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Author: Chinni

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Follow along failed Asian rapper, Chinni, as he talks to guests 1,000x more interesting than him on just about anything, as long as they CHUG THEIR DRINK FIRST.

Following the chug, Chinni and his guests bring a SIX PACK of thoughts to the topic of the day.

Life, relationships, movies, music, tech, business, and more are all addressed on BUT FIRST, WE DRINK.

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On this #ThirstyThursday, we have another edition of #TAKINGSHOTS 🤐with my old colleague, buddy, and LA media & entertainment executive, Garron Markey. Like last  time, we both prepared a #SixPack of personal and provocative questions to ask each other, and we could either answer them or take a shot 🥃to #PleadTheSixth. This week, I quickly do the latter on a question of 💩, and Garron and I bring the relationships/dating vibes early and end hella deep and transparent... Come learn probably WAY too much about us in another fun #TAKINGSHOTS episode! And let me know what you think of it on IG or on Anchor ("Message"): And see you next week for the #B1WD Season 1 Finale! 🍻  --- Support this podcast:
Peloton. Drink bourbon. Watch TBS comedies. Those were my methods to be well before catching up with my friend and life enthusiast, Breann Schram. She is now Marketing Director at The Collaborative, the fastest growing premium plant-based yogurt and dessert brand and mother of a beautiful baby boy (who joined us at points on the podcast!). However, she still took the time to stop by and share a #SixPack of ways and #lifehacks to stay healthy and be present, which is so important as the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place continues. So grab a drink on this #ThirstyThursday (since we talkin’ healthy on this episode, I’ll be OK if you #CHUG a green juice for THIS EPISODE only :) and come hang out with me, Breann, and her son (the youngest guest in #B1WD history). Welcome to the 2nd to last official episode of But First, We Drink Season 1. Cheers to You! 🍻 --- Support this podcast:
Releasing Night Cap  🥃 #2 that I actually recorded a week or so ago, where I discuss the potential for a Season 2 of the #B1WD podcast. I have had a BLAST this inaugural season chugging and chatting with friends (old and new!) over audio during this crazy year. As Season 1 winds down and Papa Chin gets closer to becoming a reality, I would love your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for Season 2. Come listen to some of my ideas in this Night Cap and hit me up on IG or leave me a voice message on Anchor with your thoughts! #CheersToYou --- Support this podcast:
Surprise! We have a SPECIAL EPISODE for you on this #ThirstyThursday... This week, I am trying a new episode format with my co-worker, friend, and birthday twin, Liz, that had me real nervous! We each prepared a #SixPack of personal and provocative questions to ask each other, and we could either answer them or take a shot 🥃to plead the sixth 🤐. Come learn probably WAY too much about us in a fun new episode we are calling, #TAKINGSHOTS! And let me know what you think of it on IG or on Anchor ("Message"): --- Support this podcast:
So...what happens when you DM a bartender on TikTok LIVE to ask if he wants to be on your podcast? He agrees! This week, I am excited to welcome Chris O'Neil, AKA Las Vegas Bartender, onto #But1stWeDrink. Together, we make one of his viral drink recipes on the air, do THREE #CHUGS 😮(that's a #B1WD record), and reminisce on the good ol' days on The Strip, AKA Las Vegas AKA Devil's Playground. For the #SixPack this week, I interview Las Vegas Bartender with six questions that has him reliving his craziest stories, memories, and celebrity sightings (any Tiger Woods fans ⛳ in the house?). I also shamelessly pick his brain on how to get more followers on TikTok (I am sitting at 4,300, while Las Vegas Bartender is about to crack 200K soon!). But more importantly, learn how Las Vegas Bartender has used his platform for good and why the most important shot to know is one you can't drink and one that can save lives. #AngelShot So sit back, grab a drink, and press play. Happy Thirsty Thursday 🍻 You can also check out Las Vegas Bartender's website for more unique drink recipes and merchandise:! --- Support this podcast:
What is your favorite summer bop? 🎶 You know, that feel good jam that gets you groovin’ at the very start… My half-Korean homie, David Nguyen, joins the #B1WD podcast this week, and we each share our Top 6 Summer Bops for the #SixPack. And surprisingly, NO OVERLAPPING JAMS! I was stunned at that and also how deep David got with his analysis and preparation of his list. 😂💯 As always, come #CHUG and listen as we reminisce on those Coachella and EDC days (wow that feels so long ago sitting here in 2020…), David’s experience art directing global Korean pop group, BTS, and as he educates me on all the Beyhives, Lambs, and Little Monsters of the world. I also can’t believe we both forgot to list Calvin Harris! #FeelSoClose --- Support this podcast:
So I don’t tell anybody this, but I am FREAKING OUT about having my first child this December. Luckily, I have Daddy Blaine on this week’s episode, passing down his magic tips & tricks for this week’s #SixPack. Sam Slesinger is an old colleague of mine from my mobile startup days (we also both have secret rap careers BTW), and he is now a father of a 2.5 year-old, beautiful baby boy.  Come #CHUG and #CHAT as always this #ThirstyThursday and learn why forgetting about the boo-boos and having Sour Patch Kids at the ready can be your saving graces during parenthood. Cheers to you! 🍻 --- Support this podcast:
What’s the future of D2C fashion? How do you launch a startup if you are dating the other founder? How do you pick the right social influencers for your brand? If you are interested in any of those Qs, this week’s #SixPack interview with FashionPass co-founders (Brittany Johnson, Joel Avery) will go down smooth like a sip of Longbranch Bourbon (@WildTurkey, hit me up for a 1-month free sponsorship 😂). This is the first #B1WD episode featuring more than one guest and TWO #CHUGS 🍻! Joel and I catch-up for the first half to the episode, re-living our USC party days. Then, Brittany joins us for the #SixPack interview and discusses with Joel how FashionPass is leading innovation in fashion rentals and how working with The Bachelor contestants is creating social excitement around the brand. --- Support this podcast:
10+ years is a LONG TIME people. Isaac (featured on Ep. #4) needed some more 🍻and some more time to catch up properly and share stories. Hence, this new #LASTCALL🍸format where I go to extra innings with our guests outside of the weekly #SixPack! #MoreDrinks #MoreConvo --- Support this podcast:
What is it like to shoot and work with Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, Seann William Scott, and Calvin Harris? Well, here’s your chance to hear. This week, I catch up with Isaac Bauman, who is “an award-winning award winner who has won awards” (you’ll get that troll if you listen towards the end of the episode :). Isaac is a world-class cinematographer, who has worked with all of the above and on some of the biggest music videos and movies (e.g. Bloodline, Cloverfield series). He was also my college roommate during our sophomore year at USC. Come listen in as we catch up for the 1st time in 10+ years! We 🍻 and reminisce, and Isaac shares his biggest surprises of working in Hollywood for this week’s #SixPack. AND, we had so much more to talk about (including taking acid, the campus-wide block party we threw at USC) that you will see another episode format dropping later tonight called #LastCall, where we get into all that extra, extra! --- Support this podcast:
Happy Labor Day to those in the States! I am excited to release a new format under the But 1st, We Drink podcast, called Night Cap  🥃. These shorter segments only feature me  😬, and I'll be sharing my thoughts and doing a lot of Q&A over (most likely) an Old Fashioned. Remember, you can submit a question or voice message to me at anytime if you listen on Anchor, and I'll try to include it on a future episode. This week, I discuss how I came up with the #B1WD podcast and answer some questions from my Instagram AMAs. Cheers to You! --- Support this podcast:
Ok, this week gets a bit rowdy! For this week’s #B1WD, I catch up with my old buddy and fellow alcohol enthusiast, James Vu, as we share our Top 6 Comedy Movies of all-time for the #SixPack. The Jameson and expired Modelo were flowing. Lots of laughter and bathroom breaks in this episode. 😂 Come listen in as we discuss our top 6 comedies and our honorable mentions (#DanMarino), as well as several tangents including our drunken SF adventures, why Asians book The Venetian in Vegas, and how many Oscars Tom Hanks should have by now. UGH!! Also, this episode features a new segment called #TakingShots, where we get to know James with some quick fire questions. All in all, a very Phun episode. ;) --- Support this podcast:
Are you starting to get the travel itch too? Well, this week’s episode will either be as satisfying as a nice scratch or as annoying as not being able to scratch yourself for another year (can it be 2021 yet? ✈️). But hopefully, a chug of your favorite podcast should help! Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast’s co-creator and co-host, Leah Arao, joins me to each share our #SixPack of 6 favorite places we’ve traveled to-date. To no surprise, international destinations were frequent amongst our lists, but we both give some love to U-S-A. We also make our case why White Claw should sponsor this podcast. #Pineapple70Calories --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the first episode ever! This week, we have Terrence Williams (Lead Designer, Salesforce Experience) on to discuss the biggest realizations of COVID-19. We all have been stuck at home and on these Zoom calls more than we thought, so tune-in to hear both Terrence and I's six-pack of realizations and how YASSS and #WAP might just get us all through 2020. And also how we dealt with a power outage in the middle of the episode! --- Support this podcast: