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Anyone who wants this print in their house is literally bat shit crazy *cough cough*. Also, spoiler alert: everyone dies. Someone count how many people die in this and let us know LMAO.
I know no body expects the Spanish Inquisition, but did anyone expect the Gran Canyon to be haunted?? Also, its always important to know which Jefferson Hotel to do research on. 
Spooky Corner Vol. 8: Diana

Spooky Corner Vol. 8: Diana


On this episode of spooky corner, we hear about Diana's haunted house and then talk mad shit about it. Diana has seen some shit and come next Halloween, she may see more than she bargained for.. its for content though. 
Who would have known war brings in a lot of UFOs. Also, foo fighters might have a praise kink??
Get your jewelry at  Its not a tower- why is it called that?? Also, if stealing 250,000 euros worth of wine isn't the most French thing you've heard, idk what is. 
Get your jewelry at  Trying finger butt hole. Also, what's so great about dumb ol' Texas?
Get your jewelry at  They weren't aliens, they were just drag queens coming to read to the children! Plus, listen in on how an alien broke into a macaroni factory and we need more answers.
Georgia is haunted as pissssss, just so you know, idk if you already knew that or not. Also, if Katie hears another dumb ass pun about the semi on fire, she's gonna freakin lose it.
Like I know you're not SUPPOSED to touch the chair... but I really wanna touch the chair. Plus, don't even bother buckling up for this haunted ride- it'll do that for you. 
If you're a man, you need to steer clear of this hotel or ya gonna get touched. Also, dinner and a haunting? The spooky bitches are in! 
Do you ever wish YOU could sleep on a textbook and retain all the info?? Also, buckle up for the spicy drama that MAY or MAY NOT be genuine (please don't sue us). 
What has 4 arms, 4 legs, and started off painting scary, haunted houses before becoming world renown paranormal investigators? Plus, checkout how Divining Daddy Damus predicted the future!!!
Wanna hear how angels are popcorn and spirit guides are spaghettis? On this episode of Spooky Corner, we interview Tera who works for the Akashic Records. She discussed how spirits and angels are here to help you, and she has NO SPACE for demons. If you wanna check her out more, hit up her website and social medias! IG: @theoptimysticoracle  The Haunted Housewives Podcast IG: haunted.housewives.podcast
Wanna listen to Zoe and I butcher a bunch of French words? Also, why are there so many ghosts on the ROOF???
What are they putting in the water in Germany? Satan. Also, apologizes in advance, this episode is a little heavy. Zoe gets a little ✨ spicy ✨
Damn those routine flair drop training exercises! Also, if its not a weather balloon, its a barn owl. FACTS!
A mansion so haunted, you might need to hire a murder of priests to rid the demons. Also, you can only look at the haunted town, NO TOUCH!!
Sometimes you just gotta have the government baby sit your men so they don't revolt. Plus, you wanna know what everyone wants? Goat legs. Duh. 
** Episode should be fixed- enjoy! ** A twitter thread so scary, you won't wanna eat eggs for a week. Plus, never mind the skull, just how did the costume stand up??
A haunted story so good it has an M. Knight Shyamalan twist to it. Additionally, a house so haunted, it might make a family stay for TWO YEARS. 
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