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Entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders... Welcome to the Thrive Collective. This is your show, designed to help you make more money, avoid costly mistakes and fully integrate your faith into your business and life.
20 Episodes
No one’s perfect. Errors and mistakes are made on the daily But what if you could eliminate errors from your business process? On this episode of The Thrive Collective Podcast hear Dr. Luke Chesla, a Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt, talk about how you can eliminate re-work, makeovers, and errors for GOOD! As a successful founder of Value Added 616, and someone who has saved companies nearly $400 million, Dr. Luke knows what a successful business process looks like and how to achieve one. He reveals how you can utilize Lean, Six Sigma and other methods to decrease the re-work you have to do and increase the efficiency of your workflow.Interested in more resources? Check out our free PDF: The 5 Mistakes Small Businesses MakeEditing credits for this podcast go to Nathan Roels. 
As business owners, we often get caught up on how to create a quality website that will generate quality leads. Whether we’re trying to find the right visuals or craft perfect copy, it’s easy to get distracted trying to create a clever website instead of a clear one.Holly Fisher, owner of Fisher Creative, takes that burden off business owners by crafting copy that cuts through the noise and helps them reach more potential customers. A StoryBrand Certified Guide, she’s helped dozens of organizations create a clear message and develop an effective sales funnel that generates more leads and boosts their bottom line.On this episode of the Thrive Collective Podcast, award winning marketer, business owner and StoryBrand Certified Guide Holly Fisher gives us the key to creating a website that will bring in business. You’ll want to give this a listen. After utilizing these tips, you can sit back and watch the leads roll in. Editing credits of this podcast go to Nathan Roels
There’s a lot of reasons to love running your own business. But chances are, extra free time isn’t one of them.Most entrepreneurs feel like they have to work crazy hours. And with a whole team depending on them, it’s hard to ever get away for a vacation.Jay Owen can relate. Jay is an author, podcaster and business owner. Design Extensions, the company he runs, has grown 21 years in a row. And yet, this last year Jay took a 30-day vacation.This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Jay sits down with Rob to share how he did it and how you too can enjoy time off without sacrificing your business.
Ever feel like your business is stalling out?This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Rob interviews Katie Kimball, founder and CEO of Kitchen Stewardship. Katie shares 3 unique ways you can grow your business.Get her free guide at Kimball is the national voice of healthy kids cooking. Her eCourse — Kids Cook Real Food — was named the best online kid’s cooking class by the Wall Street Journal. Katie is on a mission to connect families to healthy food and teach every American kid to cook. Check out her blog, Kitchen Stewardship, to learn more about her Kids’ Meal Revolution.
Sick of getting good leads ... and no buyers?You can't afford to blow another sale.This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, StoryBrand Certified Guide Brad Alexander shares the 3 major mistakes that hold businesses back and how you can fix them today.Get the free guide at
High-achievers face stresses in business and life.  And because they're so busy, they often don't have long to stop and get clarity. This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Dr. Nancy Trimboli, a health expert, author, and chiropractor shares practical tools you can use to lower your stress and clear your mind. Try her exercises while you listen and put them to use throughout the week.Visit to get Dr. Nancy's free guide with 5 exercises you can try today.
Leadership is challenging and no one gets it right every time. But with a little help, you can avoid the biggest pitfalls.This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Jeff Doolittle of Organizational Talent Consulting helps you spot and avoid the most costly leadership mistakes.To download the free guide, visit
Is bad design killing your sales?This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Rob sits down with Kyler Nixon. Kyler is the owner and creative director of Kyler Creative. As an experienced designer and a StoryBrand Certified Guide, he knows how to design a website that gets you more leads.In this episode, Kyler shows you how to grow your business using 3 proven techniques.
How do you know how much to charge for your product or service? Too much and people won't buy. Too little and you won't get the value you deserve. This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Danielle Mulvey of the Profit First Nation Podcast shares the secrets you need to price your product that both you and your clients will love.
For your business to succeed, you need to optimize your digital presence.This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Rob interviews SEO expert and StoryBrand Certified Guide Kurien Abraham."Abe" shares tips for SEO that will help your business get seen on Google.
Does the pathway to success ever seem unclear?This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, StoryBrand Certified Guide and leader of Piece of Cake Marketing Erika Bryant breaks down the 5-step formula for success. Her advice is simple, it works and you can add it to your business today.
Certified Financial Planner Eric Dunavant had a growing business but the rest of his life was suffering. When a friend sat him down and asked, "why do you hate your family?" Eric knew something needed to change.This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast Eric shares how reorganizing his priorities transformed his life and his business.
Ever wonder what it sounds like to have a StoryBrand Certified Guide review your website? This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast, Rob talks with Lucas and Sara Chesla of Value Added 616. He gives them advice on how to improve their website and email marketing.Eavesdrop on their conversation and find out what needs to be on your website to get you leads.Ready to improve your website? Get the 5 Ingredients to a Website that Works.
Tired of struggling with anxiety? You're not alone. This year business owners have faced more than their share of worries. Rob sits down with Nicole Fryling, a licensed professional counselor and owner of the Restorative Counseling Center. Nicole shares how we can break through anxiety and find our path to peace. For Nicole's free guide to overcoming anxiety, visit
For service businesses, your interaction with a client doesn't end after they write the check. How you communicate throughout the project is just as important as the marketing bringing them through the door. How do you streamline your business with the client's journey in mind? This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast Rob sits down with Curt Stockwell, owner of the Well Dressed Walrus Website Design Company. Curt shares the tips you need to know to make business smoother for you and more rewarding for your clients.
Whether virtual or in person, many of us dread meetings. They feel like a waste of time. But they don't have to be! This week Rob sits down with professional EOS expert Jeff Jackson to figure out how to make the most out of your team's time together. Visit for your free chapter from the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.
Did you know that when a client makes a buying decision 70% of their choice was made before they even talked with you? If you want your business to succeed you have to reach clients long before they give you a call. This week on the Thrive Collective Podcast StoryBrand Certified Guide Rob Hughes paradigm shifts you need to make to win in digital marketing.Embrace fear. Trust = relationshipHow do you build trust? Eliminate fear!“The greatest companies are obsessed with consumer fear. Eliminate fear, and trust is all that’s left.” Brainstorm every reason why someone would not want to buy from you.How many of these issues have already been addressed on your website or marketing?2) Blog their questions - brainstorm the questions your ideal audience is googling, asking, and write articles on them!  Compare A to B How much does XXX cost Best XXX in XXX city? What does the competition say negatively about your brand? (write a blog on it)3) Think like a teacherGive knowledge awayShare abundantlyTeach generously
The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to go virtual if they want to continue growing. This week Rob Hughes sits down with StoryBrand certified guides Jackie Martin and Ben Weaver to discuss redefinition and customization in our increasingly digital culture.
The Coronavirus has made life difficult but it also presents a unique opportunity for business leaders. StoryBrand Certified Guide Rob Hughes talks through how to pivot your business in the wake of the pandemic.
How do you manage stress? Mental health therapist Kimberly Bartz shares how knowing your Enneagram type can help you better respond to challenges at work and home.
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