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The Guide to Life After University
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The Guide to Life After University

Author: Jess Bacon

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The podcast to help graduates navigate the uncertainty of life after university.
16 Episodes
Rosie Tressler OBE is the CEO of Student Minds, the UK's student mental health charity. Student Minds develops innovative approaches to support healthy university communities, collaborates on research, and empowers students, university professionals and connected communities to create change.Rosie has been working on the issue of student wellbeing for several years. She became the charity's Chief Executive Officer in 2015, following a number of different roles at Student Minds managing volunteering, campaigns and university relationships. Rosie is currently overseeing the Student Space programme, designed to provide additional support for students during the coronavirus pandemic.Here, Rosie discusses initiatives that Student Minds run to help students struggling with their mental health, what support you might be able to access, as well as how you can get involved and support the conversation around young people’s mental health. Rosie’s Twitter: Minds: Space: Mind’s Twitter: Mind’s Instagram: Mind’s LinkedIn:
Fiona Thomas is an author and freelance writer with work published in iPaper, Grazia, Happiful Magazine and Huffington Post. Her most recent book Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss is a guide to freelancing.Here, Fiona shares her tips for finding your passion after university, growing a side hustle into a freelance business and why the making the leap into freelancing is much less graceful than it sounds! Fiona’s Instagram:’s Twitter:’s Website:’s book:’s podcast, Out of Office:
In this episode Talent Manager at Gleam Futures, Verity Park offers an insight into working at a high-profile talent agency, tips for getting a job in this competitive industry and what she looks for in new talent. As one of the founding members of the sustainable activewear brand TALA, Verity discusses the brand's impressive journey, as well as how the brand is shaping the sustainable fashion industry. We also chat about the importance of going after your dream job (whenever the opportunity presents itself) and Verity’s new home fragrance brand, Daily Flame. Daily flame:’s Instagram:’s LinkedIn:
Megan Carole (The Megan Edit) is a musical theatre graduate and content creator, spreading messages of positivity, confidence and self-love online. During lockdown Megan has grown her substantial Instagram following as well as graduated with a first from the London College of Music. Here, Megan shares her experience of graduating into the arts in the pandemic, her thoughts on the future of the arts, as well as her career aspirations. Megan also touches on how to deal with negative comments both on and offline and the importance of staying true to yourself. Megan's Instagram:'s YouTube:
Hope Virgo, is an author, speaker and mental health campaigner on eating disorders, recovery and body image. Hope works with young people at school and university to ensure they’re given the language, support and tools to understand eating disorders and break disordered eating habits. Here, Hope offers her advice on how to remove associated feelings and values from food, diet culture, and how to seek support if you are struggling with an eating disorder. Read more about Hope: http://www.hopevirgo.comSign the petition to #DumpTheScales:’s Instagram:
We’re all guilty of spending too much time procrastinating on our phones, but how do we stop doing that and start making things happen?Zabby Allen, Founder of The Procrastination Paper shares how she worked through procrastination and created a paper to help others reframe procrastination into a positive. There’s also tips for beating mindless procrastination and advice for creatives looking to start their own business.  Help fund the Procrastination Paper annual on Kickstarter: out more: | procrastinationpaper.comInstagram: | Happy Newspaper: Colourful Company:
It’s common to feel lonely after University, as you move away from your friends and begin your adult life in a new place and a new job without your usual support network around you.  But you aren’t alone. You don't need to feel ashamed, embarrassed or guilty for feeling lonely even if you have great family, friends, or a good partner. Here, I share my tips for dealing with loneliness, living away from your friends and why your best years aren’t behind you.  I also share a passage of Marina Keegan’s (extraordinary) ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’ that she wrote at University for Yale Daily News, as she's articulated the feeling of community that we crave better than I ever could. Host:
Founder of Find Your Intern, Jasmine MacPhee, shares her career journey and how she launched her own award winning brand to help men and women find creative jobs. Jasmine chats about the importance of creating a personal brand, why rejection isn’t always no and practical tips for applying to jobs. At Find Your Intern, she combines a holistic and practical approach to ensure that individuals feel confident and capable when applying for jobs. Find out more: https://www.findyourintern.comInstagram:
Ola from All Things Money has built her business around sharing her financial expertise online. Here, Ola shares how you can budget and save money on a graduate salary, why you should start investing and whether the dream of owning a house is within your reach in your twenties.  Ola’s advice will help reduce your financial anxiety and implement a method of managing your money in a simple and practical way. Find out more about All Things Money: Host:
Chloe Slade, Founder of Vibe + Flow explains how she started manifesting, what it’s brought her and how you can take inspired action towards your goals and future self today.Chloe outlines practices you can incorporate into your everyday life to increase your vibes and build a life you love such as gratitude, scripting and visualisation. Find out more about Vibe + Flow: Instagram:’s Instagram:
Behavioural Change Specialist, Speaker and Author, Shahroo Izadi is renowned for her revolutionary self-help books that focus on replacing negative self-talk with kindness and self-compassion.  Here, Shahroo outlines the secret to making lasting changes, breaking a habit and creating positive habits to help you achieve big life goals.  Find out more about Shahroo’s work at:
Management Consultant, Kajol answers every graduates burning question, how do I get a job? We chat about what employers are really looking for, how to make sure your CV stands out and how to ace your interview.Kajol also shares her experience of working as a consultant and how to make a good impression as a new young employee. Kajol's advice is perfect for anyone navigating career uncertainty.  Find out more about Kajol's work: Instagram:
Writer, Activist and Speaker Natasha Devon MBE tours schools, colleges and universities across the world and campaigns on and offline about mental health, body image, gender and social equality. Here, Natasha reflects on her 20's, shares her top tips for graduates dealing with anxiety about their future, how to overcome perfectionism and the importance of learning about mental health in school. Twitter: out more about Natasha's work: https://www.natashadevon.comInstagram
Founder of Gals who Graduate, Bronte King shares how her first year out of university has been, the importance of taking and creating your own opportunities, social media and her top tips for graduates. As well as discussing more about her online community, Gals who Graduate where female graduates can share advice, support and connect online. Bronte King: who Graduate: the Gals who Graduate closed Facebook Group: Bacon:
Hey! This is a slightly shorter episode about my own experience of life after university - the highs & lows, rejections, how quickly things come together (and fall apart) and where I'm at now. I also share my top tips and what I wish I’d known two years ago when I graduated. Find out more



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