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In-keeping with my entrepreneurial journey in the health and wellness industry, today I would love you to meet a lady who has directly contributed to the flavor and immune-boosting power of my GingerT with her Elderberry Syrup Kit!!! Noelle Talley is the CEO and Founder of Noelle’s Naturals, an all-natural, health and wellness company based in Largo, Florida. This wife of 10 years, and home-schooling mother of 4, is a self-professed “DIYer” and “serial entrepreneur”! She founded her company in 2016 out of a desire to create clean, non-toxic products for her young family. What started out as a DIY project soon blossomed into a small side hustle. Friends and family quickly became interested in the products and after a year, that side hustle turned into a thriving business!! When Noelle is not working on expanding her company she can be found binge watching The Great British Baking Show or Brunching at local cafes….! This woman definitely has motherhood, entrepreneurialism AND self-care down to a T😉 Thank you Noelle..FOLLOW NOELLE:Noelle’s NaturalsFOLLOW ME:Lauretta NkwochaPLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA. LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!) LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA podcast☕️Lauretta’s All Natural British GingerT☕️    For info, or to place an order, follow⬇️    Lauretta’s All Natural British GingerT
Meet Ron Montgomery, or “Six”, named because of his 6’10” frame! Coming from a family of tall people, Six is the “King of juices” on Long Island where he lives with his “wifey” and two dogs. He is close to his sister, father and mother- his mother is the inspiration for “The 6 Juice”. When she was battling cancer, this loving son offered to help her by making fresh juices, something he had never explored before…!!He bought a $40 juicer, and after SEVERAL trials, “The 6 Juice” was born. A new entrepreneur, he knew nothing about the beverage world, so he says he went to “Google University”, and learned everything about starting a beverage company, including how to safely kill bacteria on fruit, and the importance of fresh oxygen…..!!!!!!!!!This ambitious entrepreneur is now opening his first of many bricks-and-mortar stores in Sayville, Long Island. His heart is as big (or bigger) than he is. With a children’s brand of juices, and a vision for a major expansion, there is no stopping this man who grew up with fresh produce being grown in his backyard as a child.“You don’t need money, you need your WHY......”The journey to becoming “The Juice King” may have taken heartache for him to realize his true calling, but for so many of us faced with pending tragedy, we would go to the ends of the earth for our mummies. The end of the earth might be where we find the beginning of our journey….  FOLLOW SIX:The 6 JuiceMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:The Stationery BarFOLLOW ME:Lauretta Nkwocha
Meet Segun Oduolowu! Actor, model, poet, former 8th grade teacher, and host of the daily news magazine TV show, The List!As a host on various shows like Access Hollywood Live Today, The Today Show and The Wendy Williams Show, Segun gets to show off the immaculate skills he fine-tuned while acquiring his Broadcasting degree. As an actor and model, his skills are in plain sight!!! As a father and husband, his ability to navigate those roles expertly are in his blood- his parents enjoyed a long, loving, and respectful marriage. He learned to practice mutual respect and a joy for life, something he imparted to his 8th grade students while he was a teacher…..“No-one defines me. I define myself.”Personally, I believe that we are all teachers and students, and our chat was FULL of incredible teaching moments. I was taking notes!!I hope you will join me in listening, learning and implementing….FOLLOW SEGUN:Segun OduolowuMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Dondré T WhitfieldFOLLOW ME:Lauretta Nkwocha
Have you ever wondered how people “Live Out Loud”? How people truly live their purpose….??Author of  Right Hand To The CHAMP: 13 Lessons That Changed My Life Tasha Robinson-White spent 12 years as the “right hand woman” to Floyd Mayweather Jr. working with him closely during some of the most pivotal times of his life, and hers….While at college, Tasha gladly leaned into the distraction that an internship at LaFace Records offered her. She was able to work with some heavy hitters including TLC, Outkast, Usher and Toni Braxton!!!!!After working amongst so many super “sheros and heroes”,  she finally recognized her own superpowers: CONNECTION, COLLABORATION & CREATIVITY and how to use them effectively!!! She has dined at some great tables, with fantastic views, and VIP service. Today, she has her own table, it’s called Vanguardian Global- a community of experts. She welcomes those who are at the forefront of action and movements. Let’s just say life is definitely a full circle, and we are not always expected to get everything in the first round because “setbacks are only setups for comebacks..!!!!!”FOLLOW TASHA:Tasha Robinson-WhiteFOLLOW ME:Lauretta Nkwocha
Meet “Montgomery Frazier, The Image Guru”! He began his creative career serving as the Creative Director for a trendy, global fashion brand “Parachute” in New York City where he initiated the styling of the then “rising star” Madonna, Cher, Duran, Duran, and collaborating with then emerging fashion photographers, Mario Testino for the first Parachute advertising campaigns for both Interview & New York Magazine and David LaChapelle for his first feature film….!!!!Always ahead of the game with his hand on the "pulse of New York", Frazier was then offered a staff position as Fashion Director for the then revolutionary pop culture medium, MTV, where he served as the on-air Fashion Director for CLUB MTV, and styled his longtime muse and friend, Downtown Julie Brown! He was featured as the on-air Fashion Correspondent where he produced fashion-music routines for the show featuring then unknown designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Nicole Miller & Patricia Field. There, Montgomery introduced a generation of rock & rollers to the world of fashion and style….Today, Mr. Frazier's company, ‘The Guru Image Development’  is an image development "think tank" for creative direction, product launches, social media direction and outreach, celebrity branding and image development. Montgomery Frazier has served as a Contributing Editor to both Zink and Arude Magazines and was a NY Brand Ambassador for the LGBTQ website dot429Mr. Frazier is currently “the man behind the curtain” for the new social media platform, SohoMuse, “The Trusted Source for The Global Creative” where he continues to connect the global worlds of creativity on one social media platform with his current muse and SohoMuse Founder and Partner, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin (yep, Vanderbilt)!!!Montgomery has just completed several back-to-back stints as Wardrobe Designer-Stylist, styling both the indie movie, ‘Nick and Nicky’ starring Sean Young, Patrick Askin & Ian Whitt, and a new TV series ‘A Beautiful Distraction’ starring Vivica Fox, Sean Young, Adrian Paul & Deborah Twiss, and continues to style and produce all the fashion shows for the internationally renowned fashion design brand, Malan Breton.Meet Aaron Paul, a natural-born star, with an alluring and captivating persona. He has an energy that is both elusive and magnetic. An influencer and personality with incredible fashion sense, he is often seen making appearances and being photographed on red carpets. Aaron’s career as a singer began at an early age when he was handpicked by Simon Cowell to be the lead singer of a boy band called Worlds Apart in his hometown of London. He came to New York to launch his solo career, and quickly made a name for himself, emerging as a critically acclaimed Singer, Host, and Author. With wide-acclaim as a performer and musician, his fashion sense earned him the title of “Fashion Cop” for US Weekly!!!This was a get together that would DEFINITELY have happened in-person if the circumstances in our 2020 world were different. But I have to remind myself daily how wonderful technology really can be. Here we are, we three, mending fences, and celebrating, gleefully….❤️🥂❤️FOLLOW MONTGOMERY FRAZIER:MontgomeryFrazierFOLLOW AARON PAUL:Aaron Paul
Meet Rachel Roff- CEO of Urban Skin Rx ® and single mother to her young daughter, Rosie. Soon after beginning her career as an aesthetician and laser technician, Rachel realized she was unable to perform treatments on family and friends with skin of color. She decided to make it her mission to make the skincare industry more inclusive. Rachel’s unrelenting passion drove her to found Urban Skin Solutions Medspa and Laser Center in 2006 in Charlotte, NC. After great success, Rachel launched Urban Skin Rx®, a line of clinical skincare products for diverse skin tones, in 2010. Her journey to being the incredibly successful skincare entrepreneur that she is today, started years earlier when as a young girl, being bullied to such an extent made her decide to dedicate her life to helping others with skin concerns.Our conversation delves into body image, bullying, the effects of social media, celebrity clients, motherhood and the constant balancing act!! For many of us, body image is an ongoing internal topic; bullying unfortunately is not restricted to the playground, and its effects can be life-long. Thankfully for Rachel, her talent and dedication to improved skincare led her to create products that had people scrambling to get their hands on them, and some of those people were celebrity clients like Eva Marcille, Fantasia and Tasha Cobbs, and they became friends!!!The growth of Urban Skin Rx is evident in stores like Target, Walmart, Ulta, CVS, QVC and recently, HSN. Rachel has achieved a powerful platform to use so as to bring awareness to, and raise money for important social and racial justice organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, Color of Change, Fair Fight and so many more. For all that she does, my skin, and the skin of many others, say a big “Thank You” to Rachel Roff.........!!!FOLLOW RACHEL:Rachel RoffFOLLOW ME:Acting/Singing/Hostingwww.livingoutloudwithlauretta.comPLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!) LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA podcast
Meet Anne-Lyse Wealth, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), personal finance coach, mother of 3 (including a set of twins), wife and author of “Dream of Legacy, Raising Strong and Financially Secure Black Kids.” She is the host of “The Dreamers Podcast,” a personal financial podcast highlighting stories and lessons learned from remarkable people who went after their dreams to build wealth with purpose….!!!!As a 13 year old, she created her first budget! I don’t know about you, but that is definitely NOT what I was doing at 13…..!!!!!It took Anne-Lyse seeing the fragility of life up close and personal, for her to make the decision to follow her dreams. Her mission is to educate and empower people, especially people of color, to create wealth while living a fulfilling life. In our conversation, we talk about many money-related matters, including my TOTAL ignorance when it comes to money, and the steps we can all go through when we truly start managing our money.Get your notepad and pen.FOLLOW ANNE-LYSE:@anne-lyseDream of legacyThe Dreamers PodcastFOLLOW ME:Acting/Singing/Hostingwww.livingoutloudwithlauretta.comPLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!) LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA podcast 
“If you’re going to jump, you might as well jump!”Meet entreprenuer, motivational speaker, author, actress, mummy, wife, producer and director of the new Bollywood meets Nollywood sensation, “Namaste Wahala”, out now worldwide on Netflix….!Hamisha Daryani Ahuja is a Nigerian native, and believes in dreaming big. A self-professed ex “scaredy-cat”, she signed up for a TedEx talk featuring the world-renowned motivational speaker, Lisa Nicolls, and thus began her journey to dreaming, and pursuing her big dreams. She went on to create her own motivational platform called “The Pursuit of Happiness” working with organizations like Miss Nigeria and Coca Cola. As a restaurateur, her first venture was a high-end establishment in London’s famed Landmark Hotel. As a first time filmmaker, she decided to “learn on the job”, and proceeded to make plans for the movie that was released as a Netflix Original on Valentine’s Day 2021, and is entertaining and enlightening audiences all over the world.“Namaste Wahala” is the story of Didi and Raj, star-crossed lovers whose love is strongly opposed by their families due to their differing cultures: Nigerian and Indian. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, this rom-com takes you on a wonderful rollercoaster ride of hope, heartbreak and much hilarity!! True to the Nollywood and Bollywood genres, there is music and dancing, but also moving commentary on the prejudice that befalls our society; whether it be race, culture or religion, unfortunately the human race will always find reasons to disrupt the path of true love…Dreaming big is working for Hamisha, but dreaming big doesn’t mean having no fear. She faces the fear, and she does it anyway! So get your popcorn, turn on your Netflix, and enjoy!!!!Happy International Women’s Month daaaaarlings🙌🏾FOLLOW HAMISHA:hamishadaryaniahujaMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Lisa NicollsFOLLOW ME:Acting/Singing/Hostingwww.livingoutloudwithlauretta.comPLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!) LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA podcast
Meet the Salty Girls!!!!! Sisters, Leah Robert and Sarah Kelly. Self described as “The Anti-Kardashian Sisters”!!!!!! These powerhouse women have been featured on  Good Morning America, Tamron Hall, Allure, People, INStyle, The New York Times, Washington Post and The View! The story behind their beauty brand is powerful and inspiring; their bond as sisters is beautiful…..Leah, the younger of the two sisters, has worked as an oncology nurse for 12 years. Sarah received her MBA in sustainability and started her career 17 years ago with Tom’s of Maine. She was diagnosed with Stage 3, Triple Negative Breast Cancer while 32 weeks pregnant in 2015…They both took an interest in the lack of education around beauty, especially with women who have been diagnosed with cancer. They began researching the ingredients in Sarah’s beauty products and her personal experience of losing her hair, lashes, brows and the emotional effect of not recognizing herself in her own reflection. They both wanted to create a beauty brand that empowered women to feel and look good in a natural minimalist way. This led them to create SaltyGirl Beauty, a best selling, clean cosmetic and body care line made with butters, minerals and oils, and it is rightfully gaining national recognition! Our chat was empowering and incredibly encouraging. From their close family ties to their natural “grit”, these women are a force to reckon with. We swapped tattoo stories and cried about...crying!!!!!!Get to know these women. Get to know their products. Get to know these fabulously Salty Girls….!!!!!!FOLLOW THE SALTY GIRLS ON SOCIAL:Salty girls beautySaltygirlbeauty.comFOLLOW ME: DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)
“Do less, live more, breathe easier……”Meet Lisa Zawrotny, the founder of Positively Productive Systems and the host of the Positively Living Podcast. As a Certified Stress Management & Productivity Coach, she shares the powerful healing of simplicity, self-care, and structure with multi-passionate entrepreneurs and multi-tasking caregivers.Chatting with Lisa, and getting to know a little bit about her life was fascinating- learning about how she became a coach and speaker after a deeply overwhelming time in her life, juggling multiple roles as a caregiver to her dying mother, a wife, a mother, and a business owner. How she put herself on a mission to help her overwhelmed audience make space for what matters in their lives by teaching value-based decluttering and customized systems and habits design.Our chat was informative and quite a therapy session for me- like many people, my life and I are a work in progress…..Thankfully, Lisa is qualified to be a decluttering therapist, among many other things!   She holds certifications in stress and time management, life coaching, and meditation and is a member of the American Institute of Stress and the National Association of Productivity & Organizing ProfessionalsI am so happy that we were able to talk about life, love and her appreciation for music; her podcasting story, and the journey that led her to a place of realizing that she had to share her gift of helping others, “the dark that we can take and create light from….”FOLLOW LISA ON SOCIAL:positively_lisaFOLLOW ME: DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)
Happy Women’s History Month!!!! I personally believe that women should be celebrated EVERY day of every month, but hey, I’m biased….Meet one of several women I am proud to say that I celebrate. Africa Miranda is an internationally known beauty and travel influencer who’s brand inspires women everywhere to embrace their inner light. She is a multi-talented beautypreneur and social media personality. In 2016, she launched Beauty by Africa Miranda, a skincare line inspired by her world travels. Her 2018 book Step Up, Step Out and Shine teaches readers how to build their own global brands. Dedicated to empowering other women to step intentionally into the media space, Africa is helping a new generation of creators reach their highest potential through her media workshop, Media Mastery Workshop !I’m a fan of everything she does, but even more importantly, I am grateful for the positive impact her knowledge and generosity has had on my life.Thank you Africa (the continent, and the beautiful, talented woman♥️).FOLLOW AFRICA ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Africa MirandaBeauty by Africa MirandaFOLLOW ME: DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)♥️ ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH♥️“Step Up, Step Out, and Shine” by Africa Miranda
Meet Russell “Rusty” Burridge! Founder of Radio Hydrogen and my boss!!!!!!!!! He has had a very colorful life; ups and downs galore, ins and outs and more! Our conversation was wonderfully in-depth, insightful, therapeutic and fun. We spoke for 2 hours!!!! Here is a small fraction of the highlights. For the full, unedited conversation, and to read more about this fascinating, British lad who has had many incarnations, please go to the Radio Hydrogen site.“Let he, she, they who has never been a dickhead, judge you…….!” -Russell “Rusty” Burridge MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:TranshumanismTribe fmCraig LeFilth 
February is the month of love……. and sex! Romantic sex, yes, but sex nonetheless!! Is romantic sex the only type of sex that exists? If you bought one of the 15.2 million copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, then I think you are aware that there is definitely more than one way to participate in sex, and more than one way to look at sexuality.This episode of LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA is part 1 of 2. My guest E. L Discipline is a 15 year practicing BDSM and uses his career as an author and podcaster to educate people about the practices. He has written seven books with titles like: The Seduction of Discipline and The Immortality of Discipline …. His podcast, The Discipline Therapy Podcast airs live every Thursday at 9pm.My conversation with him is certainly interesting, and covers various aspects of this lifestyle, including how it could be introduced into a monogamous relationship. Whether you are openly interested in exploring this lifestyle, or secretly looking online late at night with your curtains closed😉 “Fifty Shades of Grey” has certainly piqued the interest of MANY!!!!! E. L Discipline loves to discuss this topic- “I make Christmas Grey look like Winnie The Pooh….!” I don’t know if he deliberately called the “Fifty Shades” protagonist “Christmas”, but it certainly made me chuckle!!! This alpha male is immensely confident in his knowledge and practice of this not-so-secret, erotic lifestyle.Happy listening. Happy exploring. Happy Valentine’s Day…..all year long!!!♥️⭐️MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:BDSMSubmissive Sapiosexual ⭐️FOLLOW E. L DISCIPLINE:@e.ldisciplineThe discipline therapy podcast⭐️FOLLOW ME:⭐️PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.⭐️PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)♥️ SELF CARE ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH♥️“Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?” by Dr Patricia Boulogne Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime
Meet Linda Linn! Singer, songwriter, wife, mother of 2, “mermaid”, Latina Barbie and my friend!!! We chat about her life as a high school print model, marrying and starting her family at a young age, putting her career on the back burner to raise her family, and restarting her career once her children were older.As the creator and (hot🔥) host of a Facebook LIVE show called Could Be You TV Linda has been generous enough to use her show as a way to showcase up and coming artists, all while writing, recording and performing her own music!Her nurturing nature combined with her ambition, makes Linda Linn a great friend and an inspiration at every stage of her life thus far. Here is someone living her best life and loving it wholeheartedly. Here is Linda Linn…!⭐️FOLLOW LINDA LINN:@lindalinn⭐️FOLLOW ME:⭐️PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.⭐️PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)♥️ SELF CARE ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH♥️“Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?” by Dr Patricia Boulogne Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime
Meet Ngo Onyeka Okafor..! An American-born, Nigerian actor, model, 2 time Golden Gloves Championship winner, lifetime fitness enthusiast and trainer to many people, including celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez and Brooke Shields! He was born in Massachusetts when his father was completing his PhD program at Harvard University. Ngo’s family moved back to Nigeria when he was a toddler, then he moved back to America after high school. After losing his job as an I.T specialist at the Connecticut Department of Transportation, Ngo became a professional model and has been seen on the covers of Fortune, Vogue, W, ESPN Magazine and The Source.At the age of 31, Ngo began a career in boxing, and went on to win 2 back-to-back Golden Gloves Championships in 2008 and 2009. As an actor, he has been featured in T.V commercials, movies, soaps and television series including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, One Life to Live and Oxford Gardens. His early childhood was fraught with allergies, asthma and bronchitis. His life experience has made him fearless. Becoming a husband and father of 2 has made him determined to raise his children to be who they want to be, and to follow their dreams! His lifelong love of fitness, and his method of coaching is at the very least, highly inspiring….⭐️FOLLOW NGO:@catchngoIconoclast fitness⭐️JOIN HIS 7, 14 or 28 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE💪🏾⭐️PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.⭐️LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)♥️SELF CARE ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH♥️“Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?” by Dr Patricia Boulogne Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime
Welcome to my “Mini Mummy Makeoversary”!!!!!! In January 2020, I took the plunge and opted to have cosmetic surgery to repair an umbilical hernia and a tummy tuck. It was a big decision, not just financially but emotionally. My “high risk” pregnancies gave me 2 incredibly healthy, happy babies; 2 umbilical hernias, blood clots, varicose veins and a fair amount of excess abdominal skin! I didn’t like it. In fact, I HATED it. So…..I opted to go under the knife…..!!!!!! Then the Coronavirus hit.Having surgery was a financial sacrifice that I’m grateful I was fortunate enough to even consider, and now maintaining the great work of my doctor has been a challenge I haven’t been able to conquer. My fight to reverse my “quarantine 15” (or more like 40!!!!!) is ongoing, and I’m committed to this fight. I’m making changes to my diet and lifestyle, and I have mentors metaphorically holding my hand!!!!!Are you fighting a similar fight? Do you need a support network? Take a listen to this episode, and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Let’s connect. Let’s support each other…⭐️FRIENDS HELPING ME ON MY JOURNEY:@TobiDragotta@realdrschulman@wendyhyattwellness@jojobennington@drpatboulogne⭐️PRODUCTS I USE:Aloe veraApple cider vinegarKevita kombuchaMy Fitness PalIsagenix⭐️FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL:
My guest today is Rachel Pederson, the “Queen of Social Media”! She is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning social media marketing agencies, The Viral Touch, and Social Media United. Rachel is a top social media marketer and consultant, a worldwide viral sensation, and a leading authority on storytelling through social media and Facebook ads….!!!Rachel's journey began in 2016, while working in her 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5 day job!!!). Within six months, she replaced her income and built a clientele that she loved working with. Rachel has used her platform, her knowledge and her wonderful personality to inspire, teach and entertain so many. She has thousands and thousands of followers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok! She is a mother of 3, and works with her very supportive husband and business partner. We talk about their love story, the pitfalls they encountered as business partners and how she balances it all. I was honored that she made the time to talk to me. She is full of useful advice with a selfless, entertaining personality that endears her legions of followers to her.Please excuse my fanning out, and enjoy our chat…..!⭐️FOLLOW RACHEL:@themrspederson⭐️FOLLOW ME:⭐️MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE@jaclyn_mellone⭐️PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.⭐️LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)♥️ SELF CARE ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH:“Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?” by Dr Patricia Boulogne Kipling Deep Filled Minced Pies from London😋🇬🇧 Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime
My guest today is Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Chiropractor, Coach, Public Speaker and author of the best seller, “Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?” She really opened my eyes with a lot of her findings that she has formulated from over 35 years of practicing functional medicine. She says “fix your health, fix your life….!” Dr Pat makes sense of our mind, body or soul complexities by finding a better way to get us unstuck, more productive, and with visible results! She says there are three reasons that people get sick: trauma, toxins and thoughts. It made me think, “what do I think, and how is that contributing to my health…?”🤔Dr Pat has helped thousands of people stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and chronic problems by focusing on the whole person. She had so many useful nuggets during our interview, including why we should all eat hotter foods; ice water slows down our digestion; the importance of food-combining, and that our organs are like a Swiss watch!!!!!!!!!School was truly in session. I got the book (there were only 3 copies left on Amazon at the time I wrote these show notes) and I’m taking notes. Let’s all go into 2021 doing all that we can for our health…..!!!⭐️FOLLOW DR PATRICIA⭐️FOLLOW ME:⭐️PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.⭐️LEAVE A REVIEW- SAY WHAT’S WORKING FOR YOU (AND WHAT’S NOT!)♥️ SELF CARE ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH:“Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?” by Dr Patricia Boulogne Kipling Deep Filled Minced Pies from London😋🇬🇧 Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime
My guest this week is Tobi Dragotta, mother of 3, homemaker, and my friend. Ever since our daughters met, 8 years ago at the Huntington Montessori, we became fast friends! We even enjoyed being pregnant at the same time. I went on to give birth to a healthy 8 pound 13 ounce baby boy. She lost her baby during the eighth month of pregnancy. The pain and anguish suffered by Tobi and her loved ones was indescribable…A year earlier, I suffered a miscarriage in my tenth week of pregnancy. The shock and the pain stopped me in my tracks. On a play date with a mutual friend and our children, Tobi’s words of comfort and encouragement filled me with the strength to try for another baby. So many women suffer through the pain of miscarriage- some feel shame, some feel guilt, many feel very alone. I didn't realize how common miscarriages are. Many women endure the heartbreak, and continue trying to fulfill their dream of having a baby. The joy of bringing a human into this world is like no other, and with motherhood, comes many other things…..During COVID, Tobi and her family joined the mass exodus out of New York City to return to her hometown of Colorado where her “village” is. As parents, these are definitely interesting times. The struggle to balance life is real, and the struggle to like what stares back at you in the mirror is ever-increasing, but this woman gave birth to all of her children at home! She certainly has the balls and my lifelong appreciation for those balls, and huge heart!!!Meet Tobi Dragotta.⭐️MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: 🌐 Epstein–Barr virus🌐 Breast Implant Illness🌐 Diastasis recti⭐️FOLLOW ME:⭐️PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, AND ANY OTHER EPISODES OF LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA.⭐️LEAVE A REVIEW- TELL ME WHAT IS WORKING FOR YOU AND WHAT IS NOT!♥️ SELF CARE ITEMS I’M LOVING THIS MONTH:Mr Kipling Deep Filled Minced Pies from London😋🇬🇧 Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime
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