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Juicing The Orange

Author: Church of the Oranges

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Fresh squeezed stories from the community of the Church of the Oranges in Orange, NJ.
18 Episodes
Pastor GP interviews Dr. Jeanne Rolle, and she shares about her life journey as a daughter, student, anesthesiology student, and entrepreneur. 
Pastor GP talks about Black History Month and encourages members to support the black entrepreneurs of COTO. Dr. Barry Black also shares his testimony from January 6, 2021. 
Pastor GP shares about the world champion Tampa Bay Bucs, Black History Month, Dr. Barry Black, and why you need to come on the Juicing The Orange Podcast to help keep it going! 
Elvis Henry, Jr sits with Pastor GP and shares his story about overcoming challenges, and motivating others as we journey through life. 
Valencia Maponya  shares her story and inspires us to trust in God, and leave legacy for the next generation with sound financial planning and strategy. 
Robensen Forest interviews Racheal Groce on the Juicing The Orange Podcast. 
Troy Holder shares his story with Pastor GP, and shares about how he overcame his obstacles, and launched two businesses in 2020. 
Dr. Greaves shares his life story with Pastor Geston Pierre, and shares his thoughts about the church, pursuing purpose, and excellence. 
Jhenielle Reynolds shares with Pastor GP about her adventures and lessons learned in life. 
Pastor GP sits with O'Brein Edwards and talks about life, family, and the future of the church. 
Camille Phillip sits with Pastor Pierre and shares the story of her life, the lessons she has learned, and the legacy she wants to leave. 
Pastor GP and Robensen talk about life, the podcast and its future. 
Pastor GP interviews Paul Francis, and he shares about his story and journey to purpose. 
Pastor GP interviews Shaina Scribe and she shares about her life journey, and also whats next. 
Geston Pierre interviews Danache Nelson, and she shares snapshots of her life and journey. 
Pastor GP interviews Robenson Forest and he shares his life journey. His story will inspire you to be your best self, and also challenge you to re-think church and evangelism. 
Pastor GP interviews Elder Faith Kellman, and she shares her life story. Prepare to be amazed,  challenged, inspired, and encouraged as she drops nuggets of wisdom from her experiences and insights of life. 
Pastor GP explains the concept behind the Juicing The Orange Podcast. And reminds us that every person is just a name, until you know their story. 
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