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For the final episode of our Recovery Month Series, we sat down with Heather Cromwell, as she shared with us how her decision to pursue a life of recovery allowed her to achieve goals she never imagined she could. Since beginning her recovery journey, Heather has not only earned three degrees, but has gained new understandings, repaired relationships, and, most importantly, found herself.    
During this third installment of our Recovery Month Series, we heard from Blake Copeland, who shared us how his recovery journey also led him down a path of self-discovery. By accepting and confronting his addiction, Blake not only created a healthier and happier life for himself, but he discovered a newfound love for himself that he didn't have before. With humor, positivity, and vulnerability, Blake shared with us how his hard work and willing spirit has allowed him to create a story that he is proud of. *Please note. As this story pertains to a highly personal topic, this story contains details that some viewers may be sensitive to.*  
Leo Jimmy: On Hope

Leo Jimmy: On Hope


For the second installment of our Recovery Month series, we got to hear from Leo Jimmy, as he shared with us how the events in his life and the choices he made led him to a new life of sobriety. Despite numerous obstacles and tragedies that could have thrown him off course, Leo exemplifies how determination and adherence to one's program can lead to the light at the end of the tunnel.       
To kick off Recovery Month, we sat down with Sitka local Kale Perkins, as he shared with us his journey of recovery from alcoholism. Since going through treatment, Kale has a new outlook and appreciation for life. Listen in to hear how Kale's resilience and mental determination has led him to a lifestyle where he can breathe easier and enjoy the small things in life.
Hope Coalition 101

Hope Coalition 101


Are you aware of Sitka's HOPE coalition? Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Then listen in!
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