Dr. Adam C. Wright, the sixth president of Dallas Baptist University. Dr. Wright states that the University's campus is a place where students can grow spiritually, and that it is a place that points to the ultimate truth and beauty. He also discusses indoctrination on college campuses, and how Dallas Baptist University teaches students how to think. Dr. Wright shares information on programs and the experience of attending DBU. 
On this episode of Anchored, Katie Prefontaine, the Director of College Partnerships at CLT, is joined by two American students studying abroad at the University of Navarra. They share their personal experience of studying abroad and challenges such as getting accustomed to the language barrier. They also talk about the difference in learning, education culture, the difference in faith and how it is embodied, and what makes their experience at Navarra enjoyable. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Leslie Moeller, Chairman of the Board of Society for Classical Learning (SCL). Leslie discusses discovering classical education as a parent, and the desire to teach her children to think well. She also talks about the goals of SCL in helping classical schools, their relationship with Gordon College, and the cohesiveness of classical education. 
In this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Tim Collins, the seventh President of Walsh University. In this role, Dr. Collins oversees all activities furthering the mission of developing leaders in service to others with a value-based education in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Jeremy and Dr. Collins discuss integrating STEM with moral formation and Catholic identity to make science a more humane field of study. They also discuss faith, objective reality, and navigating culturally sensitive issues as the president of a university. 
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Chris Wright, Executive Director of Morae Classical Schools, a corporation of private classical schools designed to serve military families. Chris served our country for 20 years and retired as Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. His experience in the military, in education, and as a father has led him to found schools that better serve our military families. Soren and Chris also discuss the importance of leadership, and what Chris's experience in service of our nation has taught him about being a good school leader.
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Salome Palmer, Director of Gordon College's Heritage Program. Salome discusses her experience attending a classical school, and what drew her to attend Gordon College. She also shares that the mission behind founding the Heritage Program was to encourage students to learn to use their head, heart, and hands. Salome states that it isn't enough to teach students to think well, they must also be taught how to live well. 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Edward Schaefer, President of Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum.  President Schaefer discusses the tradition of music in the Catholic Church and  Collegium's commitment to recovering its beauty. He also shares the story of founding the college, naming it, and what freshmen can expect from the curriculum. President Schaefer emphasizes Collegium's commitment to traditional Latin mass, and the duty of higher education in recovering Catholic tradition. 
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