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Author: Dr. John Mark Harrison

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Welcome to The Stretch Podcast, hosted by Dr. John Mark Harrison, lead pastor at First Baptist Concord in Knoxville, TN. This is a conversation each week with a different guest about living an inspiring life that makes a local impact. Stretching leads to growth and allows you to grow in your everyday life.
18 Episodes
Ever wonder how you can live a life that really matters, that inspires others and how to create the right culture as you live out your faith in the business world? Join Dr. John Mark Harrison, Brian Davis (Home Choice Windows and Doors), Wes Evans (Whitetail Properties), and Chris Ooten (Safe Harbor Development) as they have a conversation about how to be a business leader and live out your Christian faith.
We all experienced all that has been going on in our world during an unexpected pandemic. But what is it like to be a leader in the healthcare industry during a global pandemic? Join Dr. John Mark Harrison and Jim VanderSteeg (President and CEO of Covenant Health) as they have a conversation about leadership in healthcare.
Ever lead in a difficult season of change?  Join Dr. John Mark as he has a conversation with Dr. Charles Fowler (President of Carson Newman University) about leadership in difficult times and during times of change. 
Pastor John Mark and Tim Hood (President and CEO of Shepherd's Staff) talk about how important it is to support your church in sending missionaries locally, nationally and internationally.
Join Dr. John Mark as he talks with members of the (Knox County Church Network) a group formed of churches from all different denominations. These churches work together to solve different issues in our community.
How does someone go from a dark time of addiction and incarceration to a successful business owner and leader in the community? Today we have a conversation with Marcus Hall about his story of restoration, healing and legacy building.
How does a class president, cheerleader, church gal end up in an abusive relationship? Today, we are going to have an important conversation for our current times with Emily Ann Buck. Stayed tuned to hear how someone can find healing and restoration through such a dark time in their life.
In this episode, John Mark sits down with Ken and Marilyn Coover to talk about leadership, living life on mission and inspiring the next generation.
In this episode, John Mark sits down with Devin Driscoll, Owner of D1 Training in Knoxville and former WWE wrestler.
In this episode, John sits down with Chris Blue, winner of season 12 The Voice. 
In this episode, John Mark sits down with Dr. John Bartlett Executive Principal at Farragut High School in Farragut, TN and they talk about faith, education and how boredom really isn't bad for our kids.
In this episode of The Stretch, John Mark sits down with Allison Maurer, Director of Sports Nutrition and Fueling at Pittsburgh Pirates.
In this episode, John Mark talks with Neil Koonce, President of Healthcare Receivables Group. 
In this episode, John Mark sits down with Parker Manuel, Lead Pastor at Pinewood Church in Boulder, CO. They talk about fatherhood, church planting and leadership.
In this episode, John Mark sits down with Chris Walker, FCA Chaplain at the University of Tennessee and they talk about football, leadership, faith and what the American dream really means.
In this episode John Mark sits down with the Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs to talk about sports, wrestling, public service and leadership. 
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