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Forgive And Forget with Hal Sadi
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Forgive And Forget with Hal Sadi

Author: Khalil Sadi

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Forgive and Forget is Hal Sadi's weekly podcast where he tells you a little bit about what’s going on with his life, talks about a quick story and goes over the news targeted to him.

403 Episodes
Khalu talks about having appendicitis, being in the hospital for two weeks, going through a rough patch, and not having a good time.
Khalu talks to comedian Justin Edwards about moving around a lot as a kid, loving Texas, appreciating Music, being a goofy guy, loving comedy and much more!
Khalu talks about changing from within (like going Super Saiyan, the photo is only a nod to DBZ), changing your environment, Pat McAffee, Miley Cirus, and Uncle Joey from Full House.
Khalu talks to comedian Don Armon about growing up a military brat, changing career paths, learning to follow his creativity, Freestyling, facing struggles and more!
Khalu talks about being at a wedding, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Bill Burr, the ICC and Greg Olsen.
Khalu talks to comedian Halima Abshir about growing up in Egypt, Ohio, religion, basketball, OJ and more! Follow Halima here: Follow Khalu here: Instagram - Tiktok -
Khalu talks to comedian Dom LaMarca about growing up in Long Island, playing tennis, the Pandemic, doing what you love and more!
Khalu talks about working out consistently, bad tattoos, hiding them from his parents, what they mean to him, the Tom Brady roast, the Unfrosted movie, and more!
Khalu talks about making poached eggs, his first airbnb experience, his thumb's progress, Tom Brady and so much more!
Khalu talks about his work life, Spanish being his native language, how bad he was at school, getting the silent treatment from his mom, and more!
Khalu talks about his thumb, getting situated back into normal life, his thoughts about fainting, finding an unexpected bro while getting a hair transplant consultation and so much more!
My Pops - Episode 350

My Pops - Episode 350


Khalu talks about a cyst, messing up his thumb, his dad and mom messing with each other, buying boxer shorts, tesla cybertruck, and more!
Khalu talks to comedian Alden Schaub about growing up in Michigan, Cherry picking, Skiing, Trivia and a lot more!
Khalu talks to comedian Phillip Abraham about growing up in Houston TX, going to Boarding School in India, living in several different places around the world, being a filmmaker and so much more!
Khalu talks to comedian Rodolfo Reyes about growing up in Southern California, riding dirt bikes, overcoming life and his mental hurdles and so much more!
Khalu talks about a dog's nosebuds, seeing Mark Normand live, looking like Joe Pesci, his dad being a gangster and more!
Khalu talks about flying around from Costa Rica, to Vegas to home, being a cultural melting pot, Shane Gillis and more.
Khalu talks about having mental challenges, a secret roommate, the super bowl streaker, the UFC, and more! Follow Khalu here: Instagram - Twitter -
Episode 343

Episode 343


Khalu talks about being sorry.
Episode 342

Episode 342


Khalu talks about jazz.