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This episode we're going Backstage with widely beloved country music legend, Wynonna Judd. Between 1983 to 1991, The Judd's of Naomi and Wynonna became Country Music royalty and were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. However, behind the curtain of success and fame, it's hard to imagine the amount of tragedy that Wynonna has had to endure. In recent time, she has dealt with the passing of her beloved and iconic mother, Naomi Judd who unfortunately committed suicide about eight months ago. Wynonna also is going on a new tour dedicated to the celebration of the life of her mother, Naomi Judd. If you are interested in seeing her preform live, which we would highly recommend, visit the URL below and check out the cities she will be visiting: Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes releasing.
Gentry is back and this week we're talking with American actor, author, businessman, producer and director Steve Guttenberg. Best known for his roles in films like "Cocoon", "Short Circuit" or "Police Academy". The 64 year old actor talked about his new movie "How to Murder Your Husband". Based on a true story about Nancy Brophy, who killed her husband on June 2, 2018. Nancy was an author who specifically wrote stories about women fantasizing about killing their husbands, then ironically she murdered her own husband and was sentenced guilty in May 2022. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes releasing.
Now this is a story all about how Gentry's life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there. I'll tell you how Gentry interviewed Alfonso Ribeiro in a town called Bel-Air. Actor and TV host best known for his roles on 'Silver Spoons', 'In the House', and 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Alfonso Ribeiro sits with Gentry and the two talk about him hosting AFV. Going on 33 seasons it's ABC's longest running primetime show bringing wholesome family fun for nearly five decades. Alfonso is going into his 8th season as the host of AFV. With the holiday season in full swing Gentry wants to know if Alfonso has any cheat codes to get the Christmas shopping done early. He then gets some tips on how to get some strokes off his golf game. Alfonso talks about 'The Fresh Prince', Christmas, suits, dancing and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes releasing.
It's that time of the year again where the weather drops below zero and people trample one another for the best deals on toaster ovens. That's right it's officially the Christmas season and Gentry went out and caught Ralphie from 'A Christmas Story' just for your listening pleasure. Peter Billingsley as most refer to him has a new Christmas movie coming out 'A Christmas Story Christmas' based on Ralphie's character being all grown up and having a family of his own. You can watch the movie now on HBO Max if you'd like to see how well Ralphie took turning 40. Gentry asks Peter to describe some of his favorite scenes as a child in the movie and we even get a rendition of the worst cuss word of them all. He then describes the infamous lamp which 12 year old Peter couldn't wait to get his hands on. The two talk about Christmas movies, Vince Vaughn, being a child actor, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Gentry goes Backstage with Director and Producer Robert Alexander best known for his work on 'A Man Named Scott' and 'The Shop'. Rob recounts his newest work, a documentary on NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal and his bigger than life personality. Gentry brings up how different the big fella is from the majority of celebrities and despite his larger than life stature he's pretty down to Earth. The documentary debuts November 23rd on HBO Max. Rob calls Phil Jackson The Zen Master and talks about what it's like talking to so many famous athletes and coaches. He then illustrates the many characters you'll meet in the upcoming documentary. Gentry and Rob talk about the NBA, celebrity lifestyles, Shaq, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Gentry goes Backstage on the set of 'To Die For' to talk to actor and country singer John Schneider. The 'Dukes of Hazzard' star talks about his newest movie 'To Die for' which Schneider leads and directs. The film honors the people who have sacrificed for our freedoms and sets the record straight about what matters in this country today. Going against woke culture and defeating the snowflakes is the goal this motion picture shoots to achieve. John describes the importance of the American flag in today's society and why we should be fighting to protect it. He also describes the importance of debate and conversing issues with one another. Gentry and John talk about 'The Dukes of Hazzard', making movies, patriotism, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Today we go backstage with Jeff Pearlman, a sports author and New York Times best seller. Pearlman has a total of seven New York Times best sellers. They talk about Pearlman's most recent work " The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson." This book is about Bo Jackson and his stellar athletic career in both professional Football and Baseball throughout the 80's and 90's, and is the only player to ever make All Star status in both professional football and Baseball. Gentry and Pearlman talk about the popular series "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty." Pearlman has published a book called "Three Ring Circus", which is about the Lakers Dynasty in 1996 through 2004 when Kobe and Shaq collided as one of the best duo's in basketball history. Pearlman also share's his thoughts on Kyrie Irving's recent controversy reposting and anti-semetic documentary found on Amazon. Listen to more of Gentry's interviews by subscribing to Backstage Pass The Podcast.
Gentry goes Backstage today to talk to famous actor and director Jerry O'Connell. He talks about his newest adventure, being the host of a Pictionary game show airing on Fox. The two also talk about how much the younger generation has lost its touch with art because of all of their devices. To each man's bewilderment they don't teach kids how to sign in cursive anymore. Jerry talks about working on the 1996 movie 'Joe's Apartment' where he plays a young man moving into a grimy New York City apartment which has talking and singing roaches. He then talks about what it's like being a child actor and working on 'Stand by Me'. Gentry and Jerry shoot the breeze about being dads, Pictionary, Tom Cruise, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Gentry talks with Nate Boyer who has done it all from football, being a Green Beret, to even acting. The two talk about Nate's new movie 'M.V.P' named after the foundation which he co-founded that merges vets and players. To find out more click the following link It was created to help them with coming to terms following life after the military and after professional sports. The movie stars Mo McRae, a retired NFL star and Nate Boyer, a former Marine, as the two cross paths in an unlikely manner. The film involves real military vets and real former NFL stars each telling their real life stories and what transitioning back to regular life is like. Nate then tells what his experience was like going to war then playing both college and professional football and then going back to civilian life. Gentry then pitches a game show idea to him which makes military vets the stars. Gentry and Nate talk about ‘M.V.P’., being a war vet, NFL, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes and interviews.
Gentry is joined by Jay Leno, a world famous comedian and the former host of NBC's 'The Tonight Show'. The comic talks about the newest season of 'Jay Leno's Garage' where he drives really nice cars with really famous people. Some of his guests include Elon Musk, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Evans as well as numerous other celebrities that like to cruise in crazy cool cars. The newest season premieres September 7th on CNBC at 10 pm (EASTERN TIME). Jay describes Elon Musk's genius and how he wants to make humans a multiplanetary species. He then describes being there for Rodney Dangerfield in his last moments and what the last joke he told Rodney was. Gentry and Jay talk about 'The Tonight Show', expensive cars, comedy and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Today Gentry goes Backstage to talk to a lawyer, producer, reporter and founder of the renowned tabloid publication TMZ, Harvey Levin. He gives us all the backstory and knowledge now available about Michael Jackson's mysterious demise. He even describes Michael's battle with addiction and how it all stems back to a horrible accident during a Pepsi commercial in 1984. TMZ reveals how the King of Pop's death was much more complicated than most of the public may think. In the new special 'TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson' they take a deep dive into the corruption in Hollywood and its doctors. Harvey describes Michaels, 19 different aliases that he used to get prescription drugs to feed his crippling addiction and how close he was to death during his last tour. Gentry and Harvey talk about who’s responsible for Michaels death, the names of all the doctors he used, how demented the Hollywood lifestyle is and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Gentry's Backstage again and today he's with British actor Tom Hopper. His newest movie 'Love in the Villa' premiers September 1st on Netflix. Tom plays the role of a cynical British man who's room gets double booked with a mysterious female stranger. The Englishman describes the beautiful shooting location of the film "Verona Italy" which is famous for being the setting in Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet'. Despite the awe inspiring views of Verona the only thing Gentry could focus on in the movie's trailer was a nearly naked Tom and all his muscles. Gentry even gets some dieting tips from Tom who describes himself as a vegetable connoisseur. The two then compare the U.S. and the U.K. in several subjects and debate on which country has the better football. Tom and Gentry talk about Ozzy Osbourne, American and British cuisine, The Umbrella Academy and so much more on today's episode. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Gentry goes backstage today with a psychic medium and reality TV star Matt Fraser. You may have seen Matt on his hit TV show 'Meet The Frasers' which stars him alongside his whole family going through their loud, erratic, and spiritual life. The Native Rhode Islander has just recently released a new book 'We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife' which describes the truth about heaven and why we never really die. Matt even describes how he used his psychic powers to woo his now wife over. America's top medium explains to Gentry how each and everyone of us has energies even after we pass. He then describes the signs you can recognize that your loved ones use to show they are still looking after you from the afterlife. Gentry even gets his own reading and the two talk about unsolved mysteries, speaking to the dead, the burden of being a psychic, and so much more on today's episode of Backstage Pass. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes.
On today's rendition of Backstage Pass we're joined by actress, writer, math genius, and an advocate for education Danica McKellar. Also known as Winnie Cooper from her starring role in The Wonder Years. Today she hangs with Gentry to talk about her newest children's book 'Double Puppy Trouble' a picture book dedicated to making mathematics simple and fun. She describes what it was like growing up being a child actress and what The Wonder Years set was actually like. Danica explains how her busy childhood on set may have led her to writing children's books. Gentry asks the famous math PHD how he can help his young daughter get through pre-algebra and Danica tells Gentry to 'Kiss My Math'. The childhood sweetheart who stole hearts aplenty reveals who her childhood crush was nearly the second she was asked. The two talk about The Wonder Years, Michael J Fox, being a child actress, and so much more in today's episode of Backstage Pass. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes. Rate and Review the show please and thank you! See ya Backstage!
Today Gentry is joined by professional wrestler, and WWE champion Booker T. The two talk about Booker's recent return to the ring and how surreal it was and how he even wore the same tights from 1998. Gentry gets some workout tips from the biggest man in nearly every gym on how to keep pushing the weights even as an older gentleman. In light of the news of Vince McMahon's recent departure from the WWE the hall of famer gives his thoughts on the matter and how he thinks Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will fill his role. The 11 year World Wrestling Entertainment vet explains what it means to be champ and how one acquires the belt and championship status. He also gives some insider secrets on which wrestlers cried the most in the locker room. Gentry and Booker converse about trash talk, the wrestling business, what makes a wrestler great and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the newest episodes.
Gentry delivers today's rendition of Backstage Pass with actor, comedian, radio personality, and record breaking podcaster Adam Carolla. The man with the girthiest...….. hands has a new book releasing 'Everything Reminds Me of Something: Advice, Answers... but no Apologies' which is available for purchase now on amazon. Gentry and Adam talk about the difference between going on CNN vs Fox and how profitable podcasting can be. Carolla also talks about his new invention the beet bracelet which hopefully will hit stores soon. The 58 year old comedian tells stories of his fellow joke tellers who’ve recently passed such as Norm McDonald and Gilbert Gottfried. After reminiscing and remembering the ones we sadly lost Adam and Gentry make presidential predictions as well as talk about our current president. We get all the dirty details about Trump, Adams' new book, the Playboy Mansion, and the all time great comedians. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest and greatest interviews.
Today's rendition of Backstage Pass brings us 80s child mega-star, actor, and musician Corey Feldman. The artist is celebrating his new album 'Love Left 2: Army With Love' and his new box set 'Love Left 2.1' which is releasing on his birthday July 16th. Corey is currently touring all across the country playing his music for all to hear and enjoy. The last tour date is September 18th at 'The Canyon' in Santa Clarita, California so get tickets while you can at his official website Corey The 50 year old entertainer describes how he first found his love for performing while lip syncing Billy Jean in front of 40,000 people at the Rose Bowl at just 12 years old. He also describes how his friendship with Michael Jackson as a young kid influenced the way he performs now from being with Michael at shows and even being with him in the studio. The 80s star talks about his documentary ''My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys' where it describes how he lost his childhood friend and how Charlie Sheen is responsible. Gentry and Corey talk about Stand By Me, River Phoenix, Corey Haim, the dangers of being a child actor and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
Gentry is joined by author, politician, and former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich. The native Georgian just released a new book 'Defeating Big Government Socialism: Saving America's Future' which is available on Amazon for purchase right now. The two talk about the rising prices across America and how much has changed since Trump has left office. Newt explains how the biggest threat to U.S. citizens' freedoms is from Liberal politicians. He also exclaims that the average leftist believes that 'The Lion King' was based on a true story. The soon to be 80 year old career republican airs his support for Trump as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has recently been rising in popularity among conservatives. Gentry comes up with the bright idea that like professional athletes politicians should have analytics and stats kept on them so we can hold them accountable in the same way we may keep our favorite basketball or baseball players in check. The two talk about who the GOAT of presidents would be, Nancy Pelosi, vacation tips, Ronald Reagan and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
On today's backstage escapade Gentry is joined by producer and actor Marcus Harvey along with media personality and son of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Jack Osbourne. The two talk about their ongoing show Fright Club which looks and explores the internet's craziest paranormal content. The aforementioned show was just renewed for its second season, dropping June 30th and can be streamed on Discovery+. Gentry gets all the dark details about all of their ghastly adventures across the globe. Marcus bravely speaks out about the ghost that touched him one night which he hasn't reported up until this interview. Jack shares how he may have accidentally opened a portal to the other side and has seen full body apparitions. The trio talk about UFO Ubers, Bigfoot's junk in the trunk, and how scary Ozzy Osbourne can be when he gets mad. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas.
On today's podcast Gentry talks with author and retired Air Force Lieutenant colonel pilot Dan "Two Dogs" Hampton. The author has recently come out with a new book 'Valor: The Astonishing World War II Saga of One Man's Defiance and Indomitable Spirit' which is about a world war two P.O.W. who withstood the unimaginable. Hampton himself has pushed through some inconceivable feats as he's flown 151 combat missions and has logged 726 career combat hours. And he's additionally written nine different books since 2012 while also achieving the New York Times best seller status. Gentry picks Dan's brain about the recent Ukraine conflict with Russia and if he feels modern day war has changed since his time in combat. The two also talk about what the greatest threat to the American people is and whether it is an external or internal threat. The Air force Vet then describes the F-35 fighter jet which he states is the most advanced of its kind and should leave other countries shaking in their boots. Gentry asks about politics, war, top gun, and the presidency all on today's rendition of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes.
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