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A special edition of Straight Talk with Sven Henrich of NorthmanTrader and Michael Saylor, Chairman and CEO of Microstrategy. Join us for an in-depth discussion on Bitcoin, crypto and how it all fits in with the evolving global macro environment.This is a real educational treat offering insights into the evolution of the global macro environment, its impact on the investment views of a successful tech CEO, the opportunities and challenges ahead for a new innovation space that finds itself under increased regulatory scrutiny as well as understanding the granularities of different investment mosaics in a rapidly changing complex field.Whether you're a Bitcoin maximalist or have doubts about the space this frank discussion offers insights and arguments for everyone to consider.
The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth


It's Not Over

It's Not Over


Big market rally following the US election.Some explanations for the rally and what's next with markets in context of a larger message: It's not over.For further market analysis visit us at
Markets and Politics

Markets and Politics


There are times when politics can dominate markets. This is one of those times as the US election is rapidly approaching.The biggest mistake traders/investors can make is let their personal political views influence their trading process.But being aware of political risks and outcomes is also key and hence today I am discussing some potential outcomes and possible market reactions as we enter into the key stretch of this political season.
Markets down 3 weeks in a row in September so far. An orderly decline with oversold conditions building, but no fear bottom as of yet.Looking at game changers for markets into the rest of the month, October and the US election in November. Prospects for another rally and/or much more volatility to come.For technical chart discussions see:
Markets down 2 weeks in a row right before another Fed meeting and quad witch options expiration next week. I'm discussing the prospect of more volatility to come into October and November, but also the potential for another rally. The dollar, $VIX, the Nasdaq, along with Gold and the US dollar.See also the website for some of the charts discussed in this episode of Straight Talk.
A sudden sell off in tech stocks with Nasdaq dropping 10% in 2 days. Just a flesh wound in a historic bubble with more highs to come or signs of something more sinister?Explaining some of the technical reasons behind the selloff, the reasons for the fuel for the fire in the first place, all this plus some key developments in the macro economy.
Episode 1, giving some technical perspectives and historic context to today's selloff.
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