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Deepen Your Meditation

Author: Nick Michie

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Nick from Two Steps From Bliss brings you ongoing advice for deepening your meditation practice and enhancing your spiritual life. Meditation is a fine art, and it requires dedication, discipline, and knowledge to experience true growth. Nick integrates formal meditation practice and daily doses of mindfulness and spirituality to keep your practice fresh and energized. The teachings come through the lineage of the enlightened master, Paramahansa Yogananda. Go to to find out more about Nick and his offerings.
5 Episodes
Come with us as we delve into the fundamentals of meditation: step by step. You'll learn an effective, scientific method of meditation, passed down from Ancient India through the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda. We start with relaxation techniques, move into concentration, and finally sit in deep stillness.Grab the free how to meditate ebook now. It comes as part of the free meditation starter pack and contains all of the information in this episode and more. 
As we discover more and more about the weird world of quantum physics, many people are beginning to ask, "Is reality an illusion?"There's certainly some evidence for that and many spiritual teachers believe it to be the case. So if the world is an illusion, then why are we here and what does it all mean? In this episode we dig deep into the nature of reality and the best way to live in this world when it may be all be a dream. Join us in the weekly guided meditation every Wednesday where we meditate for 40 minutes and put the world to rights. 
Meditation Myths

Meditation Myths


Let's explore 7 meditation myths that people have come to believe. As meditation becomes more popular, it stands to reason that there would be more confusion and misinformation. If you think that meditation is selfish, difficult, or unchristian, let's clear up these meditation myths so you can get to sitting in peace. Check out the 5-day meditation challenge now to get started with your meditation practice. You'll learn the body scan, breathing techniques, mantra, stillness, and how to end your meditation properly. 
In this episode, we explore how to meditate daily and the habit of meditation. We delve into some of the science behind habit formation, and 7 tips that will help you build the habit into your life. In the modern world we seem to have little time, but we have to make time for our own wellbeing and inner peace. Surely nothing is more important than that! Learn how to meditate daily with these 7 tips. If you want the 30-day calendar to help you practice every day, you can download it here as part of the free meditation starter pack. You'll also get a guided meditation, free video, and mini ebook.
In the first episode, we dig into how the spiritual journey can unfold for each of us as we progress on the path of meditation and spirituality. It begins with a wake up call, then leads to transformation, healing, and, at times, a good dose of pain, as we pave our way towards freedom. We use The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell to explore how the spiritual journey manifests in our lives. Get involved in the 5-Day Meditation Challenge to learn how to improve your meditation practice step-by-step.
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