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Host George Lopez sits down and chats with you on how to projectize your life. When we understand the concepts of project management we tweak how we operate and can actually help in our day to day life. Once we get a better understanding on this project we call life we can make better decisions to ultimately help us make better life choices.Be Sure to check out our new website at
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Did 2020 teach you anything about your career? Did it open your eyes to so much more? Don't know what to do or how to get there in your career? This week we chat with career coach Terry McDougall about that and so much more when it comes to finding happiness in the
Ever hit a wall?Not achieve your goals?Put everyone else ahead of yourself?Ever want to get the most out of yourself?This week we talk to medical professional, coach, and productivity consultant Sabrina Runbeck. She touches on just a little bit of everything when it comes to high peak performance and identifying ways we can be better at what we do in our day-to-day lives. Sabrina has given all our listeners this great offer!!Want to restore your energy within 2 minutes and save 8+ hours of work so you can get to do the things you love to do? Discover how by booking a call with Sabrina here:
Throughout the year we have talked about a variety of topics and today is no different! We talk with financial advisor Chris Phillips on the basics of Financial Planning and when an advisor is necessary. Another big topic we touch on is what you should be doing to plan your financial future. Anything is possible at any stage of your life you just need a plan! For more information on Chris and The Project Life Podcast visit
Ever felt lost or need to be able to find yourself in order to move forward with your goals or in life? I think we all have, this week we speak to best-selling author,  international speaker, podcaster, and coach Heather Vickery! This week we just get real about life don't hold anything back and try and cut through all the BS. Heather and I talk about how to find yourself, setting and creating boundaries and so much more! Heather is even nice enough to give us free access to one of her upcoming workshops.Be sure to check out our webpage at See and hear more of Heather Vickery at her website
We just came off a three-part series about talking about achieving your goal of purchasing a home and now we move on to an inspirational story! Simone Knego is your everyday mom who did not let anything get in her way of accomplishing all the goals she set for herself. She is a mom of six, an author, speaker and she even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise money for the live strong foundation. Simone is with us to share her story and to give you some advice on how small changes can have huge impacts on the success of accomplishing your goals.
We closed the loop with the real estate transaction and the goal of trying to buy a home in 2021. We have talked about Credit, Mortgages and now we have a special guest with us Senior Real Estate Agent JJ Chapa. JJ comes in to speak with us about what to expect during a real estate transaction as well as some great tips on navigating the market. Hopefully, the last three shows have helped to get you in the right mindset in order to purchase a home this year.For more information from the show got and visit more information from JJ Chapa and his team visit
Part Two of this three-part series of achieving the goal of buying a house. This week we talk to Brandy Whitmire about the ins and out of getting a home loan. We go over some general knowledge and expectations on the process. Brandy even drops some truth on the mindset of getting a loan.Make sure to check in at for more information on Brandy and your free consultation.
This week we start a three-part series on prepping to buy a home in 2021. One of the key steps on that journey is to ensure that you can qualify for a mortgage and in order to do that you have decent credit. We start this series with that in mind, Michael Velazquez is a credit repair specialist who talks us through the basics of credit and some tips to improve and maintain good credit.Make sure to follow more on the show at
This week we bring Marketing Coach Elizabeth Pampalone in to talk about how she helps businesses crush the marketing game. What does that have to do with achieving your goal? The method and process that Elizabeth helps her clients put into place can apply to how we attack our goals on a daily basis. We chat about the processes, moving past mental roadblocks and so much more!Be sure to check our website
Last week we chatted about mastering the mind and this week we speak with TEDx Speaker Jacy Imilkowski on how we can try and end self-sabotage. We walk around on a daily basis allow our minds to stop us from really achieving our goals and at times being productive. Jacy talks about her journey and ways that you help identify if you are guilty of self-sabotage and how you can fight against it and move forward with your goals.Be sure to visit our website at
Welcome to 2021! We are back for season number 2 and we have a fully loaded season to help you continue on your journey to crushing whatever projects you put forward this year. We start this year off by talking about our minds and taking a new look at the words we use in our lives. This week we have  Best Selling Author David Richards with us to talk with us about his journey in the Military and his journey to master his mind and overcoming what stopped his progress.Be sure to check out our website for more information. 
It's the end of the year and it is time to plan out 2021 if you haven't done so already. This week we bring in Coach Tiffany Taylor who is a productivity and goal setting coach. Her journey is definitely one to follow and to listen to, as he experiences in her young life has brought her great success.This weeks show we sit down and talk about the good, bad and ugly when it comes to goal setting. Coach Tiffany sets us straight and off to great start for 2021. Be sure to take advantage to her free coaching session offer and her free private Facebook group!Be sure to visit her at see more content for our show at
This week we talk to Self Discovery Expert Althea Burke about the importance of inner circles, mindset, and the ability to understand who you really are. We dive into different techniques on how to really find yourself and she even offers you a free self-discovery outline so that you can do it at home!Be sure to check out our website for more episodes and information at www.projectlifepodcast.comHere is that free gift Althea mentioned
This week we talk to Wall Street Analyst Akshay Kanade who tells us his journey as he made his way from India to the United States when the odds were stacked against him. Through hard work and dedication to his goal, Akshay made his way to the US finished school, and found his way to Wallstreet!Be sure to check more episodes out at
Throughout this journey, I have used fitness as an example when it comes to achieving our goals. Improving one's health and fitness is one of the most common goals we as a society try and achieve but yet is one of the most failed goals each year. This week we sit down with high school teacher/ fitness coach/ bodybuilder/business owner Mandy Lynch. We dive right into her passion when it comes to fitness and the journey it took to get her to this point in her career. Mandy gives you an inside look at what her process was to become a bodybuilder as well as how she handles/balances her teaching career and home life. Just like you and me, Mandy is an everyday person who has learned how to projectize her goals through planning execution, and refinement. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same !!  For more information on Coach Mandy and her company Fuel Force Fitness be sure to check her out on Instagram at @mandynicolefitness and @fuelforcefitness.
Welcome Back!!! This week we talk about resources and the use of those that surround our day to day lives. Building an inner circle is no easy task as we truly must define what our current circle looks like and decide what changes need to be made in order to move forward with our goals in life. This episode we chat about what are some characteristics we can use to build a better inner circle and five personality traits that the members of our circle should have.Be sure to check us out at for more great content.
Welcome to week 11!This week we take a pause from our normally schedule program to speak about mindset and attitude. We dive into the difference between a fixed mindset and growth mindset, other key points are on positive attitudes and resources ( your surroundings) playing vital roles on your mindset and the outcome of your goals.Be Sure to visit us at
Welcome to week 10!In this week episode we talk about the all those involved with your goal and project. Anyone who feels like or thinks they will be impacted by your goal or project is considered of Stakeholder. Have you thought about who else could impact your goals outside of yourself? Today we talk about the stockholder management plan and how to prepare and set expectations for our stake holders.Check out all the latest information on the project life podcast at our website
In this weeks episode we chat about resourcing and communication within your life projects. It is import to understand what you need for your life goals and projects and when you need to have in order to the succeed. We talk about outlining these resources and having real conversations with yourself and anyone else who is impacted by the project. Most resources require money and time, two things that most people hold pretty near and dear. So regardless of what your project or goal is ensure you are talking to the people around you about what you need and the impacts it will have on you and them.This week we also talked about communication plans with yourself and with those around the project. There should be two different communications plan, one should cover who, how and when to communicate with other impacted by this life project. Next, is how you communicate with yourself. Self talk is important and can derail a life and a project if you can not be honest, real and loving of yourself.Be Sure to check out our new website at
Quality Management is something that as a society we fail to do within our own lives, but it is key to being successful at what ever life project you are trying to complete. Remember to check progress and check it often to ensure that you are meeting your own expectations and goals.Also, be real with yourself and set a standard that will hold you accountable for the outcome of the goal. Be Sure to check out our new website at
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