DiscoverPodcast Tales: A Storytelling Podcast For Kids
Podcast Tales: A Storytelling Podcast For Kids
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Podcast Tales: A Storytelling Podcast For Kids

Author: Lisa and Nick

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Your hosts Lisa and Nick tell an old familiar tale in a new and fun way! When the story is over they bring on a special guest from the story for an interview! It's a great way for kids to tap into their creativity, imagination, and storytelling, as well as an introduction to podcasts and interviews! The parents might even enjoy it too. :)
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For our very first episode, we tell the well-known tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but in a new and fun way! After the story, we sit down for a special interview with one of the characters from the story: Baby Bear! We catch up with Baby Bear in a quick interview where he shares his own side of the Goldilocks Tale, plus some cool top-secret bear facts! This is our very first podcast, and a trial run. We hope to blast this out into the universe and just see what happens. If you like what you heard and want more please let us know by subscribing, writing a review, and sending some love our way! We'd also love if you could share it with someone you know that would also enjoy it. There is a whole world of storybooks to be re-told, and exciting characters to interview and we can't wait to do more! Thank you, and we hope you enjoy! Lisa and Nick
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