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The Business Growth Podcast with Kevin Miller

Author: Kevin Miller

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Join me Kevin Miller as I interview entrepreneurs, business owners and experts who share their stories and insight on how to be successful in business. Listen and learn as we have fun discussing their business journey from start up's to multi million dollar enterprise. I enjoy learning from the many high profile guests I have been fortunate enough to interview and I hope you do too. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, I believe that we never stop learning. ' Every day is a school day ' Enjoy and keep in touch.
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Are you looking to improve your business performance and wellbeing? Business is a long and tough journey and as a business owner you need to use everything available to you. Feeling better can lead to clarity, focus and ultimately an increase in your levels of performance. Cherie Ha is a holistic nutrition coach who has been helping business owners develop a better relationship with their food and body through nutrition, mindset and lifestyle modifications. Listen in as Cherie talks about wellness, her approach to health and how simple changes can help you perform better and consistently. Don't forget to subscribe for future shows and follow us on social media @businessgrowthau and @kevinmiller____ You can connect with Cherie at or on socials @bloombycherie 
Inventor, Podiatrist and Pharmacist Marie Lewis was an absolute joy to talk with. Her energy and enthusiasm for her business was infectious and this episode will have you smiling.  Listen to her share her story of co-inventing a product to solve a problem, travelling to China to have it manufactured whilst being a mum, then working her way onto TV's Shark Tank and landing  a deal with millionaire Andrew Banks. Marie also talks about solving problems for her clients, her passion for challenges and how her father made sure she understood the value of hard work from an early age. Its a great conversation with some fantastic motivation for any aspiring business owner. There are even some audience questions included from the original radio show. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review if you enjoy it. You can keep up to date with all new shows @businessgrowthau and @kevinmiller_____ on Instagram. Check out Maries business @elitepodiatry or  online at www.elite 
Founded in 1999 The Margaret River Chocolate Factory  is recognised as one of WA's iconic tourism brands with over 1 Million visitors every year. Listen in as I talk with the founder Martin Black about growing the business, the startup story and how this fantastic business became a household name in Western Australia. Some great wisdom and an opportunity to learn real experiences from a genuine and inspiring business success story. Don't forget to subscribe for future shows and follow us on socials @kevinmiller Hope you enjoy it.
Dr Ric Charlesworth is an Australian Coaching Legend. Between 1994 and 2014 he was awarded 'coach of the year' 8 times. He is the author of 5 books on leadership and management having led the Australian Hockey team to World Cup, Olympic and Commonwealth Games success. One of Australia's most recognized authorities in leadership and high performing teams, he knows a thing or two about elite performance at the highest level.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear from a highly successful leader sharing insights about leadership, management and more importantly - How to win.  " A leaders job is to help others realize their potential, it's not a selfish thing, its a giving thing" @businessgrowthau
Selling his house to fund Perth's Internet Startup in 2017 and then building towers to deliver faster internet to WA, Stephen Cornish shares his start up journey. Listen in as we chat business, scaling the organization and his motivation behind taking the punt and ' Fixing the internet' With a recent ASX valuation of the business at $66 Million, this is a fantastic opportunity to listen in and learn from another successful WA Business Owner and entrepreneur. Why did they start the business? How did they scale it to a household name and become a major partner of the Perth Wildcats?  If you enjoy the show, then don't forget to subscribe and follow us on social media @businessgrowthau for future updates. Thankyou for joining me. Kevin 
Carmen Braidwood is THE Confidence on Camera Coach. After over 20 years as a Perth TV presenter and radio host, she definitely knows how to help you articulate your message and get it out there on video. Not only does she know her stuff, but she is a lovely person and would be great FUN to work with, so check her out. You are going to hear us discuss authenticity, phobias and learn why as a business owner, you need to start sharing you message, but more importantly how to do it effectively. This was an awesome chat with another expert willing to share their time and knowledge with you. The interview was previously run live on my radio show and I received an overwhelming response to the content, here are just a handful of the messages I received -' Great to hear someone be so honest ' ' Loving Carmen's message of being of service ' Download the interview and listen in. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us for future episodes @businessgrowthau. All the contact details are in the audio.
This one is a bumper episode with three awesome in studio guests - Paul Woodcock, Mark Gill and Marky Salinas. Amazing value for you to hear from these great people offering their business stories to share. If you are local to Perth, you will be familiar with Leapfrogs Cafe and Wanneroo Botanic Golf. Have you ever wondered how this fantastic family business got started? Joint owners Mark Gill and Paul Woodcock tell you how with humour and fun thrown into the mix.Outback splash is Perth's favourite water park destination, home to the maze and some of the most thrilling waterslide experiences in WA. Listen in as owner Paul Woodcock talks about getting the original approval through council and putting the rides together from the ground up himself, literally building a theme park.Marky Salinas shares his business story, working with the other guys through their startup journeys and now having two cafes of his own. If you would like to learn more about business, how others manage to get their ideas off the ground or love a great story, this episode if for you.Don't forget to subscribe to receive future episode updates and follow us on instagram @businessgrowthau
Iris Smit is a WA Beauty Entrepreneur and a female business success story. After identifying a problem with women's makeup, she created a product from scratch from home and scaled the business into a multi million dollar international enterprise - The Quick Flick.Iris is awesome and shares some real answers and insight into the process in an open, honest and inspiring manner. If you are a business owner looking to scale your business or someone who needs some motivation to take the next step, do not miss this one.Her revolutionary vision to redesign the way consumers applied winged eyeliner, led Iris to feature on Shark Tank just three months after the brands launch, and subsequently turning down a $300,000 offer. We also chat about external influences that can sometimes deter you from personal and business growth, as Iris points out - ' Alot of people have great dreams but where they fall short is worrying too much about what others think. This is the biggest killer of dreams'Another awesome opportunity to listen to a successful business owner, willing to share their journey and help your business growth.Thanks for joining us, don't forget to subscribe online and follow us @businessgrowthau
Love it or Hate it, public speaking is something we can all become better at through practice, planning and preparation. Lisa Evans is an experienced public speaking professional trainer and offers training and coaching to help you as a leader and a business owner.  Tune in as Lisa offers fantastic value, tips and expert knowledge to help you improve this skill and enhance your confidence. Lisa also shares her business story and the challenges she encountered along the way with some personal setbacks. An open and honest chat with an accredited public speaking expert, offering fantastic value. Listen, learn and enjoy. Dont' forget to subscribe.Lisa can be contacted at
Muzz Buzz is Perth's first and most successful drive thru coffee business. CEO Warren Reynolds joins me in the studio to discuss how the franchise business grew to having 36 stores throughout WA. Listen in as he explains the journey and challenges of growing the concept and adapting to change. 
Do you want to reset, feel better and improve your energy ? Erin explains Breathwork, what it is and how the process can help you as a person and help your business. Erin is a small business owner and understands the small business journey and the challenges we face. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the breathwork process and it was a fun and an amazing conversation. Thankyou Erin.Don't forget to subscribe and follow us
Lisa is the Managing Director of Benchmark Specialist Property Managers. Listen in as Lisa tells us about buying an existing business and making it her own. We talk about customer service and having a work life balance with young families. Lisa also has a really cool Canadian accent 😊 Thanks for tuning in, don’t forget to subscribe. 
Rick Hart is a retail success story. The Rick Hart Group had 18 stores, 300 staff and a turnover of $180 Million Dollars.I sit down with Rick to listen and learn about his story and his approach to business. This episode provides great value to any small business owner looking to scale their business.Thanks for joining me, don't forget to subscribe and follow us on social media for episode updates.Enjoy
Social Media can be overwhelming for small business owners. Just knowing which platforms to be present on and what to post is stressful enough.Delighted to sit down and discuss Social Media and Marketing with two fantastic industry experts Sarah Thomson and Kasia McNaught to share there experience and knowledge.This podcast is for you, the Small Business owner.Listen in and learn to help your small business and smash your social media questions.Thanks for joining me, don’t forget to subscribe and share with friends.Kevin 
I was very fortunate to sit down in the studio with Dale Alcock for over an hour and learn about his story. Dale needs no introduction, he has amassed great success in business by focusing on his reputation and ensuring accountability and consistency of his own personal values in business.This is a fantastic opportunity to listen in to an open and honest conversation with one of WA's most high profile business owners. I thoroughly enjoyed the chat and I know you will too. Don't forget to subscribe for future shows and follow us on facebook
Jason Walker owns F45 Joondalup and talks to me about a 5 year journey as part of one of Australia's most successful franchise models.You will hear Jason talk about the benefits of purchasing a franchise and how owning this business has allowed him to build a community of friends and members.Jason is a multi time Ironman and we discuss determination and mindset and the parallels between business and fitness challenges.One thing that resonates most is that Jason is a genuine person and talks openly about his initial lack of business confidence. This is one of the reasons he chose the franchise model. He has created a fantastic business as part of a franchise system and shaped it into his own.Really interesting to listen too if you have ever wondered about how a franchise works and great to see the success of a young and honest guy succeed in business.Well done Jason and F45. Enjoy the show. Don't forget to subscribe ;-)
A fantastic and informative episode about all things networking and your local business association. Have you ever wondered what goes on at a networking event ? What are you meant to do ? What types of people are there ? Lauren Bell is the General Manager of the Wanneroo Business Association and sheds some light on networking do's and dont's and where the ideas come from. Lauren explains the benefits to your business of taking part in your local business groups and how this can not only help your business but your own personal growth.It is more important than ever to collaborate and learn and networking with other local businesses is just the beginning.Thanks for listening, please download and subscribe
Marky Salinas owns 2 cafes in the Joondalup area and tells us about his early experiences working in the hospitality industry to now owning his own premises. It is interesting to hear Mark talk about his early introduction to mentorship and goal setting and how this helped shape his pathway to achieving his success.Mark also talks about the effects of COVID on his business and his constant desire for personal and business growth. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show !!!FYI - Its the first ever episode so please be kind ;-) Share and subscribeFacebook - @makemybusinessbetter
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