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Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her!

Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her!

Author: Katie Groves and Zoe Knowlton

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Scary ghosts, haunted places, and cursed items, oh my! Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her! is a paranormal podcast hosted by Katie Groves and Zoe Knowlton. Each hostess takes a turn trying to scare the other into never sleeping again! Join us every Friday with your favorite snack and beverage for some spooky stories.
41 Episodes
In a county where aliens really just said "fuck them kids". Also, FLYING PIEPANS!! Ft. The Salty Speculation
38: Spooky Tales II

38: Spooky Tales II


Welcome to the second installment of Spooky Tales! Where we, your hosts, scare the ever loving shit out of each other with the stories you send us. No matter how big or how small, we wanna read them! Hit us up at
You're really gonna love this bridge; it really floats your goats! And apparently, you can wrangle as many demons as you want for additional power ups!  Ft. Queers for Fears
Mr. Worldwide (not Mr. Pitbull) is into sex magic, drugs, and adulatory, oh my! Featuring the worst liar possible with multiple cases of "this you?". Ft. How's It Haunting?
We got a whole state that is filled with some creepy spots that were built on mass burial grounds, and if we learned anything on this podcast, its that you can't do that. Plus, there's more spoopies that are happening around Gettysburg! 
On today's episode we learn that Cali had some evolvement in the Civil War. Plus, featuring some ankle grabbers! Ft. Seriously Sinister
33: Spooky Tales I

33: Spooky Tales I


This is the first installment of Spooky Tales! Where we the hosts read your stories instead! No matter how big or how small the story, we read them. If you want to have your story read on our show, be sure to send us an email at! 
A cemetery where two grown men argue about the existence of a vampire for way too long. Additionally, have ya'll ever heard of germs??? Ft. Ladies Fright
31: Spiritualism & Wicca

31: Spiritualism & Wicca


We gotta cover that woo woo spiritualism and its key players before we get into some spicy hauntings that came from this movement. Also, Katie may or not be practicing witchcraft now. She'll never tell!  Ft. Keep It Weird
We call in Katie's friend Rachel for an interview! She disclosed to us in a secret note that she is an automatic writer and she didn't even know it! So we pull her onto the podcast to discuss what creepy happenings she's had writing. We cracked open some cold ones for this interview so make sure you do to!
Escape artist by day, debunking the fraudulent mediums by night- our boy never wants to be shown up. Also, sometimes that cancel culture can hit hard! Ft. Drinking the Koolaid
Kids, don't try to see how long you can stay awake for. You might turn into a self-cannibalizing zombie. Additionally, make sure your 13 year old kids don't have access to your knives and guns. They may start a gang war or something.  Ft. History Goes Bump
If we learned anything from this episode is that the US government really loves cancel culture. Also, the US government is just filled with socially awkward people... There's no surprise there. 
Sometimes its ok to just leave the lights on when you don't want to go back into a haunted a haunted house. Also, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it could also be a goose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sometimes, its just better to just tear a whole building down. Just yeet it away. Also, a not quite a castle that is decently quite haunted. 
If we've learned anything from this podcast, its that ghost children are the woooooorst. Also, don't come to this sanatorium unless you want your car high jacked by the devil.  
In this house, we don't trust when the US government says its a weather balloon! Also, please don't pet the humans. They get scared too easily. 
Even in death, a woman's spirit is still quite thirsty for traveling men. Additionally, featuring a 7 foot tall shadow that will curb stomp some rats for you.  Ft. Homespun Haints
Learn this one weird trick to summon a poltergeist that local psychics don't want you to know! Also, I think if we have leaned anything its that if its a castle, its haunted. PERIODT. Ft. Stories With Sapphire
We hope you all are ready for a real special treat! On this very first episode of the Spooky Corner, we interview Austin "Shazam" Phifer (from Nerd It Through The Grapevine podcast) who is an experienced paranormal investigator. He tells us of his most haunted places and stories for a bone chilling hour long episode.  Buckle up kiddoes, this one is a WILD ride!!  Nerd It Through The Grapevine
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